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                         Parish Council
The Occasional
Newsletter 26
Email Edition

June  2018

Hopefully this Newsletter will enable you to:
  •  find out what your Parish Council is doing and planning to do;  
  •  tell us what needs  doing; 
  •  find information about the parish; 
  •  contact North Somerset Council - 01934 888 888
occasimage.jpgWe like to hear of your concerns and of any issues that you may wish to bring to our notice.  You can do so using any of the following:  
  • calling at the Parish Office, Community Centre Building, BS25 1JA, (opening times: Monday and Thursday: 10am to noon);  
  • telephoning, (01934 844257), 
  • emailing, (winscombepc@btconnect.com) or by clicking here;   
  • writing to Lynne Rampton, our Parish Clerk;
  • visiting our website on  www.winscombeandsandfordpc.org.uk  


By  clicking  here you can gain access to our website: comments would be appreciated.


                                          THE ANNUAL PARISH ASSEMBLY
                                 will be held at Winscombe Community Centre,
                                           Monday 14th May 2018 at 7.30pm
                                             under the Chairmanship of Mr. M Williamson,
                                      Chairman of Winscombe & Sandford Parish Council.

                                                         You are very welcome.
1. Welcome and apologies for absence.
2. Discussion on, & to sign,  the minutes of the 2017 Annual Parish Assembly. (2 mins)
3. The Chairman's Report of Parish Council activities: What has your Parish Council been doing in the last 12 months
     – Mr M Williamson (10 mins)
4. Community Policing: Voice from the Villages Police Beat Team - Report on policing issues for the parish – (4 mins)
5. Winscombe Youth Club Update: What do the local youth of today want/need (5 mins)
6. Russet Copse – to hear of details of the challenges, considerations and construction schedule along with plans to work with the community for completion of the Strongvox Site – Mr C Lomas (5 mins)
7. To hear news from local village traders: "Use or lose your local shops" – hear what plans they  have in mind
     – Mrs D Clements (5 mins)

8. Progression and future plans of an expanding local cider company in the parish – Mr M Thatcher (5 mins)
9. Repair Café "Waste not want not" and how can it be of use to you – a report on the first year in existence
    – Ms C King (10 mins)
10. WinSpace – a presentation on the exciting plans for a new Winscombe Community Centre and a chance to say what you want as facilities – Mr M Turner (20 mins)
11. Winscombe Sporting Clubs – to hear of ambitious and exiting ideas for new facilities for the local community & clubs at the recreation ground and a chance to have your say           – Mr A Flint (15 mins)
12. Winscombe Remembers: hear about plans for hearing stories and remembering Winscombe and Sandford parishioners 100 years on from the end of World War 1.          – Mr W Du Croz (5 mins)

13. NSC Ward Councillor and Liaison Officer Update: What do your district Councillors get up to – a chance to ask them questions (5 mins)

14. Questions from the floor. (20 mins)   
Written reports from the following Parish Council Committees and Working Groups will be available at the Meeting
Award Land Working Group    Cemetery & Allotment Working Group    Employment , Finance & Policies Committee
Environment Working Group  Planning Committee    Play Area Committee    War Memorial Recreation Ground Advisory Committee

  The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 
       The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force on 25 May 2018, replacing the current Data Protection Directive. This will bring significant changes to the way any data collected by the Parish Council can be handled. GDPR will prohibit the sale or exchange of personal data and it will not be possible to use data collected for one purpose (such as this Email newsletter) for any other purpose.
        Even if the Council has previously obtained your permission to use your email address to receive this particular newsletter, it will need to seek renewed permission to use that address. 
         This request is shortly to be made.  Please look out for it!  
Planning Matters – the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)  
Image result for planning meeting of people        Since January 2018, developers in North Somerset are required to pay a CIL. This is a new charge on development to help fund infrastructure needed in North Somerset and will partially replace the current system of Section 106 planning obligations. In North Somerset the CIL applies primarily to retail and residential developments and the rates vary according to the size, location and type of development. There are exceptions for affordable housing and properties being built for the owner's own use (for example house extensions), as well as for charitable projects. 
           Fifteen per cent of the money paid by the developer will go to the Parish Council to spend on local facilities (capped at a maximum of £100 per pre-existing dwelling per annum), or 25 per cent, uncapped if an adopted Neighbourhood Plan is in place. The rest will go into a central pot at NSC so that they can decide how best to use it as part of a wider capital programme. 
           The CIL Regulations state that a Town/Parish Council must use CIL receipts passed to it to support the development of the local council's area, or any part of that area, by funding:
           (a) the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of
                 infrastructure; or 
           (b) anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that 
                 development places on an area. 
           This gives us considerable freedom to spend our proportion of CIL on the things that address the impacts of development on the area, although CIL cannot be used as a replacement for everyday Parish Council expenditure and misspent CIL can be claimed back by NSC. 
        The production of a Parish Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) can be a useful starting point for the prioritisation of infrastructure projects and the Parish Council will shortly start a consultation process to ensure that all members of the community are given an opportunity to contribute to determining how local CIL may be spent.
The Award Land for Walking   
       This area, off Sandford Road and then Quarry Road, was given to the parish by parliament in 1798 for parishioners to gather stone and repair parish roads.  This poster is now displayed on the Award Land which is an excellent place for strolling, with wonderful views.   Do try walking there! 

Citizens Advice Rural Outreach Service
Image result for citizens advice rural outreach service

This takes place in Winscombe fortnightly on a Wednesday morning. To make an appointment either telephone or email the Parish Office.  


The End of an Era
       Dr David John and Dr Kathryn Ruddell will be retiring for a well-earned retirement on 13th June this year after stethoscope-12210.jpgserving the communities of Winscombe and Banwell for over 65 years between them.  During this time the number of patients registered has nearly doubled and the Practice has gone from strength to strength.   We know they will be sorely missed.
     The Practice is delighted to welcome two excellent GPs as replacements, Dr Ruth Colson and
Dr Trudi Withey. Both are already working at the Practice, and will already be known to some
of our patients.
       We wish David and Kathy all the very best in their retirement.

Rubbish, Recycling, Litter and Dog Waste. 
       Household rubbish should be sorted into 'recycling', 'food waste' and 'non-recyclable' rubbish.  Should you not have enough room in your boxes at home there is a recycling centre behind the Woodborough Inn. Household rubbish should not be placed in parish litter bins.     To see collection dates, what should go in which bins, recycling and reporting problems,  go to http://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/my-services/waste   At present about 46% of what goes into the black bins could be recycled.               
Image result for dog wasteGreen Recycle Boxes , Food Caddies, Stickers  and Nets (£2) to go over boxes to stop the wind blowing your recycling away are available from the Parish Office.           
       Our Litter Bins are emptied on Tuesdays and Fridays by NSC, who also empty the Dog Bins on The Strawberry Line. Other Dog Bins  are emptied on a Friday by contractors employed by the Parish Council.
      Dog waste can be placed in Litter Bins as well as the Dog Bins provided or, better, taken home. Discarding dog faeces haphazardly is evidently disgusting, and you can be fined for doing so.  


Planning Matters – the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)  
The Winscombe Contact Scheme (WCS) is holding its AGM in the Winscombe Community Centre on the 5th June 2018 starting at 2.30pm. Refreshments will be provided and all are welcome.       
WCS is a "good neighbour" organisation which provides transport to medical appointments for residents who are either unable to use public transport or for whom transport is not available. This facility is for Winscombe residents or patients of Winscombe (Hillyfields) Surgery.
More information here:
or by contacting the following:
                    Secretary,Carol Greaves 01934 843777  Chairman, Mike Bravery 01934 844115 
                                      Transport Co-ordinator. Mary  Bendell 01934 842992

Open Gardens Saturday June 23rd & June Sunday 24th. 
opengardens-66746.jpgWe will have at least eight gardens open for your enjoyment over the weekend, some large and some small. Entry will be by programme costing £5.00 per person (children free), and will be available from local shops and the Church Office from the beginning of June so that you can plan your weekend. Delicious cream teas will be sold at The Church Hall.
       All money raised will be shared between Macmillan Cancer Care, The Children's Society and Somewhere-to-Go, (a charity helping the homeless in Weston). 
       So enjoy the event, marvel at all the scarecrows and have a brilliant weekend!
Scarecrow Extravaganza Saturday June 23rd & June Sunday 24th. 
           tomtin.jpgTom the Tin Man is looking forward to making you smile, when he will be seen during and just before the Scarecrow Extravaganza.  Four years ago over 250 of his predecessors were  displayed as a very mixed bunch, including  one falling down a chimney, some climbing up walls, another digging for moles and several riding motorcycles.  The variety was incredible and made good viewing.          Jane and Gerald Lloyd (01934 842468) will produce a map of where in the parish scarecrows are to be seen, all viewable from an adjacent road. The map will be freely available from the Church Hall on those two days.  If you want to put your scarecrow on the map you should phone them to let them know where it is to be.  Remember, there are no prizes, no theme,  and that it is all just for fun! To see more examples of earlier scarecrows click here.

The Snow Warden Team

Image result for snowmanAfter waiting four years, the snow warden team of Garry, Colin, Martin and Jillian had the chance to put their training to good use.  They cleared the walkways in the central village area, the path to the surgery, the path to Sewell house and the path to Mendip lodge.  Jillian also cleared various paths in Sandford.
They would also like to thank the police sergeant and Farrons Estate Agent staff for the use of sledge as a grit-spreader as well as offers of hot drinks etc.                                                                


Parish Council Meetings.  Held in Winscombe Community Centre
Starting at 7.30pm (unless shown differently below).
Committee  /  GroupJuneJulyAugust
Full Parish Council25th 23rd No meeting
Cemetery/Allotment28th 2.00 pm
Ilex Lane Cem.
No meeting No meeting
Employment/Finance/PoliciesNo Meeting No Meeting 6th
EnvironmentNo meeting 9thNo meeting
Planning4th2nd & 30th20th
War Memorial Recreation Ground11th (AGM)No meetingNo meeting


     church-84020.jpg    To see a fascinating video about Winscombe,
   produced by Heather Pitch


- Click Here .  


Parish Business
Parish Office in Sandford Road


List of some Parish Services
to some North Somerset Council Services  
Our thirty-one allotments in Sandford Road are so popular that there is a short waiting list.                         
Our Public LavatoryWoodborough Road - cleaning and maintenance
Award Land 
Access off Quarry Road - 
attractive walks with places to sit and view -restoration and preservation. 
Parish Guide (available from the parish office), Heritage Walks, Map of Winscombe footpaths -  Click Here
For the first of four walks -  Click Here
Supporting Sidcot School's presentation and care of Belgian Avenue - the line of trees adjacent to Fountain Lane in Sidcot. Remembrance Day 
Representation and  wreath presentation.
Maintenance and drainage at Winscombe Recreation Ground
Reporting road/street problems   you can help by reporting the problem (e.g. pot holes, pavement problems) and you can do so if you Click Here
Bus shelters - installation and maintenanceScarecrows we occasionally run a 'scarecrow extravaganza'.
Click Here to see some examples of the over 250 on displayed in 2015 - and a Youtube presentation.
Cemetery -well maintained, peaceful position - just off 'Strawberry Line'.Skate Park   at the Recreation Ground Winscombe - inspection, maintenance and upgrading.
Connections with North Somerset 
-Street Cleansing. You can help by reporting the problem (e.g. dog mess, litter, dead animals).  
Click Here
Small Grants -  to various organisations for worthwhile activities. Contact our parish clerk, Lynne Rampton,  for details
Community Safety 
Local Action Team including Community Speed Watch - Why not join in?
Spring and summer flower displays 
flowers and plants in tubs throughout the parish
Connections with North Somerset - help line   Click HereEver more street bins into which you can now put dog faeces.
Report various faults to highway and gullys to North Somerset Council -  Click Here -and so report whatever is your concern.Sports Ground and Changing Rooms at The Recreation Ground  for Cricket, Soccer, Rugby Football, Skateboard and Roller Blading
Fourteen benches  - placed throughout the parish to sit and think and even commemorate.Strawberry Line
-  contribution towards its maintenance
Grass Cutting on parish land and on Winscombe Recreation GroundStreet parking - includes arranging the emptying of street waste bins, through North Somerset Council- Click Here  and employs several village orderlies. 
Neighbourhood Development  Plan  - is being developed in partnership with the local community, businesses and partners - for details - Click HereBins and recycling  - including various topics including collection dates  Click Here 


Further Links
You can link either to  your Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council website or to a list of councillors by clicking on one  of the following:
                                                        Click Here - Parish Council website

                                                        Click Here  -  Photographs and emails of all Councillors

Future Deliveries of The Occasionalemail.jpg
        Sometime in the future we hope to deliver this newsletter mainly by email.  In the meanwhile we have found a company which will deliver hard copies of the Occasional to a proportion of the houses in the Parish.  To the remainder we continue, with the help of the scouts,  to attempt to deliver by hand.
        To speed up this process of converting nearly entirely all parishioners to email delivery, tell your friends to join up for an email delivery by using the following link. 
Click Here  - to sign them up  for this email version


Comments/advice would be welcome
fail-70799.jpgAny comments/advice about the colour, contents, style, etc. of your newsletter would be  valued. Councillor Gerald Lloyd is the editor and he would appreciate your views  through an email by clicking here or, if your system will not use this link, by  conventional email to 'lloyd@winscombeandsandfordpc.org.uk'.

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