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The Occasional
Newsletter 22
Email Edition

June 2017

Hopefully this Newsletter will enable you to:
  •  find out what your Parish Council is doing and planning to do;  
  •  tell us what needs  doing; 
  •  find information about the parish; 
  •  contact North Somerset Council - 01934 888 888
occasimage.jpgWe like to hear of your concerns and of any issues that you may wish to bring to our notice.  You can do so using any of the following:  
  • calling at the Parish Office, Community Centre Building, BS25 1JA, (opening times: Monday and Thursday: 10am to noon);  
  • telephoning, (01934 844257), 
  • emailing, (winscombepc@btconnect.com) or by clicking here;   
  • writing to Lynne Rampton, our Parish Clerk;
  • visiting our website on  www.winscombeandsandfordpc.org.uk  


By  clicking  here you can gain access to our website: comments would be appreciated.


                                                                                    Colours in Church Wood                                                  

The bluebells this year are again profuse and very attractive.

Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council Precept

 As you will have received your Council Tax Bills, we would like to explain how the rise in your parish element (the precept) was calculated.Image result for parish precept
       Our Parish Precept for 2017/18 is £130,000, which is a £5000 rise on the last financial year. In real terms, this equates to a Local Council Element of Headline Council Tax per D Band property increase from £64.99 to £66.49 per year, which is a 2.3% increase, or an extra 12.5p per property per month. This small increase is despite a reduction in the council tax support funding received from NSC.  
     So, where is your money spent? We are responsible for, and maintain, a number of areas in the parish including Ilex Lane Cemetery, our allotments, the Recreation Ground and changing rooms, two children's play areas, a skate park, the Award Land, many street lights, a public lavatory and, in addition,  council committees and working groups that have budgets to  benefit the Parish. 
     Projects that will be  completed include the installation of adult exercise equipment and the addition of a half-pipe for the skate park at the Recreation Ground. Also, the possibility of a Parish owned portable vehicle activated road sign to deter speeding motorists is being investigated and the street lights on Mead Lane should by now have been upgraded. 
      Grants have been awarded for maintenance work on parish section of the Strawberry Line, assistance for the Youth Club and funding for All Saints Church  to upgrade community café facilities. A contribution towards insurance costs has been made to the Churchill and Langford  mini-bus society to allow them to operate the two buses that regularly serve our parishioners.            
      Whilst responding to the Government's challenge to Councils for restraint when setting a precept (otherwise capping could be applied), we welcome your suggestions for new projects and also grant applications from community groups.    
     Work towards our future budget will start in a few months so please send your thoughts and comments to Lynne at the Parish Council Office.

       garden-73028.jpg A desire for freshness has seen an upsurge of interest in growing food crops. 
Developing an allotment is a great hobby. They're inexpensive to run and help you to relax and gain healthy exercise. In addition you can eat more healthily, knowing that  your fruit and vegetables are fresh and  could be free from any chemical contamination. Also, you could  have no concerns with genetic modification. Our allotments at Ilex Lane are owned by the Parish Council and a one-half plot will cost £15.00 per annum to hire.
      We currently have a short waiting list: should you wish to be added to this list contact the Parish Office.


Volunteers needed for summer reading challenge
readers-44836.jpgDo you have a few hours spare this summer? Libraries across North Somerset are looking for volunteers to help with the challenge which is run in partnership with The Reading Agency.
Aiming to give children from four to 11 an enjoyable activity to complete during their summer holiday, the challenge helps prevent any dip in literacy that may occur during the long break from school.
       This year's theme is 'Animal Agents.' Volunteers will talk to children about the books they have read, help children choose books and hand out rewards of stickers, posters and medals.
         This is a short-term volunteering opportunity between 15th July and  9th September 2017 and is open to anyone aged 14 and over. Flexible volunteering sessions are available at libraries across North Somerset and full training will be provided.
        If you are enthusiastic about encouraging children to enjoy reading, we would love to hear from you. You do not need any previous experience.  
              For more information from website  click here
              To send an email click here
              To  call ring 01934 426 657

       The closing date for volunteering applications is 9th June 2017.

Neighbourhood Policing Team

PC Dave Eastham      PC Mark Savage   

PCSO Aisha Mitchell     PCSO Kayley Anderson     PCSO Teresa Bailey

This is the local neighbourhood policing team working from the newly opened response station at Weston Gateway in Worle.
To contact your local beat team or report a crime
                              please call 101
                              or visit our website by clicking here 
 There you can find local links to contact the team direct or you can follow us
 on twitter.          
                            @ASPWSM.                                                                                For emergencies call 999.


The first Winscombe Repair Cafe was a great success
    Repair Cafes are community events where people share repair skills, chat over a cuppa, help save money and reduce repair-14582.jpgthe amount of waste going to landfill. 
     On March 18th Winscombe held the first 'Repair Cafe' in North Somerset. Then, a group of skilled volunteer repairers gathered in the Lynch Chapel and were ready to help residents fix their broken items. 
   There was a lively atmosphere with laughter and cheers as items were brought back to use. Several bicycles, a drum machine, a radio, two old telephones and a lamp were among the items brought along. Most were repaired. A laptop computer and CD machine needed replacement parts, so the owners were helped to identify the correct part and will return next month to complete their repair.
    "Very friendly, helpful & welcoming." "Great repair done on pushchair cover, fiddly job". "The children were fascinated by the sewing machine too!"        
      Winscombe Repair Cafe will be a regular event, held every 3rd Saturday of the month, 10.30 – 1.00pm at Lynch Chapel, BS25 1AR.     Join us with your broken items or come and help others with their repairs. Tea, coffee and homemade cake are available.    
      For further information:
               by email by clicking here
               or join the Facebook group 'Repair Cafe Winscombe'
               or ring Claire on 843402.

Tesco Bags of Help 
  ramp.jpg   Bags of Help' is Tesco's local community grant scheme where the money raised from the 5p bag levy in  local Tesco stores is used to fund community projects in this area.
      From those applying several months ago  for financial assistance towards a specified community project, three were short-listed and Tesco customers, using tokens received from paying the 5p bag-charge, took part in a public vote.
      Your Parish Council's application to obtain part-funding for a scheme in the War Memorial Recreation Ground was successful in being short-listed.  Pleasingly, we were awarded £1000 towards the scheme's completion, the construction of a half-pipe, similar to the one in this photograph.


Adult (over 14) Exercise Equipment
All of the pieces of equipment shown in our last edition of The Occasional are now installed in the Winscombe War Memorial  Recreation Ground.
The six include:                                                 Bicycle Machine                 Cross Trainer
                                                                          Rowing Machine                 Seated Chest Press
                                                                          Sit-up Bench                       Swinger Station.

So, next time you are near while just walking or as part
of your regular exercise why not give them all,  
or just some of them,  a try!


Parish Council Meetings.  Held in Winscombe Community Centre and start at 7.30pm (unless shown differently below).
Committee  /  GroupJuneJulyAugust
Full Parish Council26th24thNo meeting
Cemetery/Allotment2.00pm 19thNo meetingNo meeting
Employment/Finance/PoliciesNo meetingNo meeting14th
EnvironmentNo meeting10thNo meeting
Neighbourhood Development Plan29th
Check with Parish Clerk
Check with Parish Clerk
No meeting
Planning5th3rd and 31st21st
War Memorial Recreation Ground12thNo meetingNo meeting



To see a fascinating video about Winscombe,
   produced by Heather Pitch


- Click Here .  


Parish Business
Parish Office in Sandford Road


List of some Parish Services
to some North Somerset Council Services  
Our thirty-one allotments in Sandford Road are so popular that there is a short waiting list.                         
Our Public LavatoryWoodborough Road - cleaning and maintenance
Award Land 
Access off Quarry Road - 
attractive walks with places to sit and view -restoration and preservation. 
Parish Guide (available from the parish office), Heritage Walks, Map of Winscombe footpaths -  Click Here
For the first of four walks -  Click Here
Supporting Sidcot School's presentation and care of Belgian Avenue - the line of trees adjacent to Fountain Lane in Sidcot. Remembrance Day 
Representation and  wreath presentation.
Maintenance and drainage at Winscombe Recreation Ground
Reporting road/street problems   you can help by reporting the problem (e.g. pot holes, pavement problems) and you can do so if you Click Here
Bus shelters - installation and maintenanceScarecrows we occasionally run a 'scarecrow extravaganza'.
Click Here to see some examples of the over 250 on displayed in 2015 - and a Youtube presentation.
Cemetery -well maintained, peaceful position - just off 'Strawberry Line'.Skate Park   at the Recreation Ground Winscombe - inspection, maintenance and upgrading.
Connections with North Somerset 
-Street Cleansing. You can help by reporting the problem (e.g. dog mess, litter, dead animals).  
Click Here
Small Grants -  to various organisations for worthwhile activities. Contact our parish clerk, Lynne Rampton,  for details
Community Safety 
Local Action Team including Community Speed Watch - Why not join in?
Spring and summer flower displays 
flowers and plants in tubs throughout the parish
Connections with North Somerset - help line   Click HereEver more street bins into which you can now put dog faeces.
Report various faults to highway and gullys to North Somerset Council -  Click Here -and so report whatever is your concern.Sports Ground and Changing Rooms at The Recreation Ground  for Cricket, Soccer, Rugby Football, Skateboard and Roller Blading
Fourteen benches  - placed throughout the parish to sit and think and even commemorate.Strawberry Line
-  contribution towards its maintenance
Grass Cutting on parish land and on Winscombe Recreation GroundStreet parking - includes arranging the emptying of street waste bins, through North Somerset Council- Click Here  and employs several village orderlies. 
Neighbourhood Development  Plan  - is being developed in partnership with the local community, businesses and partners - for details - Click HereBins and recycling  - including various topics including collection dates  Click Here 


Further Links
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Future Deliveries of The Occasionalemail.jpg
        Sometime in the future we hope to deliver this newsletter mainly by email.  In the meanwhile we have found a company which will deliver hard copies of the Occasional to a proportion of the houses in the Parish.  To the remainder we continue, with the help of scouts,  to attempt to deliver by hand.
        To speed up this process of converting nearly entirely all parishioners to email delivery, tell your friends to join up for an email delivery by using the following link. 
Click Here  - to sign them up  for this email version


Comments/advice would be welcome
test.jpg Any comments/advice about the colour, contents, style, etc. of your newsletter would be  valued. Councillor Gerald Lloyd is the editor and he would appreciate your views  through an email by clicking here or, if your system will not use this link, by  conventional email to 'lloyd@winscombeandsandfordpc.org.uk'.
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