Babcock LDP SEND Update for all Devon SENCos and SEND Staff Oct 20
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Welcome from Jeanette Savage, Babcock LDP Strategic Lead for SEND and Inclusion
Welcome back! I expect that Summer feels a long time ago but I do hope that you all managed to enjoy some of the decent summer weather and step away from the pressures and intensity of work.
I know that you have all had to work hard to encourage children and young people back to school, and then to ensure that their SEN needs are met, despite the restrictions around Covid. This has been a real challenge in some cases and many of you have worked incredibly well with the learner support teams and other agencies to be creative, flexible and innovative in order to achieve a successful transition back to school. This has meant listening to parental concerns and anxiety, as well as to staff, talking to your fellow senior leaders and flexing both your schools approach to minimising risk and how SEN provision has typically been delivered. We have seen many great examples of inclusive practice. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a concern regarding meeting the needs for a child or young person, and remember you can also use the SEND Helpline for support.
DCC are keen to develop the range of resourced provision available throughout the county so if you are interested in this then please do contact DCC and submit an expression of interest by the 23rd October. If you wanted to talk this through you can talk to Beatrice Beer or to myself.
Devon are undertaking a SEND transformation project aimed at developing, strengthening and improving the support and experience of children and their families with SEND. The project plan can be accessed here, Devon are keen to hear your views so do get in touch.
Finally, we are expecting to be able to advertise for some new team members to join us shortly- so keep a look out in Devon Jobs.
I wish you all a happy and healthy half-term break – make sure you get some 'me' time! 
Best wishes

Devon County Council: Expression of Interest in Setting up a Resource base within your school - response required by 23rd October 20
Devon County Council are interested in extending the special educational capacity within both primary and secondary schools by increasing the number of Resource Bases. 

Devon County Council are looking to set up new resource bases within mainstream settings to increase the provisions for learners with Education. Health and Care Plans across the County. The number of new bases commissioned will be determined from the response received from mainstream schools.

For more detailed information including the criteria for selection please click here.

If your setting is interested in this opportunity you will need to respond by 23rd October 20.

For more information please contact:

Beatrice Beer, DCC SEN Manager - Strategic Lead for SEN Place Planning

Update from Amanda Burrows, Babcock LDP SEN Adviser
  • Support for SENCOs
  • SEND Funding Evaluation Tool update
Welcome to you all especially if you are new to the role!
Leading SEND in a school is both challenging and rewarding and we are here to support you as you seek to carry out this important responsibility.You can access support through our website pages hereDevon have their own website and support pages too, click here:
In addition, you can book to attend (free) SEND network meetings which will keep you updated with current practice and offer an opportunity to meet and network with other local SENCOs. Book through our SHOP here
If you wish to, you can also buy in traded SEND support. This is purchased through the SHOP too.

We have a SEND Helpline which is open on Tuesday afternoons 12-4.00pm. The number is 01392 287248 or email  LDP-SencoHelpline@babcockinternational.comWe will seek to answer your queries and resolve any issues relating to SEND leadership that you might have.

All SENCO's are required to gain the National Award for SEN Coordination within 3 years of appointment. We run this course jointly with the University of Plymouth. Do contact me if you would like more details on this:

With best regards, Amanda
Update: SEND Funding Evaluation Tool

The SEND Funding Evaluation Tool will be available via the Babcock LDP website this year. The Tool is: 
  • Designed to support school evaluation processes
  • Helps SENCOs to understand SEND funding
  • Allows space for discussion around allocation of resources
  • Should involve senior leaders, including governors
  • Supports the LA to monitor Element 2 spending in schools
  • Helps SENCos to identify strategic priorities in the short and longer term
  • Will be appearing on the Babcock LDP website for completion this year
It will be found on here under Useful Documents tab
In addition, SENCos will be sent a leadership survey to complete in due course. We would be very grateful to schools if they return this, thank you.

Devon County Council Update:
  • EHC plan reviews and EHC Online Hub
  • Review Guidance
Latest guidance about holding a review.

DCC and Babcock LDP have produced handy guidance to support SENCOs with the review process. The guidance includes explanations about the review process, who should be invited and much more.

For your copy click below:


EHC plan reviews and the EHC online Hub

Devon County Council SEN 0-25 team will now be doing most EHC plan reviews through Devon's online EHC Hub.

When you are invited to an ECHP Review you will also receive an invitation to register for the Hub. You will get this by e-mail. If you do not receive this, please check your junk and spam mailboxes.

By registering on the EHC Hub you will be able to;
• Download and view a copy of the current plan for your child or young person
• Accept/decline invitations to review meetings
• Access any reports or advice submitted as part of a review
• Share your views ahead of the meeting

Find out more and download the full SEN 0-25 guidance

Update from Babcock LDP Communication and Interaction Team
  • Cygnet Parent Autism Awareness Invite Autumn 20
  • C & I Remodelling update
  • Autism Education Trust Autumn Training 
Babcock LDP Communication and Interaction team are delighted to continue to offer free virtual training via the Cygnet Programme for parents of children and young people with autism.

The programme is for parents/carers of Devon school children aged between 7 and 18 pre or post diagnosis.  We are excited to announce that we have negotiated and agreed access for families of CYP who are currently on the autism assessment pathway, in addition to families of CYP who have received an autism diagnosis.
Feedback from parents who have accessed the course previously has been very positive.

For more information click on the invite below. Please feel free to display this advert in your setting or add to your own newsletter.

Cygnet online invite Nov Dec 2020

Paul Lamanna, Babcock LDP, Professional Lead - Communication & Interaction Team Remodelling Update - September 2020

As you may all appreciate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is impacting on all aspects of school life for students, parents, staff and wider professionals. We will continue development and planning in respect of proposed service remodelling during this term and throughout the new academic year. 

  • All C&I referrals received this term continue to be processed fortnightly:
  • Where specialist support identified, a team member has/will be in contact to arrange a visit (pending school RA's and CV19 guidance)
  • Where targeted support identified, they will be offered an appointment at a C&I virtual advisory clinic (starting w/o 2nd Nov 2020).
This term we are booking clinic cases directly into appointments from referrals held since CV19 lockdown. We need to maximise efficiency, due to the large number of cases on our clinic wait list. We have made these fixed appointments and hope as always setting staff will be able to make in-setting arrangements to be released. If you are unable to attend, please notify us at the below email, and we will schedule your appointment for the next cycle of clinic dates.
This term we will provide schools with the outline, process and format for advisory locality clinics starting in January 2021:
  • Dates
  • Booking System
  • Expectation on staff attending (case evidence and preparation)
  • Reporting
Proposal pending review:
  • To stop formal C&I referrals at this point (2020)
  • Commence virtual (Microsoft Teams Platform) C&I clinics for initial case enquiries
  • Settings will be able to book direct into a virtual clinic for their case(s)
Thank you for your understanding during this phase, and a massive well done for continuing to provide a safe, engaging and enjoyable experience to your students as they return to settings to experience the unfamiliar…..familiar. The enormous efforts and achievements by education during this period has been acknowledged widely across all agencies.

Our team of C&I advisory staff remain fully available for contact during this period, so please don't hesitate to contact them should you need guidance/advice to best support your students and families.

Our CV19 C&I webpage also contains many weekly themes that may be of benefit to your setting staff and parents/carers during these very different times, whilst many CYP adjust to changing expectations.

If I can provide any further guidance/advice at this stage, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Paul Lamanna, Professional Lead for Communication & Interaction

The Communication Team at Babcock LDP are rolling out their Autism Education Trust training offer in a virtual format due to the ongoing CV19 pandemic restrictions and guidance.
Available for:
Early Years
Post 16
Multi-agency and Public services partners

Autumn term dates for initial access are highlighted below, with the annual academic year offer also included for ongoing CPD opportunities.
Please visit the Babcock LDP shop for further details and booking:

Early Years   
MSA x 1 eventWed 16 Dec£353.30 – 5pm
MSA x 1 eventWed 12 May£353.30 – 5pm
GAP (2 day event)11th + 12th Feb 2021 (2 day event)£1209am – 4pm
LGAP (4 x modules)Wed 24 Feb, 3 Mar, 10 Mar, 17 Mar£1203.30 – 5pm
MSA x 2 eventsWed 9 Dec£353.30 – 5pm
MSA x 2 eventWed 20 Jan  +  Wed 3 Mar£353.30 – 5pm
MSA x 2 eventsMon 26 Apr  +  Mon 14 Jun£353.30 – 5pm
GAP (4 modules)Mon 16 Nov, 7 Dec, 11 Jan, 1 Feb£1203.30 – 5pm
GAP (4 modules)Thurs 4 Mar, 25 Mar, 22 Apr, 20 May£1203.30 – 5pm
LGAP (4 modules)Mon 18 Jan, 25 Jan, 8 Mar, 29 Mar£1203.30 – 5pm
Ext & Enh (2 modules)Mon 1 Mar  +  22 Mar£603.30 – 5pm
Ext & Enh (2 modules)Wed 28 Apr + 19 May£603.30 – 5pm
Transition (2 modules)Tues 27 Apr  +  11 May£603.30 – 5pm
Post 16   
RA x 1 eventsThurs 10 Dec£353.30 – 5pm
RA x 1 eventWed 3 Feb£353.30 – 5pm
Practitioner (4 x modules)7 Jan, 28 Jan, 11 Feb, 25 Feb£1203.30 – 5pm
Practitioner (4 x modules)Wed 12 May, 26 May, 16 Jun, 30 Jun£1203.30 – 5pm
Managers (4 x modules)Wed 27 Jan, 10 Feb, 24 Feb, 10 Mar£1203.30 – 5pm
MSA (LGAP) 2 x modulesThurs 3 Dec, Thurs 21 Jan£606.00-7.30pm
Multi-agency RA 1 x eventWed 18 Nov£353.30 – 5pm
Multi-agency RA 1 x eventTues 15 Dec£359.30-11am
Multi-agency RA 1 x eventTues 16 Mar£353.30 – 5pm
Multi-agency GAP (4 x modules)Tues 24 Nov, 15 Dec, 19 Jan, 9 Feb£1203.30 – 5pm
Multi-agency GAP (4 x modules)Mon 1 Mar, 29, Mar, 26 Apr, 24 May£1209.30-11am
Module Key:
MSA - Making Sense of Autism
GAP - Good Autism Practise
LGAP - Leading Good Autism Practise
Ext&Enh - Extending & Enhancing GAP
RA - Raising Awareness
Transition - Transition from school to college
Please visit the Babcock LDP shop for further details and booking.

For further information related to your Autism training needs please contact:

Update from Babcock LDP Education Psychology team and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Team
  • Guidance to support EHWB for staff and pupils
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing pathway
  • Passive Intervention and Prevention strategies and Covid 19
Guidance on supporting Emotional Health and Wellbeing (EHWB) for staff and pupils in Devon's schools

Babcock LDP Educational Psychology Service and Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Advisory Team have produced guidance for schools and settings on supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of staff and pupils.

As a result of the ongoing interruptions to education and systemic challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, there is now a greater need for senior leaders to review their settings' approach to emotional health and wellbeing for all staff and pupils. Whilst this document is not driven by COVID 19 specific issues, it can be used to support children, young people and adults affected by the pandemic and lockdown period.

This document provides evidence based guidance for education settings and providers on ways to effectively support the emotional health and wellbeing of staff and pupils. It is structured around a 7 Factor Model for effective emotional health and wellbeing underpinned by research, and signposts schools to resources and support from local and national organisations.
How can schools use this document?
This document can be used by school governors, senior leaders, SEN and pastoral staff to:
  • Understand the current local and national context around emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Identify areas of strength and weakness within current provision for the emotional health and wellbeing of staff and pupils which can feed into targeted CPD and school action plans.
  • Develop and embed an 'assess, plan, do, review' process for students with emotional health and wellbeing needs and identify resources to understand and assess need.
  • Identify evidence based assessments and interventions to support emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Understand a graduated response to emotional health and wellbeing e.g. universal, targeted and specialist support, including when referrals need to be made to other agencies.
  • Clarify support from and signpost to local and national organisations. 
Emotional Health and Wellbeing Pathway

The Emotional Health and Wellbeing Pathway has been developed in partnership with colleagues from CAMHS, School Nursing and Public Health to support education settings to identify need, implement effective interventions and source appropriate external support in a graduated way. The Pathway follows the I THRIVE Framework which is a person centred and needs led approach to supporting mental health needs.

You can download the supporting documents here.
Babcock LDP SEMH team: Passive Intervention and Prevention Strategies (PIPS) and COVID 19

Babcock LDP SEMH team have produced a handy guide to support professionals to continue to support good behaviour and learning, reduce serious incidents and effectively keep children safe in schools.

Download your copy here: 
PIPS and Covid 19.pdf

Other useful information and strategies to support Social, Emotional and Mental Health can be found by clicking here.

Update from Babcock LDP Sensory and Physical Team
Don't forget you can access all our resources, many that were produced over the lockdown period, to support children and young people with sensory impairments here. Documents include caring for assistive listening devices, setting up your classroom to include a CYP with a sensory impairment, supporting wellbeing and much more.

For more information please contact Lian Badcock, Professional Lead for Sensory and Physical Team.
SAVE THE DATE: 23rd October 20
supported by Devon Children & Families Partnership (DCFP)


Who is it for?: For all professionals across education, health and social care
working with children, young people and adults.

Fully funded - no charge for attending 

For more information and how to book, click below:

Invite Info SEMH SLCN.pdf
SAVE THE DATE: No Pens Wednesday 25th November 20
Putting Spoken Language in the Spotlight - 25th November 2020

No Pens Day Wednesday is an annual day of speaking and listening activities that takes place in schools and education settings across the country.
Visit the
ICAN website for further information and free resources for planning your own No Pens Day Wednesday this November.
SEND Signposting: Appropriate Language - guidance for professionals
Our colleagues at Early Help have shared a useful guidance document for professionals to support using appropriate language when addressing issues regarding Child Sexual and/or criminal exploitation.

Click below for your copy:

Appropriate Language Toolkit.pdf

SEND Signposting: Devon Information Advice and Support (DIAS) guidance for parents, carers, children and young people about SEND

Our colleagues at DiAS are a dedicated team offering legally-based and easily accessible information and advice about special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). They support parents, carers, children and young people with SEND and their service is impartial and confidential.

They can help you to:

  • Understand more about SEND support
  • Develop good relationships with professionals
  • Prepare well for meetings
  • Express yours and your child's views
  • Understand the paperwork
  • Subscribe to their newsletter here
SEND Signposting: Speechlink -  free training webinars for subscribers
Does your setting subscribe to Speech link?

If so, Language Link are providing two new user training webinars (free for subscribers).

These 2 free twilight sessions will be hosted by Heather Stevens, speech and language therapist, on:

November 10th 3.30-5.00
November 17th 3.30-5.00

If you wish to register to attend, please contact the Help Desk. Registration is limited to one booking per school, although there is no limit on the number of school staff watching this session at the same monitor.
SEND Signposting: Widgit ONLINE
Do you use Widgit?

Please find below a link to free symbol resources by Widgit- some are specifically related to Covid-19 whilst others are more generic e.g visual timetables.

They are suitable for teachers as well as parents/carers and other professionals who use symbols to support children/young people.

Widgit have also worked with professionals in the healthcare sector to create a range of resources for patients and professionals.

I hope you will find them useful.

Just for Fun: Action for Happiness - Optimistic October
Action for Happiness - Be optimistic in October

During these challenging times everyone needs a happiness calendar. 
Click here to download your Action for Happiness calendar for October.

For a daily dose of happiness you can also download their free app which delivers daily happiness straight to your phone! 
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