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Welcome from Jeanette Savage, Babcock LDP Strategic Lead for SEND and Inclusion
This will be the final SEND Update for the summer term and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for the energy and resilience you have all shown over the past 16 weeks. There has been so much new advice and information to read, process and implement. We have seen temporary legislation changes or relaxations and a focus on undertaking individual learner risk assessments. Schools have had to work so closely with the local authority and a wide range of external agencies to help safeguard the health and well-being of all of our learners, and we know that our learners with SEND are often particularly vulnerable and need that little bit more consideration and planning. As SENCO's and leaders of SEND you have all led your schools and settings through this challenging time. I know that families have greatly appreciated your hard work and support, the way that they have been listened to and involved has made a difference to their lives.
Strong relationships have been formed, developed and strengthened. When we return to school in the autumn we will be able to use this strength as we work together to help our learners with SEND transition back into full-time education, talking to families and working with them to address anxiety's and concerns held. We know that transition back to school will not look the same for everyone. Please remember that our learners services are here to help you. The SEND & Inclusion Teams at Babcock LDP will continue to support transition and are happy to talk through any individual plans you have to support successful transition.
Finally I wish you all a happy, relaxing and safe summer.
Best wishes

Leading SEND: What Settings need to consider for September 20
This guide aims to support schools and colleges in the planning for SEND learners as they transition back into settings following the COVID 19 pandemic.

It is based on DfE guidance and seeks to extract key messages and advice. It is recommended that it is read alongside the full guidance from DfE. (schools)  or for specialist settings 

Click below for the guide

Leading SEND What settings need to consider September 2020.pdf
Important request from Helen Molteno, Devon County Council 0-25 Development Lead - Response required
Reminder that you still have time to contribute to the Review - Please respond by end of term to ensure that you contribute your views and your opinions are included.

Review of Additional support for children with SEND

Devon County Council and the schools Devon Education Forum wants to find out what outreach support mainstream schools need to support children and young people with SEND. This support is to enable schools and parents to feel confident that the children's needs can be met without needing an Education, Health and Care Plan. And if they have already have an EHCP, so that the schools can provide support without the need for a special school.
The Forum has appointed an external advisor, Helen Molteno, to carry out this review.
Helen wants to talk to SENCOs either on the phone or via TEAMS. The work needs to be finished by the end of September 2020, so it means talking to her by the end of term.
We appreciate that this is a very busy time of year for schools and SENCOs, but this is an important piece of work. Devon wants to improve the support it provides to its children and young people with SEND and this information will also help inform the wider SEND transformation work which is planned.
If you would like to contribute to this review, please contact her immediately on 07909 886064, or via email: It will involve a phone call to discuss what you think.
Update from Amanda Burrows, Babcock LDP SEND adviser
We have finally made it to the end of the most extraordinary term. You have all been fantastic - risk assessments completed, children supported to be in school (and at home) virtual annual reviews, transitions completed, ever changing guidance implemented and much, much more -  the list goes on.

Whilst we don't want to think about returning before the term ends, here are a  few reminders of things that will need to be reviewed in the new, autumn term:

SEND Information Reports - Under the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice (2015) the governing body or proprietor of every maintained school, maintained nursery school and Academy school (other than a special school that is established in a hospital) must publish information on their website about the implementation of the policy for pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in the form of an SEN Information report. This report should be kept up to date with significant changes and published annually each September. The  SEN information report describes what has happened and how the SEND policy has been implemented in the last academic year. This checklist is based on the requirements set out in schedule 1 of the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Regulations 2014 and paragraphs 6.79-6.81 of the SEND Code of Practice.

SEND Policies may need reviewing: This policy outlines your school's ethos and approach to SEN. You can access a model template here.

We hope that you have felt supported by the Babcock LDP SEND Teams during the lockdown period. Don't forget you can access all the resources produced by the teams by clicking  here. 

The SEND Helpline will return in September on Tuesday afternoons  12.30- 4pm term-time. You can call 01392 287248 or email: I will respond as quickly as possible however If your enquiry is urgent please call the Babcock central number for support).

*  Note that any enquiries related to named individuals under-going statutory assessment of need, transfer reviews or annual review process should be directed to the appropriate 0-25 SEN Team.

Contact details can be found at or email

*  Online Portal: For technical support on accounts or password issues, contact the One Support Team

EHC Hub queries
click here

Making a request for access from Babcock LDP SEN teams
The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Support Team provides specialist support, teaching and advice to schools, settings, parents and professionals for children with low incidence needs.

We work with children and young people from birth to 25 years of age supporting their safety, development, learning, achievement and wellbeing.

We promote inclusion, developing strategies for access to the curriculum and independent learning.

We aim to improve outcomes for all children and young people with low incidence needs in Devon and the South West by working in partnership with our colleagues from Health and Social Care.

Use this link to make a request for access

Update from Babcock LDP Sensory and Physical Team
Access all the resources that have been produced by the team by clicking here.

This week we have added good news stories that detail what the children and young people have been doing during lockdown.

Our You tube channel offers signed stories, technical support and much more

If you would like to contact the team please email

We look forward to hearing from you
Update from Babcock LDP Communication and Interaction team
Access all the resources that have been produced by the team by clicking here

This week we have added supporting engagement in the community - you can also access free training for parents here.
Update from Babcock LDP Social, Emotional and Mental Health Team
Access all the resources that have been produced by the team by clicking here
You can find information  about behaviour guidance and making amendments to behaviour policies and  mental health and wellbeing support here.
Update from Babcock LDP Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service team
Access all the resources that have been produced by the team by clicking here.
This week the team have added story videos in ten different languages.  
Signposting: See Hear Respond service
The See, Hear, Respond Partnership is a new service funded by the Department for Education. 
See Hear Respond is a service provided across England by Barnardo's and other national and local community-based organisations in response to COVID-19.

The See, Hear, Respond Partnership has been created specifically to help children and young people in England who are experiencing harm and increased adversity during coronavirus, by providing support to those who are not being seen by schools or other key agencies.

There is no minimum threshold for referral. We will support children from pre-birth up to 18 years of age and those with special educational needs under the age of 25.

Click here for more information

Signposting: Devon Children and Families Partnership
  • Kooth Mental Well being support for young people
  • Sign up to DCFP regular update
  • NHS: Help us to help you
Kooth Mental Wellbeing support for young people

With the end of the summer term approaching, we wanted to remind you that young people in Devon can access free and confidential mental health support over the summer at
DCFP Updates

Sign up to the
DCFP regular updates. This contains a wealth of information from all agencies supporting children and young people in Devon,
Help us to help you survey

To help the NHS understand how they can best meet people's needs in future, they would like to know what you think about the new ways of working that have been introduced during the pandemic.

Click here to respond to the survey
Signposting: Sign up for Snippets
Have you signed up for Snippets?

Snippets are produced by Signpost Plus and are a weekly round up of information from lots of services relating to children with additional needs that you can signpost parents towards in your area.
Finally before the holidays.......
We hope you find the SEND Update useful. We will be sending a survey in the new term to try and capture your views. However if you want to have a think in the in the mean time, can you consider:

Any issues/guidance that you would like us to address?

What supports you to be an effective SENCO?

Do you find updates/signposting to other agencies helpful?

What training would you like? Would you like virtual sessions? Online short courses?

Would you like the facility to share good practice with other SENCOs? Online/face to face?

Do you like reading about how schools manage particular issues regarding SEND?

Do you want more advice about working with parents?

How frequently do you like receiving information? What helps? What doesn't?

Please send your feedback to:

Have a fantastic break and we look forward to working with you again in the new term to improve the outcomes for SEND learners in Devon
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