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Newsletter 18
The Occasional
Email Edition
June 2016

Hopefully this Newsletter will enable you to:
  •  find out what your Parish Council is doing and planning to do;  
  •  tell us what needs  doing; 
  •  find information about the parish; 
  •  contact North Somerset Council - 01934 888 888
occasimage.jpgWe like to hear of your concerns and of any issues that you may wish to bring to our notice.  You can do so using any of the following:  
  • calling at the Parish Office, Community Centre Building, BS25 1JA, (opening times: Monday and Thursday: 10am to noon);  
  • telephoning, (01934 844257), 
  • emailing, (winscombepc@btconnect.com) or by clicking here;   
  • writing to Lynne Rampton, our Parish Clerk;
  • visiting our website on  www.winscombeandsandfordpc.org.uk  

We have improved our website.  By clicking here you can gain access to the site:
comments would be appreciated.

Michaelmas Fair - the future 
          Last year many of you attended the 36th Michaelmas Fair and Show on 12th September.  It is a great village event and the Committee would like to thank all of you who gave support over the past year.  It is the main fund-raising event that contributes to keeping our Community Centre open and enjoyed by all.michaelmasfair2.jpg
           This year will be the last one in which Jill Cureton and several of the present team will be organising the event.  It would be a great pity for the village to lose this event in its calendar and we hope some of you  will offer to take over the organisation of the Fair for 2017.  
            We already have a few new people joining the team so why not come and join us too. It is great fun and a way to meet and make new friends. The main show is organised through about five meetings in the year, and the work is ongoing, especially in the few weeks before the show. 
            If you are interested in helping but don't like committees there is still room for you. So become part of the team and don't let's lose this event. 
                                  Ring Jill 01934 843776 or Jo 844235 with any enquiries.   
 PS Former members will not be fleeing the village – and will still be around to provide help and support if required.

Grand Royal Litter Pick
Winscombe and Sandford   Saturday June 25th

rubbish-93775.jpgMany villages will celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday this year by improving the appearance of their parish.  We thought a good way to do this is to organise a concentrated effort to clear unsightly litter.  We do have a faithful team of parishioners who help us year-round, but we would be overjoyed if some more of you could help us at midsummer.  We plan to provide some type of containers for the litter, and hold a small celebration for litter-pickers at lunch time on 25th, location to be decided.
If you can help, please contact Janet Corry   -
                           on 842657 or corry@winscombeandsandfordpc.org.uk or click here

Parish Council Grants
      The Parish Council may award grants (up to a predetermined limit) to an organisation which it deems is in the interests of the parish or parts of it, or is in the interests of all or some of the inhabitants. Last year the Parish Council agreed a small grant to Vision North Somerset. This is  a registered charity supporting blind and visually impaired people in North Somerset. This grant is intended to offer one-to-one training in Information Technology (IT) to visually impaired people and already has 45 members in the parish. Could they help you or someone you know who is visually impaired?
       Information is available from: https://visionnorthsomerset.wordpress.com/  - or click here
or at 3 Neva Road, Weston Super Mare, BS23, 1YD, or by telephone 01934 419393.


Winscombe & Banwell Surgery
            surgery-86401.jpgPatient Access is the most direct way of ordering repeat medication and booking GP appointments for yourself online. All GP Practices now have this system in place.
      For some time, patients have been able to request medication and request appointments via our Practice website. We now have the more advanced Patient Access service in place which over the coming months will replace the website based system.
        Patients need to register for Patient Access which works rather like internet banking. When you request to register, you are issued with a letter containing full instructions and your own "PIN" and Access code which allows you to log in to your own medical record in a very securely managed way.
     Once logged into the system you can
      1. View your actual list of repeat medications in your        
          medical   record and order whichever ones you need with a single  click.
          This means there is no chance of you ordering the wrong medication or one which
           is not actually in your list of current repeat medication.
     2. View those GP appointments which are bookable on line and select one of
         your choice.
     3. View aspects of your own medical record, if you request this.

        The Patient Access service is available to patients aged 16 and over.
If you want to register for Patient Access, ask for a Registration letter :
     1.  At Reception at either Surgery
     2.  By asking the Receptionist when you are next on the phone. Please try to avoid
          phoning at the busiest times (Friday afternoons and Monday mornings
Please allow a couple of weeks from your request before calling in to collect your Registration letter from the Surgery in person.

Fresh Air and Fine Views!
 wall.jpgOne of the many outstanding features of our parish is how its southern boundary runs through the area of Wavering Down, an area freely available for all to explore and enjoy.
                  The area is owned by the National Trust who are responsible for its management and maintenance. Responsibilities range from controlling the grazing of livestock, to ensuring that the paths, tracks and boundaries are fit for purpose. Currently they are undertaking a significant project of rebuilding an important section of dry stone wall. Can you help?
                 The National Trust is actively seeking volunteers and, as they say, 'no experience needed.' Here is an opportunity to learn a new skill, help maintain a beautiful part of the countryside and work somewhere with exhilarating views of the surrounding area. If you are interested please contact by telephone, 01934 844518,  or my email: ian.clemmett@nationaltrust.org.uk by clicking here.

Winscombe Community Centre
comlogo.png Wcommcen.jpge reported in March (Occasional  Number  17) on work to consider future options for the Community Centre.
We plan to come out with a consultation on ideas soon, although this will now be later in the summer.
         If you have any comments, ideas or questions, please get in touch by email:
         click here

     Bookstart Rhymetime at Winscombe Library
readingbear-61541.jpgBookstart Rhymetime is half-an-hour of songs, rhymes and music for very young children.  Little ones are invited to bring a parent or carer along to Winscombe Library to join in the fun.
Our experienced volunteers will make sure you have an enjoyable time singing and making lots of noise with our musical instruments  Babies and children who experience the pleasure of hearing stories and rhymesreadingotter-80998.jpg have a flying start when it comes to learning to read by themselves.  Sessions include a mixture of songs rhymes, rhythm and movement and provide the opportunity to share games, novelty books and toys.
Bookstart Rhymetimes are held at Winscombe Library on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 9.15am. (term time only).   
       For further information contact Winscombe Library on 01934 426050 or on  winscombe.library@n-somerset.gov.uk   click here

This is the route through the parish of the proposed water main from Barrow Gurney to Cheddar (and into Banwell).
          The pipeline has been designed to offer the best value for money while also considering its impact on the environment and on major roads. With a scheme of this size there will inevitably be some disruption. However, where possible, the installation will mainly be across fields and use drilling techniques that  minimise the impact on major routes.   
          The route will travel from Barrow Gurney via Backwell, Cleeve and Congresbury down to Sandford. From Sandford one pipe will head off to Banwell (blue line on map on right) with the other heading south through Winscombe  towards Axbridge and Cheddar (thick green line on map on right).   
            So, the pipeline to Cheddar  will travel across to  the north of Sandford, crossing Nye Road (red line on the map on the right),  and then under the A368 to pass mostly across fields to the A371 near Mooseheart (Kildare).  Here,  it will pass  along the A371 for a very few metres to move back into and along the fields to pass under the A371 (thin light-green line on the map on left) into  The Woodborough Farm Development fields.  On leaving these fields,  it will pass partly on or near  the Strawberry Line to cross Winscombe Hill, where it will eventually leave  the parish.       
           The earliest possible start for the scheme is late summer 2016. The completion target for the whole scheme is March 2018. You can keep up to date with the project via the website:  www.bristolwater.co.uk/work-in-your-area/13420-2/  or   click here




To see a fascinating video about Winscombe,
   produced by Heather Pitch


- Click Here .  
Parish Office in Sandford Road

Parish Business
Parish Council Meetings 
- all in Winscombe Community Centre
at 7.30pm unless stated otherwise.
Planning Committee06th June
War Memorial Ground Advisory Committee13th June
Cemetery & Allotments Working Group - Ilex Lane Cemetery 2.00pm20th June
Full Parish Council27th June
Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group30th June
Planning Committee4th July
Environment Working Group11th July
Full Parish Council25th July
Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group28th July
Planning Committee01st August
Employment, Finance & Policies Committee15th August
Planning Committee22nd August
Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group25th August


 List of some Parish Services
to some North Somerset Council Services  

Our thirty-one allotments in Sandford Road are so popular that there is a short waiting list.                         
Our Public LavatoryWoodborough Road - cleaning and maintenance
Award Land 
Access off Quarry Road - 
attractive walks with places to sit and view -restoration and preservation. 
Parish Guide (available from the parish office), Heritage Walks, Map of Winscombe footpaths -  Click Here
For the first of four walks -  Click Here
Supporting Sidcot School's presentation and care of Belgian Avenue - the line of trees adjacent to Fountain Lane in Sidcot. Remembrance Day 
Representation and  wreath presentation.
Maintenance and drainage at Winscombe Recreation Ground
Reporting road/street problems   you can help by reporting the problem (e.g. pot holes, pavement problems) and you can do so if you Click Here
Bus shelters - installation and maintenanceScarecrows we occasionally run a 'scarecrow extravaganza'.
Click Here to see some examples of the over 250 on displayed in 2015 - and a Youtube presentation.
Cemetery -well maintained, peaceful position - just off 'Strawberry Line'.Skate Park   at the Recreation Ground Winscombe - inspection, maintenance and upgrading.
Connections with North Somerset 
-Street Cleansing. You can help by reporting the problem (e.g. dog mess, litter, dead animals).  
Click Here
Small Grants -  to various organisations for worthwhile activities. Contact our parish clerk, Lynne Rampton,  for details
Community Safety 
Local Action Team including Community Speed Watch - Why not join in?
Spring and summer flower displays 
flowers and plants in tubs throughout the parish
Connections with North Somerset - help line   Click HereEver more street bins into which you can now put dog faeces.
Report various faults to highway and gullys to North Somerset Council -  Click Here -and so report whatever is your concern.Sports Ground and Changing Rooms at The Recreation Ground  for Cricket, Soccer, Rugby Football, Skateboard and Roller Blading
Fourteen benches  - placed throughout the parish to sit and think and even commemorate.Strawberry Line
-  contribution towards its maintenance
Grass Cutting on parish land and on Winscombe Recreation GroundStreet parking - includes arranging the emptying of street waste bins, through North Somerset Council- Click Here  and employs several village orderlies. 
Neighbourhood Development  Plan  - is being developed in partnership with the local community, businesses and partners - for details - Click Here Bins and recycling  - including various topics including collection dates  Click Here 

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        Sometime in the future we hope to deliver this newsletter mainly by email.  In the meanwhile we have found a company which will deliver hard copies of the Occasional to a proportion of the houses in the Parish.  To the remainder we continue, with the help of scouts,  to attempt to deliver ourselves by hand.
        To speed up this process of converting nearly entirely all parishioners to email delivery, tell your friends to join up for an email delivery by using the following link. 
Click Here  - to sign them up  for this email version


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