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Welcome to Summer

At last, as Covid restrictions start to be relaxed, we can begin to regain a bit more 'in person' human contact. The African word 'ubuntu' means 'I am, because you are', reminding us that we cannot live and thrive in isolation; we need to value and nurture our friends, families and communities, because we are all part of each other.

Covid has been especially corrosive of our social bonds and friendship support networks, because it prevents physical closeness and thus hinders our relational awareness (which is a key element of our spirituality).

Let's remember to continue to support each other this term, because one thing Covid has taught us is how much we need each other.
Desmond Tutu says:  'A person is a person through other persons' … 'Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can't exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness, you can't be human all by yourself

Secondary teachers: please complete the NATRE secondary survey
  • RE CPD
  • RE on Social Media
  • Time to Wonder
  • Online CPD
  • RE Resources
  • Webinars for A-Levels
  • Female Imams?
  • Challenging Extremism
  • Collective Worship Resarch
Courses from Babcock/LDP (online via Click). 
  •  Leading RE in the primary school - £38 plus VAT
    1.00-4.00pm Tues 18th May 2021
  • Understanding Christianity - Excellent course supporting RE in the new curriculum (3 half days)
    Session One:
    9.30am- 1.00pm Fri 9th July
    Session Two:
    1.00-4.30pm Thurs 23rd Sept
    Session Three:
    1.00-4.30pm Wed 13th Oct
    Community schools £60  CofE schools £210
Courses from Exeter Diocese, suitable for all schools (online via Zoom)
Details and booking here
  • Spiritual Development
    1.30-4pm Tues 25th May (£30)
  • Philosophy for Children (P4C)
    1.30-4.00pm Tues 22nd June (£30)
Learn, Teach, Lead RE (LTLRE)
Hub meetings are currently being hosted online, 4-5.15pm. Meetings are free and open to all teachers of RE, primary and secondary. See website for more details.

Special School RE hub: Tues 11th May
Join the legendary Anne Krisman to find out how to teach RE in a special school   Zoom link

East Devon hub: Thurs 13th May
Creative teaching ideas for Primary RE   Zoom link

Cross-phase hub: Thursday 20th May
RE and Worldviews explained   
Ruth Flanagan (University of Exeter)   Zoom link

South Devon/Torbay hub: Thurs 27th May
Zoom link

Secondary hub: Thurs 10th June
Religious Beliefs in Palestine/Israel: 20thC Perspective
Zoom link

Cornwall primary LTLRE hubs: Tues 15th June
Contact Nicki Bonell

South Devon/Torbay hub: Thurs 17th June
Zoom link

Cross-phase hub: Wed 7th July
Exploring Progressive Religious and Non-Religious Worldviews with Dr Anastasia Somerville-Wong Zoom link

RE on Social Media
Useful Facebook pages for RESuggested RE people to follow on Twitter:
  1. @NATREupdate
  2. @ltlre
  3. @KatieKates_84
  4. @joeerin82
  5. @tattywilson
  6. @missdcox
  7. @HollowayDerek
  8. @Humanists_UK
  9. @Ad_Robertson
  10. @suzannahstrong
  11. @ed_pawson
  12. @katymstaples
  13. @CofE_Education 
  14. @fionajmoss
  15. @Greg_Parekh
  16. @ReformingRE
  17. @kathrynfenlodge
  18. @thetimetowonder
Time to Wonder
Access Katherine Taylor's amazing resources on Reflective Storytelling in RE. Buy her new book here or subscribe to her Youtube channel here
Online CPD
Culham St Gabriel's in conversation with … new series of virtual seminars bringing researchers and teachers together through conversation about Religion and Worldviews.
RE Resources
NATRE: list of video clips for independent learning in RE
LTLRE: RE knowledge organisers
Webinars for A-Levels
Chester Uni Theology and Religious Studies Dept are again offering a great series of talks for A level RS students, covering a whole array of topics relevant to the A Level RS spec. You can also find the videos from the excellent summer 2020 lectures here.
Female Imams?
WCheck out this BBC Radio 4 interview: Are there any female imams?
Calendar of Religion and Philosophy online CPD events
Challenging Extremism
Devon Faith and Belief Forum is hosting Sara Khan, speaking on Challenging Extremism, Promoting Social Cohesion: The Role of Faith Leaders
6.00- 7.30pm on Thurs 8th July
Sara is one of the UK's leading voices on countering extremism Booking here
Collective Worship Research
CofE schools, please get in touch if you would like to help with this research:
Has the experience of providing home-school online worship influenced how Church of England primary schools approach facilitating spiritual growth in collective worship?
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