What's new this month? Reviewing your SEF under the current EIF, SEND Networking, Safeguarding and lots more...
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In this issue:
  • Conferences and Masterclasses for Spring and Summer 2020
  • Reviewing your SEF under the current EIF
  • Spring 2020 SEND Networking Meetings
  • Adolescent Safety Framework Workshop
  • EVC Briefings
  • Mathematics
  • Data and Assessment
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Safeguarding
  • Headteachers, Senior Leaders and Chair of Governors
  • Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Ethnic, Minority and Traveller Achievement Service
  • SEND
  • Out of Site - Celebrating Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month
  • School Library Association - Supporting Your Sixth Form Students
Conferences and Masterclasses for Spring and Summer 2020
Last chance to book for the Spring Term Events!

STEM in Every Classroom: Why - What - WOW!
Monday 2 March 2020

Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow: Linking School Attendance and Achievement
Tuesday 3 March 2020

Protect Your Schools Reputation: Data Breaches and Cyber Security
Thursday 12 March 2020

Opening Doors and Diving in: Building a Rich, Reading Curriculum
Wednesday 25 March 2020

Looking ahead to the Summer Term!

Confidence and Competence in Delivering PSHE
Wednesday 22 April 2020

Who's Supporting You? Practical Solutions to Meet the Day-to-Day Demands of a School Administrator
Tuesday 28 April 2020

How Do Adverse Childhood Experiences Affect Children's Learning and Development?
Thursday 30 April 2020

All in This Together: Making SEND Everybody's Business
Thursday 4 June 2020

Safeguarding Conference: Out of Harm's Way
Thursday 25 June 2020

The Mix Festival
Friday 3 July 2020 

Reviewing your SEF under the current EIF

During this session we will look at some sample documentation to discuss effective ways of:

  • improving our SEF
  • look at how the new EIF (Education Inspection Framework) may wish us to alter our documentation
  • learn from each other to support effective communication of our analysis.

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Spring 2020 Networking Events

Join SEND Advisers and friendly professionals for a networking event. Aimed specifically at SENCO's and school leadership this event gives professionals a chance to receive updates on SEND and network with colleagues in their local area.

FREE for all Devon Schools (Funded by DCC). Now 50 spaces available.

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Adolescent Safety Framework
Adolescent Safety Framework (ASF) Workshop

This fully funded training is aimed at Designated Safeguarding Leads within education to help develop an understanding of the new framework.

The training will include an introduction to contextual safeguarding and how the partnership will be responding to young people's experiences of significant harm beyond their families in the form of an individual, peer group, neighbourhood/school and people of concern.

Dates available:
These are a two hour follow-up session for those people who previously attended our full-day Boxall Profile Training.

These sessions are also free to attend.

Visit our CPD site, keyword search "BOXALL".
EVC Briefings and Training
EVC Briefings - Spring 2020

As part of our commitment to improve the support for off site visits and outdoor education we are continuing to offer a series of network meetings to support EVCs.

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Support for Subject Leaders in Primary Maths – Spring/Summer Term 2020

Termly half-day meetings, following the current model.

Subject leaders will have access to cutting edge thinking and research, and guidance on managing their subject leadership role.

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Mathematics Subject and Pedagogical Knowledge for Early Career Teachers

This one day course is aimed at KS1 and KS2 teachers in their first three years of teaching. It will explore key ideas in mathematics teaching including the connective model, principles underpinning teaching for mastery, the importance of reasoning and assessing understanding.

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Making a Difference: Flexible Intervention in Additive Reasoning

'Making a Difference: developing additive reasoning' is a comprehensive training programme which explores in depth how to support understanding and address misconceptions within additive reasoning. It includes a set of flexible intervention materials, containing detailed activities, written to support children with developing conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction.

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Developing Early Number Sense

This course will focus on building an understanding of how our numbers work and fit together and includes exploring place value, comparing and ordering numbers and rounding, and applying this understanding in different contexts.

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Data and Assessment
Data and Assessment Team Update

Please be aware the Primary School on a Page (SOAP) will be updated with validated data by the end of February 2020. The SOAP will be available to primary schools in
Perspective Lite for them to download.
Any head teachers experiencing issues with logging into Perspective Lite can contact us for assistance via the following methods:
Phone: 01392 287317
website has further information about Perspective Lite and this flowchart will help your head teacher locate their school's SOAP.
Communication and Interaction
Speech, Language and Communication Needs Parent Workshops 2020

A free workshop for parents of children and young people with speech, language and communication needs. We will be focusing on strategies to support your child with vocabulary learning.

We will be looking at how to support word learning through book sharing, as well as exploring visual ways in which you can support your child to learn new words throughout their school career.

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SLCN Network meeting open to all primary schools – March 2020

A free opportunity open to all Devon LA area primary schools to further your SLCN development and to share effective strategies. The sessions will be led by the Speech and Language Therapist and Advisory Teacher for Speech and Language for your area.

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Behaviour, Inclusion & Safeguarding Network Meeting

Aimed at those with a lead role or are key practitioners in one or more of these areas in Devon SECONDARY Schools. We also have colleagues from Specialist settings and from other Counties join us as well as Inclusion Officers from DCC.

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Headteachers, Senior Leaders and Chairs of Governors

Local Area Hub Briefings for Headteachers, Senior Leaders and Chairs of Governors

Hub briefings are designed for headteachers, senior leaders and chairs of governors to hear the latest news and information from Babcock School Improvement Advisers.

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Early Years Foundation Stage
EYFS Briefing/Moderation Events Spring 2020 (Schools Only)

At these briefings, the Early Years Team offer up to date guidance and support to enable schools to successfully implement the EYFS.

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Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service
Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS) Workshops - Summer & Autumn 2020

We have a variety of workshops coming up in the next two terms.
Ethnic Minority & Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS) Primary Network Meetings - Spring & Summer 2020

This network meeting is aimed at key practitioners/EAL coordinators working with bilingual children and their families. We will address Ofsted requirements for the inclusion and support of EAL pupils.

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New To Role – SENCo Training

This event is for SENCos who are new to role. It aims to develop an understanding of both the strategic and operational aspects of this unique role in school. This event will be useful for SENCos who have yet to register for the National SENCo Award. It will also complement training for those who are undertaking it already.

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In other news...
School Library Association - Supporting Your Sixth Form Students

Sixth form students may be aspiring to apprenticeships, technical qualifications or higher education. However the learning environment of the sixth form is very different to the lower school and students have to learn to adopt independent learning practices and manage their time more effectively. There are new skills to develop in critical thinking, digital, media and information literacy. This transition also places pressure on the mental health and wellbeing of students. All of these changes mean that the 6th form librarian has to accommodate a different skill set and provide a service and resources more suited to individual student needs. This course will cover the issues highlighted.

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