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Newsletter 20 
The Occasional
Email Edition

December 2016

Hopefully this Newsletter will enable you to:
  •  find out what your Parish Council is doing and planning to do;  
  •  tell us what needs  doing; 
  •  find information about the parish; 
  •  contact North Somerset Council - 01934 888 888
occasimage.jpgWe like to hear of your concerns and of any issues that you may wish to bring to our notice.  You can do so using any of the following:  
  • calling at the Parish Office, Community Centre Building, BS25 1JA, (opening times: Monday and Thursday: 10am to noon);  
  • telephoning, (01934 844257), 
  • emailing, (winscombepc@btconnect.com) or by clicking here;   
  • writing to Lynne Rampton, our Parish Clerk;
  • visiting our website on  www.winscombeandsandfordpc.org.uk  


By  clicking  here you can gain access to our website: comments would be appreciated.


                                                        Have your say on children's centres and libraries 
            Residents in North Somerset will have the chance to influence the future of children's centres and libraries as part of a new consultation.  Consultation on the Community Access Review will have been taking place during the last two months and continue during the coming September.
            This review is looking at buildings and services run by North Somerset Council, with particular focus on its 14 children's centres and 12 libraries. It aims to make sure the buildings and services are fit for purpose, in the right place, cost effective, equipped to deal with new technology, and can meet the current and future needs of residents.
            Residents are now being asked what they think of the proposals, what choices they believe to be the best, and if they have any other options.
The first areas being looked at are:
                                                                      • Yatton

                                                                      • Congresburylibrary.png
                                                                      • Winscombe
                                                                      • Worle
                                                                      • Long Ashton
                                                                      • Pill
                                                                      • Bournville and Oldmixon.
           This is a three-year project so consultation about other areas which may see changes will be launched
next year. People can give feedback online, at public and local organisations' meetings, as well as writing 
in.To find out more about the options and give feedback, visit
                                                     www.n-somerset.gov.uk/car, or email careview@n-somerset.gov.uk
                                                                           or call Council Connect: 01934 888 802
Public Meeting - Wednesday 7th September 3-5pm and 7-9pm
                      Function Room/Skittle Alley Woodborough Inn, Sandford Road.


Grand Litter Pick for Queen's 90th Birthday. 

            litterpick.jpgThanks to a number of new volunteers, we have expanded our list of litter pickers to about 27 - with partners and children it's more like 50! About 25 were able to pick up litter on the day, and about 20 people attended our buffet lunch, which was a pleasant social occasion. As part of the Parish Recycling Scheme we separated the recyclables from the non-recyclables using NSC skips. We filled two of these skips with recyclables.
            In the Parish Recycling Scheme we are aiming to increase the proportion of our rubbish that is recycled – and earn a monetary reward for the Parish Council. We now have about 40 pledges from parishioners to recycle more. A preliminary survey of green bins has shown that many people are already enthusiastic recyclers of glass, plastic, metal and cardboard/paper.
We should all note that:
                   • all lids should be removed for recycling – even from plastic bottles as the type of plastic can differ,
                   • where possible, flatten plastic, cardboard and metal containers,
                   • waste food (if not meat) can be composted in your own bin, or (including meat) can be put in ordinary plastic bags in brown bins.

1st Winscombe Scout Group - a happy 50th birthday! 
    In the autumn of 1965, a meeting was held in the Primary School between officials of Axe District Scouts and local adults interested in forming a Scout Group in the village. From this meeting, a team of Leaders emerged, Mike Mason-Smith, Group Scout Leader, Maureen Faragher, Cub Leader, Brenda Fowler Assistant Cub Leader and Malcolm Fowler, Scout Leader. A number of parents also volunteered to form the Group Executive Committee.
            On Saturday 22 January 1966, Maureen and Brenda met in the Lynch Chapel schoolroom with five boys to start Cub Scouting in Winscombe. At about the same time, Malcolm started the Scout Troop.scouts.jpg
            In 1967, the Group Executive committee held their first Jumble Sale, which raised £75. The Troop assisted the catering team at the County Jamboree and the Group were granted a lease to the Woodborough Hall, of which they have had sole use and derived great benefit ever since. The Scout Headquarters was officially opened on 13 September 1969 by the County Commissioner, Gervas Clay and his wife, the Hon. Betty, the daughter of the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell.
            From these beginnings the Group has continued to flourish, thanks to a changing team of adults, who have been willing to give their time, either as leaders or through the Group Executive.


Note from Churchill & Langford Minibus Society (CLMS
                Churchill and Langford Minibus Society was established 41 years ago. In March 2015 CLMS was informed that we would be awarded a Community Minibus Grant through the Department for Transport. This would enable us to buy a new minibus. The grant was awarded on the basis that we cover a much larger community than the Parishes of Churchill and Langford. So, we are now able to cover the Parishes of Winscombe/Sandford, Burrington, Shipham and Banwell and will also be able to aid other organisations and charities that need help with transport.
              After much hard work we took delivery of this additional new bus in May, 2016 and after conversion it now includes 12 seats for passengers as well as disables access. Both our existing 10 seater and the new bus will continue to be available for all age ranges. The new bus has been on display at the Winscombe weekly community market and has been fully supported by Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council. In order for the Society to ensure that the residents in this Parish receive a range of services we now need to recruit some volunteers from Winscombe and Sandford to take on the role of trip organisers. The role of the organiser is to take the names of people wanting to travel on scheduled trips, liaising with the central booking secretary and providing non-driving assistance to the driver.
              The Society will provide full training for volunteers. In addition we are still looking to recruit new drivers (Age 30-75 and preferably with a D1 category on their Driving Licence) to operate the buses. The buses will provide a continuation of the existing services, including helping those socially isolated through our 'Good Companion Scheme' (sponsored by several local companies), but are available for everyone e.g. community groups, societies, clubs and other organisations within the communities that we cover. For further information, contact Alan Purcell, our Chairman, on 01934 862250.

Policing in the parish.
 crimecom-28042.png           In reply to a letter from the Parish Council regarding the limited police presence in the parish and police representation at main PC meetings, Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner included in a written response - 'I am sorry that Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council feel that the Police service in the Parishes has deteriorated. I acknowledge that the Beat team try very hard to attend meetings in various Parishes.
            However, by way of background information for you, last Autumn I was informed by the Somerset Police Area Commander that as a general rule the Police will attend PACT (Partnership and Communities Together) meetings as a matter of course but will not necessarily attend Parish Council meetings unless there is a capacity to do so and a police issue is to be discussed. Parishioners and Parish Councillors may like to access crime information via the website at: https://www.police.uk/avon-and-somerset/AN010/ - click here. This website is typically 4 weeks behind by design. However, again, if Parish Councillors and Parishioners require more timely content about crime patterns then I am pleased to give you advance notice that Avon and Somerset Constabulary plan to launch a new report. The report will also be published on Neighbourhood web-pages on Avon and Somerset Constabulary's website.

            During my second term as PCC as Police & Crime Commissioner I will look to build stronger local Police teams, increase resources in tackling child exploitation, crimes against our most vulnerable and internet crime. These are all things the public tell me matter to them. I will find savings by sharing back offices with other police forces, ensuring public money is spent efficiently and effectively. I will work hard to keep the local public safe and feeling safe. I hope that this response is of interest to Parish Councillors and Parishioners. I am not complacent and I know that policing is by public consent. I greatly value positive partnership working, such as with Parish Councillors, in complementing the
daily work of Police Officers, PCSOs and staff, for the benefit of the community. Sue Mountstevans, Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, Valley Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 8JJ Tel. 01275 816377.'

Winscombe Community Centre
comlogo.png Wcommcen.jpge reported in March (Occasional  Number  17) on work to consider future options for the Community Centre.
We plan to come out with a consultation on ideas soon, although this will now be later in the summer.
         If you have any comments, ideas or questions, please get in touch by email:
         click here


The thing about a con man is: 
                 • they are professional; it is their living after all!
                 • they don't seem aggressive or overly persuasive to start with…why? because it 
                   wouldn't work
                 • they use stealth, areas of common interest and our fears to encourage us to 
                   drop our guard and make a  'snap decision'.

We know, if you have been scammed…it hurts…but don't be embarrassed please report it to: North Somerset
Trading Standards  on 03454 040506.

           This is the route through the parish of the proposed and now accepted water main from Barrow Gurney to Cheddar (and into Banwell).  (reproduced from 'The Occasional 18')
            The pipeline has been designed to offer the best value for money while also considering its impact on the environment and on major roads. With a scheme of this size there will inevitably be some disruption. However, where possible, the installation will mainly be across fields and use drilling techniques that  minimise the impact on major routes.   
          The route will travel from Barrow Gurney via Backwell, Cleeve and Congresbury down to Sandford. From Sandford one pipe will head off to Banwell (blue line on map on right) with the other heading south through Winscombe  towards Axbridge and Cheddar (thick green line on map on right).   
            So, the pipeline to Cheddar  will travel across to  the north of Sandford, crossing Nye Road (red line on the map on the right),  and then under the A368 to pass mostly across fields to the A371 near Mooseheart (Kildare).  Here,  it will pass  along the A371 for a very few metres to move back into and along the fields to pass under the A371 (thin light-green line on the map on left) into  The Woodborough Farm Development fields.  On leaving these fields,  it will pass partly on or near  the Strawberry Line to cross Winscombe Hill, where it will eventually leave  the parish.       
           A probable starting date for the project is October 2016. The completion target for the whole scheme is March 2018.

 Parish Snippets - changing the railway station's name.
Text taken from Christine Crossland's Book - A Walk Around Winscombe - Published 1992
          "The name Woodborough  was soon altered to Winscombe, the name of the hamlet near the church, woodborough.jpgto avoid confusion with a similarly named village in Wiltshire.  Unfortunately, when the letters for the new naming of the station arrived, they were placed thus EBWOCSNIW, by the old carpenter who, until this time, had kept his illiteracy a closed guarded secret!"
          Peter Knight, in 'A Parish and the Railway', published 2000 by Electra Publishing,  records the village railway station's name change as taking place on December 1st 1869.

To see a fascinating video about Winscombe,
   produced by Heather Pitch


- Click Here .  
Parish Office in Sandford Road

Parish Business
Parish Council Meetings 
- all in Winscombe Community Centre
at 7.30pm unless stated otherwise.
Cemetery and Allotments Working Group - Ilex Lane Cemetery - 2.00pmSeptember 5
Planning CommitteeSeptember 19
Full Parish Council - Sidcot School Arts CentreSeptember 26
Neighbourhood Development Plan Working GroupSeptember 29
Environment Working GroupOctober 3
Planning CommitteeOctober 17
Neighbourhood Development Plan Working GroupOctober 27
Full Parish Council - Sandford Village HallOctober 24
Neighbourhood Development Plan Working GroupOctober 27
War Memorial Ground Advisory CommitteeOctober 31
Employment Finance and Policy CommitteeNovember 7
Planning CommitteeNovember 12
Neighbourhood Development Plan Working GroupNovember 24
Full Parish Council - Sandford Village HallNovember 28


 List of some Parish Services
to some North Somerset Council Services  

Our thirty-one allotments in Sandford Road are so popular that there is a short waiting list.                         
Our Public LavatoryWoodborough Road - cleaning and maintenance
Award Land 
Access off Quarry Road - 
attractive walks with places to sit and view -restoration and preservation. 
Parish Guide (available from the parish office), Heritage Walks, Map of Winscombe footpaths -  Click Here
For the first of four walks -  Click Here
Supporting Sidcot School's presentation and care of Belgian Avenue - the line of trees adjacent to Fountain Lane in Sidcot. Remembrance Day 
Representation and  wreath presentation.
Maintenance and drainage at Winscombe Recreation Ground
Reporting road/street problems   you can help by reporting the problem (e.g. pot holes, pavement problems) and you can do so if you Click Here
Bus shelters - installation and maintenanceScarecrows we occasionally run a 'scarecrow extravaganza'.
Click Here to see some examples of the over 250 on displayed in 2015 - and a Youtube presentation.
Cemetery -well maintained, peaceful position - just off 'Strawberry Line'.Skate Park   at the Recreation Ground Winscombe - inspection, maintenance and upgrading.
Connections with North Somerset 
-Street Cleansing. You can help by reporting the problem (e.g. dog mess, litter, dead animals).  
Click Here
Small Grants -  to various organisations for worthwhile activities. Contact our parish clerk, Lynne Rampton,  for details
Community Safety 
Local Action Team including Community Speed Watch - Why not join in?
Spring and summer flower displays 
flowers and plants in tubs throughout the parish
Connections with North Somerset - help line   Click HereEver more street bins into which you can now put dog faeces.
Report various faults to highway and gullys to North Somerset Council -  Click Here -and so report whatever is your concern.Sports Ground and Changing Rooms at The Recreation Ground  for Cricket, Soccer, Rugby Football, Skateboard and Roller Blading
Fourteen benches  - placed throughout the parish to sit and think and even commemorate.Strawberry Line
-  contribution towards its maintenance
Grass Cutting on parish land and on Winscombe Recreation GroundStreet parking - includes arranging the emptying of street waste bins, through North Somerset Council- Click Here  and employs several village orderlies. 
Neighbourhood Development  Plan  - is being developed in partnership with the local community, businesses and partners - for details - Click Here Bins and recycling  - including various topics including collection dates  Click Here 

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        To speed up this process of converting nearly entirely all parishioners to email delivery, tell your friends to join up for an email delivery by using the following link. 
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