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Sentinel Operations update- March 2018
Some useful information for you...
Welcome to the March issue of the Operation update. With several Bank holidays approaching, and increased work taking place on the infrastructure, we urge you to check in advance that you and your teams have an in date medical and competences to do your job.
Reminder: Access levels to Sentinel data have changed for Sponsor Administrators
By now you should have received several communications from the team about the changes to accessing data in Sentinel as a Sponsor Administrator.

The GDPR, or General Data Privacy Regulation, will come into force in May of 2018 and requires organisations to be stringent about the way they obtain, store, manage and utilise personal data and regulate the availability of that data to others. Due to these regulations and the nature of the data that Sentinel records, we are only permitted to provide Sentinel database access to individuals that are within a number of approved roles. We have introduced a new Sentinel WebCheck platform which will allow a reduced visibility of Sentinel whilst remaining compliant with the new legislation.

Find out more on the Sentinel website
Bank holidays are coming....
Make sure in advance that your team can access the rail infrastructure through My Sentinel. Everyone needs to have the correct and current competence for their role and a valid Medical.

Cardholders can also check their own profile

With increased work on the tracks over the Bank holiday; it is a fantastic opportunity to record the use of competences within the workbook. Remind your COSS to record them on the Sentinel app.

Check RISQS data is up-to-date by 13 April
In order to maintain their Sentinel status, suppliers will need to be RISQS-assured, and that means signing in to the RISQS portal to check their data by 13 April 2018. This is because RISQS has moved to a new system owned by RSSB which has improved audit capabilities.

Read the article for more information
The importance of the Sentinel app to safety
With safety at the forefront of what we do in NR, it is crucial that we maintain safe access to the infrastructure. 

Incidents where staff have managed to access a worksite, despite the fact their competences had expired their medicals were invalid or they hadn't had sufficient rest, pose a significant risk for both the individual and their colleagues.  

It is therefore important that the Sentinel system is used to control access to a worksite.  

By accessing the Sentinel app through using Swipe In/Out, people are making use of the full Sentinel System functionality that enables safe access to the infrastructure.  

It's only through Swipe In/Out that the below function is enabled:
  • Basic Fatigue Management: Ability to swipe out and trigger the 12hr rest clock
  • Card Checker to select/ check the cardholder's sponsor: Sponsor related automatic denial of access averages 21% of all automatic denial incidents
  • Recording of Safety Briefs / Site Inductions
  • Deters double shifting
  • Recording use of Competences during shift worked
Visit the website for guidance on how to use the swipe in/out functionality

Don't forget to call the 24/7 Sentinel Helpdesk with any of your Sentinel related issues: 0330 726 2222.
Sentinel support
The following information can be  found in ORACLE and NOT Sentinel:

Setting up an Annual capability conversation (ACC). The ACC is set up via Oracle by a Line Manager. Please see the relevant links under the Skills Assessment pages on Connect for more information.

Creating a Sentinel profile
A new starter's details are created in Oracle as part of the on boarding process. Overnight Oracle will 'push' the information to Sentinel and a new profile (and Sentinel number) may be created. Please note a new starter will not have a Sentinel account until information is added to Oracle.

How to resolve an issue you might face:

I can't get my app to work
Uninstall and then reinstall the app. Take a screenshot and send it to the Sentinel Helpdesk.

I can't swipe in
Two possible reasons why:
1. If you are not a COSS/IWA/Training administrator, you will not automatically be given access to swipe people in.
2. The swipe in button will not be enabled until all fatigue questions have been answered

Do I swipe everyone in/out?
Yes, anyone going on/off track needs to have their card swiped. This includes people who have forgotten their Sentinel card and people accessing the track with a TVP.

My location isn't on the Sentinel app. Should I choose 'location unknown'?
No. Please choose the nearest applicable location.

Sentinel reporting tool
(Network Rail only)
We have now added some guidelines to our website to help you navigate the new tool and view usage levels for the Sentinel app.
Find out more on the website

Website help guides:
How do I/Who to contact?
Visit our 'Help and Support' section for process guides and information to help you use the Sentinel systems (including FAQs). The 'Contact us' section provides useful numbers for many Sentinel related issues.

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Please contact the Sentinel hotline if you have any Sentinel queries
0330 726 2222   Your passport for working on the railway infrastructure   Your passport for working on the railway infrastructure
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