Weekly Update 15th May 20
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Welcome from Jeanette Savage, Babcock LDP Strategic Lead for SEND and Inclusion
During these unprecedented times we are mindful of the need to keep in touch with you and share useful information but understand that you are probably being inundated. Coverage of the pandemic is everywhere and we appreciate that this can be overwhelming.

So that we can share information with you efficiently, we will be sending you a weekly SEND Update email, each Friday, to share the latest communications and relevant SEND news that will support you through this period.

We are committed to support you, so that you can continue to provide excellent SEND support for children and young people in Devon. We know that your focus is now on helping to make sure they are safe and well, for some of our young people this is complicated and we are happy to talk plans for support through with you.

If there are any issues, areas or ideas that you would like us to cover, you can contact me directly (
Jeanette.savage@babcockinternational.com) or use the individual team addresses below.

With very best wishes and stay well

In this issue...
  • Latest SEND News: Latest DCC information and Update from Jo Olsson, DCC Chief Officer for Children's services 
  • Update From Amanda Burrows, Babcock LDP SEND Adviser . Guide 3 for SENCOs:  How could I? Support staff and families to understand SEND at this time.
  • National Award for SEN Coordination 2020-21
  • Update from Babcock LDP Communication and Interaction Team - Support for Parents/Carers
  • Update from Babcock LDP SEMH team - Guidance for child/adolescent to parent violence 
  • Update from Babcock LDP ICT SEND Team - Curriculum websites for home learning
  • Signposting: Early Help 
  • Signposting: Splitz and NDADA
  • Signposting: Safer Devon
Latest SEND News
Click here for Devon County Council latest information for schools and families regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). Topics include returning to school, free school meal vouchers and much more.

As we move into the next phase of coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to give colleagues a clear overview of the current situation and the plan moving forward.

Please click here for an update from Jo Olsson, Devon County Council's Chief Officer for Children's Services and Chair of the DCFP Executive Group. 
Update from Amanda Burrows, Babcock LDP SEND Adviser
SENCO Guide 3: How Could I? Support staff and families to understand SEND at this time.
Amanda has produced the next guide as part of series of support to help you as a SENCO through this challenging time.

Guide 3 acknowledges that during the pandemic, schools are providing a safe space for the care of vulnerable pupils. The role of schools as educational establishments is therefore compromised
temporarily and health, care and wellbeing are current priorities.

Learning is, of course in reality, still happening for pupils attending school and also for pupils at home. See last week's Guide (no.2) to think through ways of supporting this.

The continued provision for SEND pupils is at the forefront of our minds and this Guide aims to support SENCos to think through and be made aware of key information to support families in understanding this.

Click below to read more

SENCo Guide 3.pdf
The National Award for SEN Co-ordination 2020-21
Do you have a new SENCo starting in September?

If they are new to post then they will need to complete and pass the NASENCo Award within the first 3 years of appointment.

SENCos gaining the Award will receive development and teaching from a wide variety of speakers who are expert in their field. The professional development opportunity that this course brings enhances the effectiveness of school leadership and is a key way to strengthen teaching and learning across your school. In addition, the face to face nature of each day allows professional development to take place between colleagues from a variety of settings.

The flyers below gives the details about how the Devon NASENCo course runs. We are very proud of the feedback we have had from this course for the past 12 years and continue to run this course as 6 taught days (face to face) over 2 modules.

The University of Plymouth is our attached university and delegates receive expert and personalised tutoring at MA level throughout.

The course takes one year and begins in September 2020. 

Initial enquiries can be made via Sarah Brown

Sarah.brown2@babcockinterntional.com OR from the SEND Adviser, Amanda Burrows

SENCO Award Leaflet 201920.pdf     SENCO flyer September 2020.pdf
Update from Babcock LDP Communication and Interaction Team
Are you supporting parent /carers of children and young people with autism?

If so, make sure you signpost them to Cygnet – Parent autism awareness programme. 
Barnardos, who run the Cynet programme have responded to the CV19 situation, and are offering the support online through licensed trainers.

Babcock LDP are licensed trainers  and we will be offering access to this programme during this summer term, as hosting our usual parent autism awareness programme is not physically possible at this time. The programme is for parents and carers of children and young people aged between 7 and 18. Below outlines the structure of the course and how to access it.
Is this course for me?

After a diagnosis parents and carers can have a lot of questions about autism and may feel isolated in managing their child's needs. Children's needs also change over time, and information and advice received when a child is younger may need to be updated to be relevant for the child/young person today. Attending Cygnet gives parents and carers an opportunity to develop their understanding of autism and look at practical solutions to managing social communication and behaviour difficulties.
 6 weekly sessions (approx. 2hrs each) related to the following topic/themes:

Week NumberTopicRelease Date
1IntroductionMonday 1st June 20
2Autism OverviewMonday 8th June 20
3SensoryMonday 15th June 20
4CommunicationMonday 22nd June 20
5Understanding BehaviourMonday 29th June 20
6Supporting BehaviourMonday 6th July

You will need an email address and the internet to access this programme. We will send a weblink to your email each week (Monday am) to access the relevant topic.
We will invite and respond to questions related to training topics/themes following each weeks topic. We will post on our Website, responses to the most commonly asked questions and additionally signposting to our already established and developing resources and themes.
How do I accept and access the programme?
Email  LDP-LearnerSupport@babcockinternational.com to indicate you would like to accept the course access offer (using the same email you wish weekly web link sending to). Access invites have also been made to parents/carers on our existing waiting list for parent autism awareness programmes.
On Mon 1st June you will receive the 1st weeks web link from us
Feel free to share this email with other families you know who would also welcome access. They will then also receive full access to the programme through us.
Once engaged in the programme we will maintain contact on a weekly basis to invite any questions you may have related to programme topics, and signpost you to additional resources and themes to support your learning.
This online access may be limited to the CV19 period only, so we would highly recommend access and completion if the programme is right for you. The main benefit of online access is the ability to access on any day and time that fits with your own family life.
Update from Babcock LDP Social, Emotional and Mental Health Team
One of the most shocking statistics that has emerged during the lockdown is the increase of child/adolescent to parent violence. 

Violence and aggression from children towards their parents is one of the biggest taboos in family life. It is one of the most hidden and misunderstood of the different forms of family violence. CPV is a pattern of physical, psychological and emotional behaviour seen in children and adolescents who cannot regulate their feelings in other ways, and/or have a great need to gain control over their parent(s) or carers.

To help school staff especially those supporting children and young people with SEND, Babcock LDP have produced guidance to signpost parents to seek advice. The guidance supports previous advice, such as Maintaining Connections, distributed in previous weekly SEND Updates.

For more information regarding CPV click on the link below:

CPV guidance.pdf

More information and how to access support from Babcock LDP SEMH team can be found here 

Update from Babcock LDP ICT SEND team
Ginny Coggles and Scott Lowther, Babcock LDP advisory teachers for ICT SEND have create a useful list of curriculum websites that can support home learning.

The list is part of a series of information of how ICT can support learning for children and young people with SEND.

Click below for their latest advice or here for more information about the service they provide. 

Curriculm websites to help with Home Learning.pdf

Signposting - Early Help
Becca Hewitt, Community Safety and Safeguarding manager for South Devon and Dartmoor Community Safety Campaigns has summarised a schedule of critical messages for sharing with the public around issues of exploitation, harm and abuse during COVID 19. 

The schedule below incorporates existing campaign schedules for the Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), the Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA), and the County Lines campaigns. (Please note that some of the CSE campaign messages are yet to be finalised.)

Community Safety Covid19 Social Media Plan 07052020.docx

Signposting - Splitz and NDADA
As you are  all probably  aware there has been an increase in domestic violence during these covid times/lock down period  and many families including those children and young people present will be experiencing challenging times.
Splitz and NDADA  have reported a significant increase in referrals and calls through to their professional line to offer support to families and to professionals working with these  families.

In response to this increase in demand they, are kindly offering you bespoke sessions to assist you to signpost and support children, families
Support is either on a one to one or maybe in groups of up to 4 and are available via a bookable half hour slot , where you may wish to discuss the work you are doing  with or concerns you have in relation to the impact on the children.
Please find  the form you will need to use to book a suitable time for a virtual conversation for  yourself and or a small group of colleagues  Details of where to send it back are contained within the form.

Request booking form for support.docx
Signposting - Safer Devon
Martine Moore,Police PREVENT lead for Devon, Cornwall and Dorset shares a useful document highlighting how to safeguard children and young people from harmful influences online.

Download your copy here: 

Digital safety during COVID19.pdf

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