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Welcome to the second RE newsletter of 2021.

As the Christian season of Lent gets under way, it's a good time to reflect on our relationship with ourselves and with those around us. Traditionally Lent was about fasting and giving stuff up, but increasingly many people are thinking about how they can do Lent differently. There are resonances with the Muslim month of Ramadan in these ideas: as well as being a time of fasting and charity, Ramadan is also about generosity and care for others. 40 Acts offers a wealth of suggestions of ways to make a difference and there's a useful 40 acts family wallchart full of ideas for each day, from making cakes to share with someone else, to being generous and paying others compliments.
  • RE CPD
  • Home Learning Resources
  • RE and Anti-Racism
  • Virtual Tours for RE
  • Just Think
  • Webinars for A-Levels
  • Theology and RS Degree
  • Interfaith Resources
  • Art in Heaven 2021
  • St. Wilfrid's Trust
  • RE Teacher's Survey
  • National Plan for RE
  • Teach: RE Tutored Modules
  • Duty to teach RE to all pupils
  • CofE Schools
Courses from Babcock/LDP (online via Click). All courses £38 plus VAT
Courses from Exeter Diocese, suitable for all schools (online via Zoom)
Details and booking here
  • RE subject leaders (KS1-2)
    1.00-3.30pm Tues 16th Mar 2021 (£30)
  • Equality and unconscious bias (KS1-3) 
    4.00-5.00pm Wed 24th Mar 2021 (£30)
  • Understanding Christianity course: starts again in September. Get in touch to pre-book
Learn, Teach, Lead RE (LTLRE)
Hub meetings are currently being hosted online. All meetings are free and open to all teachers of RE, primary and secondary. See website for more details.

Special School Hub: Thurs 4th March 2021 
Secondary Hub: Wed 10th Mar 2021
Exams, World Religions and Worldviews, Anti-racist RE, using text in the classroom

Primary Hub: Thurs 11th Mar 2021
Home learning and knowledge organisers
South Devon/Torbay Primary Hub:  Thurs 18th Mar 2021
Using Sacred Texts in RE

East Devon Primary Hub: Tues 23rd Mar 2021 
RE and spiritual development

Plymouth hub: Wed 28th April 2021
Teaching Islam and Hinduism in the new syllabus
Contact Katie Freeman
Secondary hub: Thurs 29th April 2021
New ideas for teaching RE at KS4
Secondary hub: Thurs 10th June 2021
Religious Beliefs in Palestine/Israel: 20thC Perspective
Home Learning Resources
RE and Anti-Racism
Devon and Torbay SACREs recommend that schools should incorporate elements of the RE Today/NATRE Anti-racist RE materials into their learning schemes (at KS2 and KS3). These excellent resources are free and complement the RE Agreed Syllabus
Virtual Tours for RE
Virtual tours of landmarks and religious sites from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Kuwait, Yemen etc. Examine the marvels of Islamic architecture, visit mosques, religious sites with 360 degree panoramic images in high quality. Works on phones and ipads.
Just Think
Philosophy puzzles for children aged 9 – 90. Is the world we see around us really there? Is it ever right to do something wrong? Is beauty just a matter of opinion? This book contains 30 philosophy puzzles, followed by commentaries giving parents and teachers more background on each question. More information can be found on the Just Think Website.
Webinars for A-Levels
Chester Uni Theology and Religious Studies Dept are again offering a great series of talks for A level RS students, covering a whole array of topics relevant to the A Level RS spec. You can also find the videos from the excellent summer 2020 lectures here.
Theology and RS Degree
What do you do with a Theology or RS degree? This Youtube site has a number of excellent interviews with TRS graduates, now engaged in diverse careers.
Interfaith Resources
Interfaith Network is producing a secondary school resource on interfaith relations in Britain. Contact David Hampshire if you would be interested in viewing some of the materials to comment on their content and suitability.
Art in Heaven 2021
The themes have been released for Art in Heaven 2021. This is a great way to bring RE alive!
St. Wilfrid's Trust
Apply for support for RE from St Wilfrid's Trust. It invites applications for one-off awards (up to £1000) to assist a school in the support and encouragement of RE in the school.  This could be in the form of books or media material, tablets, projects, courses or educational trips. All schools are eligible to apply, including community schools and CofE schools.
RE Teacher's Survey
Ruth Flanagan (ITE lecturer at Exeter Uni) asks: could you spare 10 minutes to complete a questionnaire examining teachers' own personal worldviews. She will be using this data to develop resources for teachers to assist with teaching about religion(s) and worldviews in the classroom. If you would like to participate in virtual interviews, please contact Ruth
National Plan for RE
The Commission on RE (2018) Final Report proposes that a new National Plan for RE should be enacted to ensure that learning in RE remains academically rigorous and a knowledge-rich preparation for life in a world of great diversity of religion and belief. Here's a one page summary of the report and its recommendations for you to share with school leaders.
Teach:RE Tutored Modules
Find out more about Teach:RE tutored modules.
  • Improve your subject knowledge
  • Develop your skills and understanding
  • Explore new ways of thinking in Religion and Worldviews
Duty to Teach RE to all Pupils
Schools' Minister Nick Gibb has given a clear statement that schools have a duty to teach RE to all pupils aged 5-18
CofE Schools
Dates for SIAMS hub meetings. Focus for Summer term meetings will be SIAMS and RSHE
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