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Last month I said:  Welcome to 2017, a year that promises to be, at the very least, unusual at the macro-level, with Brexit and Trump both making massive changes in the landscape in which we operate. Like a stone dropped in a pond the ripples are still going and having sometimes unexpected consequences. I think we will be in interesting times for al of 2017.  The best you can do is make sure the systems you are developing don't add to the uncertainty and behave exactly  as they are  expected to. It's not rocket science... unless you are developing rockets of course.  
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Embedded World
NurenberegThis time next week embedded world will be in full swing in Munich. We will be there catching up industry news and forthcoming products. Also many of our principals will be exhibiting and will be pleased to see you and show-off their latest and greatest products
HMS Networks - home of IXAAT 1-550       Micrium 4-350  
McObject 4-554                                           Percepio 4-305
PRQA 4-138                                                 pure-systems 4-251
Razorcat 4-434                                             Segger 4-238
If you can get over, even for a day embedded world is an event like no other. You will return to the desk/bench full of new ideas to help you build better systems
Support for Windows 7
We have added to our blog page a technical note from one of our consultants, derived from their work in setting up and maintaining some MS Windows 7 computers, which may be of interest to development teams (or their IT support depts) who are not rushing to Win10. The project was for a compiler validation exercise, where you have to be very precise in the setup which often leads to some deeper questions being asked.
New version of Percepio Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS
Tracealyzer v3.1.1 The RTOS trace analyzer from Percepio has been updated to version 3.1.1 and comes with a new Eclipse plugin making it more convenient to use Tracealyzer with Eclipse-based IDEs.
If you missed last week's Percepio webinar: We had amazing interest for Jacob Beningo's webinar last week, on RTOS fundamentals and Tracealyzer. You can still view the recording by registering for the webinar.   
HW vs. SW security – What Works Best for IoT Devices?
If you are at ew this year this will be worth seeing. Icon Labs President Alan Grau selected to present at Embedded World Show Europe Tuesday March 14, Session 05: Security II – Hacking & attacking 4:30-5:00pm If you are not there we may be able to get the slides for you. Let us know if you want to see them… email click here
 Linux: an OS not an RTOS
Apparently Linus wants Linux to be a general OS NOT an RTOS and will not add anything to the Linux Kernel for real time.
His view is that for embedded and real time you need a much modified Linux which he won't countenance.
Now that said for many applications you don't need Real Time and with many of the larger Cortex A & R parts Linux would be, and in fact IS, a good option or Windows 10 embedded which I am lead to believe is a distant cousin of Win10 for the desktop. Horses-for-courses.
For real time and embedded you usually need an RTOS measured in Kilobytes not Megabytes.
Trade shows and conferences
I keep saying this and it is now even more true than in the past: it is well worth going to trade shows and conferences. For a very very good reason: IT IS NOT ALL ON THE INTERNET!!
Apart from conference presentation slides (which may end up on the www for delegates after the event) which are just an aide-memoir for the speaker the speakers comments and the Q&A add so much more. The difference between reading the slides and seeing the presentation is an order of magnitude.
Then there are the discussions with other delegates about the presentations where again you discover many things and have the "lightbulb turn on". Never mind the other discussions you can have.
Then of course you can peruse the trade show and usually get round a dozen (or more) vendors over lunch without telling them who you are. You can ask questions and compare replies in a way you can't on the web this could possibly be one of the more productive lunch breaks you can have.
The solution for your current (or next) project will be on display and you can have a demo… if you are there. You deleted, unread, the "spam" email from the vendor, or the magazine carrying the press release, last month so this can be your only chance of seeing it.
Trade shows and conferences are not a "day out.
Next week I am at ew in Nuremberg with 35,000 other embedded developers and the CEO's & CTO's of almost every company in the industry. A vast amount that will happen there won't make it into blogs, magazines or official company web sites. Similar happens at the smaller UK events. It's not all on the web. 
If you are going and want to meet up  email me.
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