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                         Parish Council
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December  2018

Hopefully this Newsletter will enable you to:
  •  find out what your Parish Council is doing and planning to do;  
  •  tell us what needs  doing; 
  •  find information about the parish; 
  •  contact North Somerset Council - 01934 888 888
occasimage.jpgWe like to hear of your concerns and of any issues that you may wish to bring to our notice.  You can do so using any of the following:  
  • calling at the Parish Office, Community Centre Building, BS25 1JA, (opening times: Monday and Thursday: 10am to noon);  
  • telephoning, (01934 844257), 
  • emailing, (winscombepc@btconnect.com) or by clicking here;   
  • writing to Lynne Rampton, our Parish Clerk;
  • visiting our website on  www.winscombeandsandfordpc.org.uk  


By  clicking  here you can gain access to our website: comments would be appreciated.


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Michaelmas FairRelated image
The next planning meeting for the Michaelmas Fair, in its 40th year,  is Wednesday 9 January 7.30 in the Amesbury Room, Winscombe Community Centre.
All welcome to find out how to get involved on the day or with planning/organising.  

Plans for Kildare House (Mooseheart)

An exhibition was held in a room kildare2.jpgadjacent to the Parish Council Office showing plans of how 'Kildare House and Gardens' may be renamed as the 'Royal Park Country House Hotel' and may be developed.  The possible benefits were described as:
Renovation of historic buildings & features;
Development of a 24 bedroom hotel, rental cottages &          hobbit house;
 Regeneration of ornamental historical woodlands  & gardens;Job creation for local community;
Tourism and promotion of local activities; attractions & businesses;Parkland for local events;Leisure facilities with new spa & gym;
 New amenities for visitors & community- restaurant, bars, function room, weddings;
Eco friendly and AONB considered design;
 New local housing project for 20 homes.

Our Memories of Councillor Margaret Ballard (1937-2018)
                                                              Margaret was born in Bristol Maternity Hospital to Eveline May Farr and William Henry Farr, a farming family mb-56498.jpgestablished at Station Road Farm. She attended Sandford Primary School, and Weston Girls Grammar School. Skills in accountancy led to a career with the Halifax building Society that lasted for 9 years until marriage and a family came along.       
          She served the local primary school as Clerk to the Governors and Clerical Officer, and the local community as a member of the Sandford Village Hall Committee, Methodist and All Saint's Church and a School P.T.A.       
          In 1987 she joined the Parish Council, continuing  with only a short break  to become chairman of the council for 2 years. She always played an active part in  the council, sitting on many of its internal groups/committees. She continued in this role in an enthusiastic and knowledgeable manner until very recently when she suffered a mercifully short stay in hospital and there passed peacefully away.                                                 Parishioners owe Margaret a considerable debt. May she rest in peace.

Community Befriending Scheme
friends-28321.jpg          Can you spare 60 minutes to help make a difference to someone's life? Loneliness can affect all of us at some point in our lives the older we become the higher the risk of becoming lonely and isolated.               
          We are looking for volunteers 18 years and over to provide regular companionship to people over 60 years of age and living in Sandford and surrounding villages.
          The befriending scheme matches volunteers with people who would benefit from a weekly visit in their own homes. The rewards are endless, you can choose to spend your visits having a chat, playing cards/board games as the choice is yours.       
          If you are interested in volunteering, contact Community Befriending Officer Karen Bennett  on 0117 305 2365 or 07875 406844 or  karen.bennett@stmonicatrust.org.uk    

Improvements to Ilex Lane Cemetery  

        With the cemetery and allotment areas having grown in recent years due to an extension being made to both, there was a need for increased parking places at Ilex Lane, whilst still being sympathetic to the fact the site is a lawn cemetery and located in the AONB. The old 'waiting' building that was previously used by the Registrar when he attended funerals was also showing its age with signs of movement and the need of modification or replacement.             
          So, over a number of years the Parish Council earmarked funds received in cemetery fees to pay for the improvement works that have recently been completed. We have received many positive comments regarding these works and hope you will agree that this has made the cemetery a much more attractive area. 

Hinkley Point Project- Update
DSCN6643-60483.jpgTo secure energy supplies in the region, National Grid is building a new 57 km electricity connection between Bridgwater and Seabank near Avonmouth. 
         Locally, (see detailed information and maps on www.hinkleyconnection.co..uk/your-area ) this includes a new substation at Sandford, modifications to the existing overhead lines at Sandford, and a 8.5 km underground cable through the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the latter of which is a direct result of public consultation.   National Grid will also be taking down the existing pylons within the AONB, leaving this part of the Mendips pylon free for the first time since the 1960s. 
        Construction of the underground cable is scheduled to start in spring 2019, when contractors Balfour Beatty will build vehicle access points at Tarnock and Sandford, and a haul road through the AONB to minimise project traffic on local roads. Surveys are currently taking place in the area and will continue over the winter. 
        Although there will be a number of construction activities taking place over the next few years, National Grid's contractors will not be working in the whole area for the entire time. Ahead of each activity starting, National Grid will share more detailed information about what is happening, and continue to keep local people updated throughout. 
         If you have any questions, please get in touch with National Grid's Community Relations Team on 0800 377 7347 or email hinkleyconnection@nationalgrid.co.uk.  

 Aurora development in Sandford.    

aurora-(Small).jpgThe Parish Council has voted to support Sandford Neighbourhood Group (SNG),  which has been  granted official status ('Rule 6' status)  in the 85 dwelling  Aurora development Inquiry.  This Inquiry  will take place sometime from April 2nd next year.  The Aurora development plus the adjacent Strongvox estate currently being built mean 40% more (203) dwellings for Sandford, going against North Somerset's Local Plan. 
      SNG was formed last year to respond to  speculative large development applications targeting  land near to Sandford village, and to campaign for better planning, and better facilities. Sandford is the only infill village in the whole of North Somerset being targeted for this scale of development.  Neither housing estate brings any  new jobs, or bus services, or space for a much-needed village hall, or a pre-school.
       The Aurora  Inquiry is very definitely a tipping point.  If this unsustainable development  is permitted, then what is to stop unplanned housing estates, one after another,  being built, on countryside and farmland right on the edge of the AONB, until  Sandford and Churchill merge.   
        All parishioners are urged to join this final push to ensure Sandford's  case is fully considered by the Inspector  at the Inquiry.  Together, we have a real chance to get a better deal for Sandford.  
         Please contact SNG click here  or via the Parish Office to give your evidence or offer help.   

Ode to a Seat!
        The parish seat facing Sidcot Lane is of a reconstituted plastics material. It is weatherproof, low maintenance, non-splintering and never splitting. It  impressed a parishioner to burst into verse.                                                                                                                           
                                                           Plastic wrath
                  The modern foe we have to fight has spread around our world,      seat.jpg           
                  Polluting oceans and their fish, which gets our wrath unfurled!                 
                  But give some thought to what to do and don't accept defeat.
                  Recycled plastic is the stuff that gave us this new seat.

                 The Parish Council gets acclaim, its vision ever clear.
                  The art nouveau of civic pride is now established here.
                  Recycled plastic is the means to save our threatened world
                  And Winscombe is your starting point to get your wrath refurled.
                                                                                                © David Lund

New skills, fresh flavours -Men Get Cooking!    
       2018-85007-Mar-John-G,-John-D,George,-Geoff-and-Tony-(3).jpgFancy some fresh flavours? Feeling fed up and wishing you could start something new in the New Year?  'Men Get Cooking' is a project that builds skills: men have laughs while learning how to transform fresh ingredients into delicious, healthy meals. Who'd have thought it? Small friendly groups guided by an experienced tutor quickly build essential home cooking skills.  The focus is on cooking food you enjoy.
        How does it work? Over six sessions, you learn knife skills and a range of techniques. Each week, men shop and bring their own ingredients to cook, then take home a tasty meal. Sessions cover food safety, labelling, freezing and reheating. Men select from a choice of recipes which are tailored to suit personal taste and dietary requirements.
        'Men Get Cooking' courses are sponsored by Churchill Methodist Church. Bookings are now open for courses starting Friday 4 January & 1 March 2019, cost £38. Further information from: Jacquelene 01934 844134



Parish Council Meetings.  Held in Winscombe Community Centre
Starting at 7.30pm (unless shown differently below).
Committee  /  GroupDecemberJanuaryFebruary
Full Parish CouncilNo meeting  28th  Sidcot Arts Centre25th  Sandford Vill. Hall
Cemetery/Allotment17th  2.00 pmNo meeting No meeting
Employment/Finance/PoliciesNo Meeting 14thNo meeting
Environment3rdNo meetingNo meeting
Planning10th7th & 21st18th
War Memorial Recreation GroundNo meetingNo meeting11th Cricket Club


     church-84020.jpg    To see a fascinating video about Winscombe,
   produced by Heather Pitch


- Click Here .  


Parish Business
Parish Office in Sandford Road


List of some Parish Services
links to some North Somerset Council Services  
Our thirty-one allotments in Sandford Road are so popular that there is a short waiting list.                         
Our Public LavatoryWoodborough Road - cleaning and maintenance
Award Land 
Access off Quarry Road - 
attractive walks with places to sit and view -restoration and preservation. 
Parish Guide (available from the parish office), Heritage Walks, Map of Winscombe footpaths -  Click Here
For the first of four walks -  Click Here
Supporting Sidcot School's presentation and care of Belgian Avenue - the line of trees adjacent to Fountain Lane in Sidcot. Remembrance Day 
Representation and  wreath presentation.
Maintenance and drainage at Winscombe Recreation Groundt
Reporting road/street problems  you can help by reporting the problem (e.g. pot h oles, pavement prolems) and you can do so if you Click Here
Bus shelters - installation and maintenance Scarecrows we occasionally run a 'scarecrow extravaganza'.
Click Here to see some examples of the over 250 on displayed in 2015 - and a Youtube presentation.
Cemetery -well maintained, peaceful position - just off 'Strawberry Line'.Skate Park   at the Recreation Ground Winscombe - inspection, maintenance and upgrading.
Connections with North Somerset 
-Street Cleansing. You can help by reporting the problem (e.g. dog mess, litter, dead animals).  
Click Here
Small Grants -  to various organisations. For organisations for worthwhile activities - contact our parish clerk, Lynne Rampton, for details .  
Community Safety 
Local action team including Community Speed Watch - Why not join in?  
Spring and summer flower displays 
Flowers and plants in tubs throughout the Parish.  
Connections with North Somerset - help line   Click HereEver more street bins into which you can now put dog faeces.
Report various faults to highway and gullys to North Somerset Council  -  Click Here -and so report whatever is your concern.   Sports Ground and Changing Rooms at The Recreation Ground  for Cricket, Soccer, Rugby Football, Skateboard and Roller Blading
Fourteen benches  -placed throughout the parish so sit and think and even commemorate.Strawberry Line
 -  contribution towards its maintenance
Grass cutting on parish land and on Winscombe Recreation GroundStreet Parking- includes arranging the emptying of street waste bins, through North Somerset Council- Click Here  and employs several village orderlies. 
Bins and recycling  including various topics with collection dates.  


Further Links
You can link either to  your Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council website or to a list of councillors by clicking on one  of the following:
                                                        Click Here - Parish Council website

                                                        Click Here  -  Photographs and emails of all Councillors



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