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SEND Update - Autumn 2017

  • Welcome from Claire Thomson, Lead for SEND and Inclusion, Babcock LDP
  • News from Social, Emotional and Mental Health Team
  • News from Educational Psychology Team
  • News from Communication and Interaction Team
  • News from Physical Difficulties Team
  • News from Visual Impairment Team
  • News from Hearing Impairment Team
  • News from Sensory Team
  • SEND Advice
  • *Revised Devon Graduated Response Tool for KS1, KS2 and Secondary phases*
  • *Guide to SEND funding*
  • News from DIAS
  • News from DCC
  • News from Virgincare
  • Babcock Conferences and Training
  • DCC Early Help: Useful Parenting Courses
  • How can we help?
Welcome from Claire Thomson, Lead for SEND and Inclusion, Babcock LDP
Dear All,

As we start the lead up the Christmas I can hardly believe how fast the term has sped by. This is the season traditionally to reflect on how effectively our strategies for support have delivered for our SEND Learners at the end of last year. We have also had to meet the challenges of negotiating changing processes in the ways that SEND Learners are supported and the systems that support this.

To that end we have included an article on the SEND funding and have updated our graduated response tools to support you in enabling a graduated response to meeting need. The newsletter also outlines some of the training we are offering in the new year to provide targeted professional development as well as some pertinent articles to support your practice.

We wish you all a productive end of term as you move towards the Christmas season and a restful Christmas and New Year,

News from the Social, Emotional and Mental Health Team
FREE Training and Professional Development

The Attachment Based Mentoring (ABM) training is run by the Educational Psychology Service and Behaviour Support Service, and is specifically developed for vulnerable children. The course involves 3 days training followed by 1 half day supervision session. The course is relevant for all staff working with vulnerable children including designated teachers, teachers, teaching assistants and pastoral support assistants.

The course was developed to provide support alongside existing intervention programmes to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children and young people.

For more information about the background to the training and details of how to book your place please click the links below:

A B M article.pdf

A B M Additional Supervision Sessions.pdf

A B M Mainstream 14.pdf

for additional information about how this programme could support the vulnerable children in your setting please contact or

For information about how the Social, Emotional and Mental Health team can support your school please contact

News from the Educational Psychology Team
The sessions are an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues and share ideas, advice and experiences. Please contact  or for more information about the sessions.

Click here for more details and information about how to book your place:

For further information about how the Educational Psychology Team can support your school please contact
News from the Communication and Interaction Team

Radicalisation of children and young people is an growing concern within the UK.
Rachel Dalton (C & I team) and Johnathan Galling (Safeguarding team) from Babcock LDP have joined forces to offer free half day sessions, across the county, for SENCOs,  safeguarding leads and parents to raise awareness and understanding related to risk and the signs of radicalisation, sexual exploitation and predatory behaviour for children and young people on the Autistic Spectrum. 

Both courses offer an excellent opportunity to network  and share good practice.

Click here for more information about both courses 

The Autism Spectrum and Vulnerability flyer for schools.pdf

The Autism Spectrum and Vulnerability flyer for parents.pdf

Back by popular demand the C & I team are running another DEVON ENHANCED AUTISM PROGRAMME in four locations, Barnstaple, Cullompton, Exeter and Ivybridge starting in January 2018. This four day programme has been funded by DCC for maintained and academy schools who have not already attended the DEAP programme.

The course offers opportunities for practitioners to:
  • To enhance provision and practice across all educational settings and workforce for children and young people with Communication and Interaction needs
  • To develop a consistent approach across the authority and ensure a common understanding of how to support children and young people with Autism and related needs.
Click here for information about how to book your place
Devon Enhanced Autism Programme 2018.pdf

For further information about how the Communication and Interaction team can support your school, please contact
News from the Physical Difficulties Team
Need a fantastic fine motor skills intervention programme?

 High Five could be the answer!
Following the universal success of Fun Fit, High Five has been developed as a fine motor programme for children in primary schools.  It is designed for delivery by teachers and teaching assistants and can be used for individuals or small groups of children.  The programme is specifically aimed at children in key stages 1 and 2 with underdeveloped fine motor skills.  High Five is about helping children to engage in learning, about raising their self-esteem and about making an impact on their academic achievement.

If you think that this intervention programme would benefit your school, Vranch House are holding two training sessions this Autumn. Click below for more details 
High Five Information.pdf

Do you have any budding para triathletes at your school?
The Superhero Series is the only mass-participation sports series dedicated to the everyday superhero (the UK's 12.9 million people with disabilities).
What is the Superhero Series?

It's big. It's bold. It's gutsy. It's the UK's one and only disability sports series for the Everyday Superhero! The idea is simple. To create fun, full-throttle challenges where people with disabilities call the shots and don't have to worry about cut-off times or equipment restrictions.

The Superhero series are running  two epic annual events: npower Winter Wonderwheels, which makes its debut on 3 December 2017, and a second Superhero Tri on 18 August 2018.

For all the challenges participants can either fly solo or team up with disabled and non-disabled family and friends to do as much or as little as they with as much or as little support as they need. If you want flippers or floats in the water, or need to use your powered wheelchair, we make it possible. In fact, as far as we're concerned, anything goes. For more information about these events please click here

For further information about how the Physical Difficulties team can support your school, please contact
News from the Visual Impairment Team
 Experts training the Experts!

Training the British Paralympic swimming team
As Autumn arrives Strictly season is upon us! Hasn't it been uplifting to watch Paralympian Johnnie Peacock strut his stuff! 

To support achievement and excellence, John Haynes from the VI team has recently provided a bespoke a Visual Impairment Awareness raising session for the British Paralympic swimming team in Manchester.

Despite having extensive experience of working with people with disabilities the Paralympic team confirmed the need to undertake regular awareness raising sessions to ensure that everybody connected with the team has a co-ordinated, informed approach.

The team enjoyed the relaxed session and undertook activities such as making toast for each other whilst wearing blindfolds and simulation spectacles!

The team provided fantastic feedback highlighting how they were going to change their practice following the expert training. This included:

"Training was very interactive and encouraged me to think/appreciate about daily challenges for people with visual impairments."

"The training will enhance my interaction with the athletes so they can concentrate on their performance."

"John highlighted simple changes that were obvious once discussed."

Regular awareness raising sessions support all children and promote positive outcomes for all - We can help you provide these valuable sessions. For more information about how the Sensory Team can support your school please contact
News from the Hearing Impairment Team
 British Sign Language Summer school
The development of effective communication and language skills is at the heart of learning, social and emotional development in all children and young people.

Having good communication skills for hearing impaired youngsters Is critical for building self esteem and social development. Feedback from hearing impaired youngsters often includes that they feel isolated in their communities. 

This is why, this summer, we organised a two day British Sign Language Summer school for teenagers run by one of our advisory deaf inclusion workers, Richard Carter.

During the two days the youngsters who had a range of hearing impairments and are not all BSL users, had the opportunity to extend their BSL skills through fun games, craft sessions and pizza eating! The successful sessions ensured that they had increased confidence to use BSL and improve their understanding of deaf culture. More importantly, they had the opportunity to meet other hearing impaired youngsters. More social sessions are planned for the future.

If you have youngsters that you think might benefit from social sessions please contact Lian on the address below.

For more information about how the Sensory Team can support your school please contact
News from the Sensory Team
New information leaflets

The Sensory teams have recently updated their information leaflets. The leaflets are useful for all professionals and parents as they outline the provision, in clear and concise language, that the three Sensory teams provide for the children and young people that we support.

Click here to download your copies of the new leaflets:
 Hard copies are also available. Please  contact for your copies.

We have also updated our website with lots of hints, tips and advice to download to support your practice. A new facility is the option to ask questions, request ideas for preparing accessible resources or be signposted to organisations. Please click here to have a look around.

For further information about how the Sensory team can support your school please contact
SEND Advice
Jeanette Savage, SEN Adviser at Babcock LDP has created a useful document for SENCos that outlines the key facts for SEN provision for schools from September 2017.

To read more click here for  Key Facts SEN Provision.pdf

If you need any more advice and support on SEND processes don't forget to use our helpline - details below.
Revised Devon Graduated Response Tools for KS1, KS2 and Secondary phases:
Following feedback from schools, colleges and other users we have updated the Devon Graduated Response Tool (DGR). The main change is that the tool is now available in two sections:
  • Section 1: Identification and assessment of need; this part should be used with parents and staff to create a clear picture of need and can usefully be shared with external providers to support referrals and access to further advice and support
  • Section 2: Planning and Review: this section supports schools with strategies and support/interventions in the 4 broad areas of need and signposts to further resources and sources of advice.
Other changes include updating the language used and strategies promoted (drawing from the recent DfE research) and eliminating some of the identified formatting issues.

Please click here for the new, improved versions:
Primary KS1

DGR SEND KS1 Sept 2017.pdf

DGR SEND KS1 Plan and Review sections Sept 2017.pdf
Primary KS2

DGR SEND KS2 Sept 2017.pdf

DGR SEND KS2 Plan and Review sections Sept 2017.pdf

DGR SEND Secondary Sept 2017.pdf

DGR SEND Secondary Plan and Review sections Sept 2017.pdf

If you have any feedback on the tool or have ideas of what you would like to see included in future updates please contact
A guide to SEND funding
SEND Funding Guide

The world of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) is complex and there is a need for the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) within the school or setting to communicate on a regular basis with their colleagues and key stakeholders in order to update them on SEND matters.

The recent changes to  SEND Funding have provided a challenge to unpick and therefore we have included in this issue a  comprehensive overview of the changes in statutory funding that can be shared with all stakeholders. Please click below to read the overview.
News from DIAS
The world of SEND is ever evolving and at DIAS we aim to ensure that parents, carers and young people are kept well informed when changes take place.

DIAS provide impartial information, advice and support to children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and to their parents and carers
Please click here for more information about our service
News from DCC

Mel Webb, DCC SEND Local Offer and Participation Officer has developed a practitioner support page on the DCC website.

Here you will find lots of useful information that can support your role as SENCos. Click here to view the pages

News from Virgin Care

Virgin Care have been working to improve access to their services. Please click on the link below to see the new contact details for Exeter Public Health Nursing Service.

Communication PHN HUB Exeter.pdf

Babcock Conferences and Training

Babcock LDP conferences and training offer stimulating learning environments to learn about the latest initiatives within education.

Browse our extensive range of SEND training on our cpd online system 
For further information about conferences or details about creating bespoke training for your school please contact the conference team at:
South West SEND Conference | Thursday 7th June 2018 | Sandy Park, Exeter

Following the success of our flagship SEND Conference in June 2017, we a pleased to announce that the 2018 SEND Conference is now open to bookings.

We are honoured to have secured Carrie Grant as our main keynote speaker for the conference. Carrie Grant will use her passion for singing and the wonderful examples of her own children with SEN, to look at the importance of leadership particularly in these times of change.  She will explore how to effectively work with parents to get the best results for children with SEN and how to develop a successful collaborative approach
Alongside these fun, fascinating and frank presentations, there will also be a whole host of workshops for delegates to choose from; covering all aspects of a collaborative, multi-agency approach to supporting children and young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities.

 Click here to book on our CPD website
Dates for your diary
Mental Health Masterclass with Natasha Devon | February 2018 | Exeter
Following fantastic feedback from our sell-out, first Mental Health Masterclass, we are honoured to have Natasha Devon MBE returning again during February 2018 in Exeter.

"I have walked away today with a thousand and one ideas of how I can improve our practice and how we can do more."

"The most entertaining yet informative speaker"

"Engaging, enlightening, inspirational and transformative"
Delegate feedback from February 2017 Masterclass

Providing an invaluable opportunity for those working across the education sector; delegates will gain the vital understanding of mental health conditions and the impact these can have on children and young people's ability to learn and live a content life . Delegates will further explore the techniques and skills that can be used to support those experiencing mental health problems.

To register your interest and reserve a space at this Masterclass please email
With over 25 Conferences and Masterclasses scheduled in Devon for 2017/2018, keep updated with our full programme online
DCC Early Help: Useful Parenting courses
Becoming a teenager can be a challenging time for youths and parents alike. The Strengthening Families Programme is proven to support parents & youths through this time of change.

Early Help Team is running two courses for parents:

Strengthening Families is a 7 week programme for any family living in Exeter with young people aged between 10 and 14 years of age.

Click here for more details:

SFP Leaflet.pdf

Strengthening families Programme Jan 2018.pdf

Strengthening families referral form.pdf

The Parents Plus Adolescents Programme considers how parents can connect with and build good relationships with their teenage children (aged 11-16), while also being firm and influential in their lives.
The programme addresses the following topics:
  • Getting to know and connecting with your teenager
  • Communicating positively and effectively.
  • Building your teenager's self-esteem and confidence.
  • Negotiating rules and boundaries.
  • Teaching teenagers' responsibility.
  • Positive discipline for teenagers.
  • Managing conflict.
  • Solving problems together.

For more information about this programme, please click below:

Info for Parents January 18.pdf

January 18 Flier.pdf

Parent Plus Adolescent Programme Referral Form.pdf

For more information about these courses or how the Early Help can support you  please contact:

Andrea Neacsu Family Intervention Team Manager on
How can we help?

After reading the Autumn edition of SEND Update, are there any topics you would like featured in future editions? Do you have examples of excellent practice that you would like to share with your fellow SEND colleagues? Would you like more information about resources that could support inclusive practice? Would you like a questions and answers section?
We would love to hear from you!

Please send any feedback or ideas to

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