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Dear Colleague
Welcome to the first summer term edition of the Safeguarding Newsletter.  I am very pleased to announce that Jon Galling (Safeguarding Senior Practitioner) has been appointed as our new Education Safeguarding Officer and has already started in his new role. Many of you will already know Jon from the Safeguarding Forums, safeguarding training or safeguarding reviews so I am confident that he will settle into his new role very quickly. As we had an excellent field of candidates for this post I am hoping to be able to recruit a second Safeguarding Officer ready for September. In the meantime Jane Dibble continues to do sterling work supporting schools around Devon (and beyond).
I'm about to start drafting this year's s175 Annual Report for DCC and the DCFP. With just 5 schools/settings not having returned an audit we have almost achieved the 100% return we aim for, so 'thank you' once again. We are now starting the planning for next September's audit…..
Hopefully, in the next edition we'll have the new 'Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018' Guidance to share with you.

Beverley Dubash
Safeguarding Lead for Education
  • Elective Home Education - consultation
  • GDPR advice from SWGfL
  • Babcock Autumn training dates
  • DCFP Child Sexual Abuse survey and training dates
  • Mental Health First Aid course
  • New Babcock website
  • Preventing young people joining gangs
  • IIOC Campaign 2018
  • MenACWY vaccine for Yr13 students
  • Working with young people trafficked for criminal exploitation
  • Education for a connected world
  • Barnardo's Real Love Rocks
  • Disrespect NoBody
  • NSPCC best practice updates
Headline Article
Elective Home Education - draft guidance

Call for evidence on greater oversight of children whose parents elect to educate them at home, and consultation on revised DfE guidance documents.
Consultation closes on 2nd July 2018

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation has two parts. First, it is a call for evidence on issues connected with elective home education, in particular:

a. registration of children educated at home;

b. monitoring of home education provision; and

c. support for home-educating families

Secondly, it seeks comment on draft versions of two DfE guidance documents about elective home education, one designed for local authorities and one for parents.

EHE call for evidence
Draft EHE guidance for LAs
Draft EHE guidance for parents
Local Safeguarding Updates
DPR - South West Grid for Learning
In preparation for new GDPR legislation, which comes into effect on 25th May 2018, SWGfL, a partner in The UK Safer Internet Centre, has published advice and guidance to help schools and colleges when it comes to managing personal data.

The area of personal data protection is a current and high profile issue for schools, colleges and other organisations. It is important that they have a clear and well understood personal data handling policy in order to minimise the risk of personal data breaches. 

The advice we have been given, with regard to safeguarding issues, is that the safeguarding of pupils is paramount and information that is lawfull and appropriately retained for this purpose is not affected by the new legislation.  Where consent is require to retain information about an individual pupil, the proposal seems to be that pupils aged 13 and over are able to give consent.

Babcock LDP Safeguarding Courses

To view dates and venues click on the course title below:
Devon Children & Families Partnership

Staff Survey: Child Sexual Abuse
DCFP ask that you complete the survey which should take no more than 12 minutes.  Please be as honest as possible in order to give the clearest possible picture to Devon County Council. 

For the latest training courses on offer from the DCFP click here.
Mental Health First Aid

We are running a Mental Health first aid course for youth, this is through Mental Health England the usual cost is approx £300-£350 each person.
We have secured this for £100 per person, We have limited places so first come first served basis.
The course will be on 21st and 22nd May 9am till 4pm.

Please contact me on

Rachel Raper


New Babcock LDP website
You should've by now received your registration details to access our secure area for maintained and subscribing schools.  If you need any assistance with registering or locating our safeguarding documents please contact Louisa Rockey on 01392 287223 or 

The new website address is
National Safeguarding Updates
The role of primary schools in preventing young people from joining gangs 

A report from the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) on the role of primary schools in preventing gang and youth violence has highlighted that staff in primary schools feel there is a lack of support available to them.

It was also found that there is a limited awareness of the range and quality of external support that is available to schools.

Recommendations include; improving the use of evidence in commissioning in-school support and programmes, improving the links between schools and the wider early help system in their area and the utilisation of PSHE lessons to help children develop their social and emotional skills.

IIOC Campaign 2018 - Steering Clear

The Home Office is running a campaign to educate young men on the law relating to indecent images of children online.  To better protect potential victims and reduce demand on the Criminal Justice System the campaign is aiming to:
  • Prevent offending before it occurs
  • Disrupt the escalation of harmful offending behaviour
To view the full toolkit click here.

MenACWY vaccine for Year 13 students

Public Health England are asking for support in encouraging all Year 13 pupils to check if they have received the MenACWY vaccine to protect against meningococcal disease. This is a rare disease but can be life-threatening and cause meningitis and septicaemia. Current Year 13 students will have been offered the vaccine in year 10 or 11, but some did not take up this offer. This is in response to a rapidly growing increase in cases of a highly aggressive strain of meningococcal W. Please see the attached letter and documents to download containing information for staff and students. For queries contact the Screening and Immunisations Team at NHS England - email
Links to resources and articles
The Children's Society

Toolkit for working with children and young people trafficked for the purpose of criminal exploitation in relation to 'County Lines'.

County Lines: Toolkit for Professionals

Follow this link to read a new document produced by The Children's Society, Victim Support and the National Police Chiefs Council. It provides some useful background information as well as the key indicators that a child or young person may be being criminally exploited.

Education for a Connected World

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) has produced a framework to equip children and young people for digital life.

The framework breaks down 'online safety' into eight aspects and provides guidance on what a child should know in terms of current online technology, and the skills they need to be able to navigate them.

1. Self-image and identity
2. Online relationships
3. Online reputation
4. Online bullying
5. Managing online information
6. Health, wellbeing and lifestyle
7. Privacy and security
8. Copyright and ownership

To read the full article from Scomis click here.

Barnardo's - Real Love Rocks
The new animations and classroom activities have been developed to help address these gaps and are tailored to be age appropriate, educating children at primary school level about the different make up of families in society, with the aim of dispelling stereotypes about gender and sexual identity.

Disrespect NoBody
Disrespect NoBody was developed through research with the target audience (12-18yr old boys and girls) which showed that the campaign name 'Disrespect Nobody' resonated strongly with young people.
The aim is tor prevent young people from becoming perpetrators and victims of abusive relationships by encouraging them to re-think their views of abuse, controlling behaviour and what consent means within relationships. Click here for the full tool-kit.

The following NSPCC links may be of use to you in school, these are subjects that we are regularly asked about:
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