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Schools' Bulletin - June 2020
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Back To School Content

We have been editing and amending our COVID-19 webpages to contain new resources and guides about assessment, vulnerable groups and transition for students, parents and staff who are going "Back To School".

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    PSHE Virtual Conference

    We are thrilled to be hosting our first ever ONLINE conference on Wednesday 8 July and will be adapting this PSHE event for this, ensuring schools have the updates they need on the upcoming statutory requirements.

    As this is our first online event, we are also pleased to announce attendance to this event will be FREE!

    Make sure to register your interest on the website! Direct event links will be sent to all those who register.

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    FREE online course - Relationships, Sex and Health Education in the UK

    Learn the statutory requirements for relationship, sex and health education in the UK and how to teach these issues effectively.

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      Assessment Webinar

      One area that has a completely different look due to COVID-19 is the assessment of children's learning and the knock on effect this has in being able to provide information to teachers in the next class or school depending on what stage children are in their education.

      In Devon we have agreed a simple approach to end of key stage and year group assessments. In addition to this we have considered other information that may need to be shared and how this could be approached when you haven't seen the children and young people you teach for a prolonged period or who you may not welcome back to your own classroom this year.

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      Safeguarding Podcasts

      Due to the current situation DSLs, deputy DSLs and safeguarding teams across education are unable to access our level 3 refresher training, and other school staff may be being asked to take on the role of DSL, and these staff may not have the knowledge and experience that schools would usually expect from their safeguarding teams.

      We have decided to run a series of drip feed style CPD sessions to get us through the next few days, weeks or months, to ensure safeguarding teams feel upskilled enough, until we can see you all again for your level 3 refresher training.

      Podcast #7 - Transitioning Early Years to Primary
      Podcast #8 - Transitioning Primary to Secondary
      Podcast #9 - Transitioning Secondary to Post-16

      Safer Recruitment Online Learning

      This online course has been written by our highly regarded Safeguarding Team, for governors, trustees and people who work with children and young people in schools, settings and other agencies in England.

      It is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of safer recruitment and it will enable you to be compliant with the most recent KCSiE statutory guidance.

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      New Safeguarding Blog

      Alongside our new Safeguarding podcasts we also have a new Safeguarding blog.

      Our most recent blog post is all about Carer's Week and includes a variety of resources to check out.

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      We have partnered with Pearson to give you some practical advice around developing a whole school approach to vocabulary teaching.

      Find out what's in the session and how to access the 5 modules here >>>
      FREE Online Maths Research Talks

      We are pleased to announce the start of a series of free online mathematics research talks, focussing on small-scale research projects of interest to teachers and all involved in mathematics education.

      These sessions will last an hour with 40 minutes of 'talk' and 20 minutes of Q & A. The first talk, BMR 1, took place on 18 June and focussed on the meaning, importance and understanding of cardinality.

      Dr Ruth Trundley drew on the case study used for her doctorate and more recent research undertaken with Dr Helen Williams to examine this crucial element of mathematics. A recording of the talk is available on our YouTube channel

      BMR 2 is scheduled for Thursday 16 July 16:00 – 17:00. To book a free place please contact:
      Cygent - Parent Autism Awareness Programme Invite

      Barnardos have responded to the CV19 situation, and continue to offer their Cygnet programme online through licensed trainers.

      The programme is for parents/carers of children with aged between 7 and 18.

      We are excited to announce that we have negotiated and agreed access for families of CYP who are currently on the autism assessment pathway, in addition to families of CYP who have received and autism diagnosis.

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      Early Years Online Learning

      Supporting the Wellbeing of Children in the Early Years

      This course focuses on supporting the wellbeing of children in your early years setting, whether that be a preschool, nursery or an early years class in a school.

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      Supporting the Wellbeing of Practitioners in the Early Years

      This course focuses on supporting the wellbeing of practitioners in the early years.  It should be helpful for supporting your own wellbeing and also supporting the wellbeing of your colleagues in your early years setting (whether that be a preschool, nursery or an early years class in a school).

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      3 New Online Data Protection Courses

      Online courses that provide schools with data protection support in relations to:
      • GDPR Compliance
      • Managing Data Breaches
      • Subject Access Requests
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      School Library Service Hot Reads

      Helping you to get the best of the approximately 10,000 new children's books published every year, one of our experienced advisers endeavours to read and research as many as possible and pick out a selection of the best for each Key Stage.

      Our Hot Read subscription package will include:
      • KS1 and KS2 fiction lists published twice yearly in the Summer and Autumn terms.
      • KS1 and KS2 non-fiction lists published once yearly in the Autumn term.
      • Plus ALL of the books on these lists - approximately 67 books.
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      National SENDCO

      The National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination is a successful training programme designed to support the professional development of special educational needs coordinators (SENCOs) working in a range of educational settings.

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      The Mix Online, Friday 3 July

      For the first time, The Mix, Devon's annual summer music festival for children and young people, is moving online. On Friday 3 July, whether you're at home or in school, you can join Devon Music Education Hub live on YouTube for a day of online workshops, live music and opportunities to get involved. Though primarily aimed at KS2 & KS3, this will also be accessible for other year groups.

      Music Unlocked: Music-making & Covid-19

      Music Mark, the UK association for Music Education, has worked with Music Education Consultant Gary Griffiths, to compile Covid-19 related guidance.

      This advice, which is available as a live document that will continue to be updated as new evidence emerges, has been produced in consultation with Music Mark members, the Music Teachers' Association, the Music Industries Association, the Incorporated Society of Musicians and the Musicians' Union, as well as individual sector experts, headteachers and teachers.

      More information: https://www.babcockldp.co.uk/support-services/music

      NQT Assessment

      As the Appropriate Body providing the statutory monitoring of NQT induction we have produced some guidance and information relating to final assessments for this summer term following the national update and in response to the current situation with COVID-19.  We use an online system called NQT manager and we have revised the assessment format so that NQT tutors do not need to complete all sections of the current format. Guidance has been written to assist with this process.

      In addition to this we are aware that some NQT's may need an extension so we have written some guidance to help schools if they are considering this and we have written a next steps planning document which considers a range of scenarios. These documents are all available on the NQT webpage Babcock LDP - NQT.

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      Religious Education Updates

      Ed Pawson, the RE Advisor to Devon and Torbay SACREs, will be running two RE update 'meetings' on Zoom to talk about recent issues and developments in RE: knowledge organisers, home-learning, making knowledge 'stick' etc

      RE updates for primary teachers
      Religion and worldviews for primary teachers
      4.00-5.15pm Tues 30th June

      RE updates for secondary teachers
      Religion and worldviews for secondary teachers
      4.00-5.15pm Wed 1st July

      Free and open to anyone. Please email 
      efpawson@gmail.com for the Zoom link and more detailed programme.

      Coronavirus: support for schools, parents and pupils

      Maths Resources

      Weekly packages of ideas for Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6 and all weeks can be accessed from our Mathematics COVID-19 Resources page.

      Communication and Interaction

      We have been adding a variety of downloads to our Communication and Interaction page each week. This week our topic is "Creating Spaces for Learning".

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      Sensory Impairment and Physical Difficulties

      We have been adding a variety of downloads to our Sensory and Physical page each week. This week our topic is "Revision and Consolidation".

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