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Who am I? Why am I here?

In my last newsletter I wrote about the African word Ubuntu, the idea that, as humans, we only fully exist through each other. This emphasises the need to think about our own identities, as individuals and as part of our wider communities.

There is a story told about a Jewish Rabbi named Akiva who gets lost while walking home one night. When he accidentally stumbles into a Roman guard station a soldier shouts out of the dark: 'who are you and why are you here?'

The Rabbi replies, suggesting that the guard might like to come to work for him, and ask him these very questions every morning.
  • Who are you?
  • Why are you here?
These are fundamental questions of existence. What is my identity and my purpose in life? What am I aiming for and how does that impact on those around me?
The recently released animated video, Nobody Stands Nowhere, sets out two contrasting visions for our lives: 

'Some may feel that life is about success and improvement, being the best you can be. And some think it's about helping the most vulnerable in society.'

In this short film we are encouraged to consider how our own worldview might co-exist with other, quite different ways of seeing the world we all share.
  • RE CPD
  • Ofsted
  • Time to Wonder
  • Nobody Stands Nowhere
  • Religion and belief factsheets
  • Spirited Arts
  • The RE Podcast
  • Being Muslim, Being Hindu, Being...
  • Real people, real faith
  • Online CPD
  • Humanist Heritage
  • Student blogs on worldviews
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  • Challenging Extremism
  • Webinars for A-Levels
Courses from Babcock LDP (online via Click). 
  • Understanding Christianity - Excellent course supporting RE in the new curriculum (3 half days)
    Session One:
    9.30am- 1.00pm Fri 9 July
    Session Two:
    1.00-4.30pm Thurs 23 Sept
    Session Three:
    1.00-4.30pm Wed 13 Oct
    Community schools £60  CofE schools £210
Courses from Exeter Diocese, suitable for all schools (online via Zoom)
Details and booking here
  • Philosophy for Children (P4C)
    1.30-4.00pm Tues 22 June (£30)
  • Understanding Christianity
    next course starts in September
Learn, Teach, Lead RE (LTLRE)
Hub meetings are currently being hosted online, 4-5.15pm. Meetings are free and open to all teachers of RE, primary and secondary. See website for more details.

South Devon/Torbay hub: Thurs 24 June
Zoom link

Plymouth hub: Thurs 24 June
RE and Creative Arts Booking

RE Conference (SW schools) Thurs 2 July
Big Questions in RE Details and booking

Cross-phase hub: Wed 7 July
Exploring Progressive Religious and Non-Religious Worldviews Dr Anastasia Somerville-Wong Zoom link

Save the date: LTLRE conference on Fri 15 October
Online conference: Nobody Stands Nowhere (Details to follow)

Ofsted Toolkits
Useful toolkits for primary and secondary to help document Intent, Implementation, Impact for RE

Ofsted Research Review for RE
Read the recent Ofsted RE review here. It identifies some of the key factors that contribute to high-quality RE in schools . NATRE welcomes this report.

Teacher response to Ofsted
In this blog post RE teacher Nikki McGee shares her reflections on the recent Ofsted research report from Richard Kueh which examines the factors that contribute towards a high quality RE curriculum. 

Time to wonder
Access Katherine Taylor's amazing resources on Reflective Storytelling in RE. Buy her new book here or subscribe to her Youtube channel here
Nobody Stands Nowhere
Nobody Stands Nowhere is a powerful animated film which unpacks the concept of worldview, reminding us there is no such thing as a neutral perspective.
Religion and belief factsheets
The Religion and Media Centre website hosts some really useful factsheets explaining the context and background of current religion and belief stories. They include information on religious groups, people and festivals
Spirited Arts
Join hundreds of schools from around the world taking part in this year's NATRE Spirited Arts competition! We welcome entries in (almost!) any artform your pupils can think of, including: Art (painting, drawing, sketching etc), Poetry, Photography, Dance, Music, Drama, Sculpture.
The RE Podcast
The RE Podcast is the first dedicated religious education podcast for students and teachers
Being Muslim, Being Hindu, Being ...
Every faith marks the circle of life with rituals and ceremonies. This series of BBC films documents how are they celebrated and commemorated in a multi-faith, modern Britain.
Real people, real faith
Real people, real faith is a series of interviews (for KS1, 2 and 3) filmed in locations across Berkshire, featuring local faith communities answering questions about their faith.
Online CPD
RE teacher CPD available through RE Online.
Humanist Heritage
The Humanist Heritage Project aims to bring to life an often overlooked but historically influential aspect of our heritage – humanism and the impact it has had locally and nationally on art, literature, and social, political, and ethical culture throughout UK history.
Student blogs on worldviews
Religion and worldviews blogs from secondary RE students.
Secondary RE
Please complete the NATRE secondary survey
Challenging Extremism
Devon Faith and Belief Forum is hosting Sara Khan, speaking on Challenging Extremism, Promoting Social Cohesion: The Role of Faith Leaders
6.00- 7.30pm on Thurs 8th July
Sara is one of the UK's leading voices on countering extremism Booking here
Webinars for A-Levels
Chester Uni Theology and Religious Studies Dept are again offering a great series of talks for A level RS students, covering a whole array of topics relevant to the A Level RS spec. You can also find the videos from the excellent summer 2020 lectures here.
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