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Well summer has arrived. Lots of sun this week: so you can expect the railways to stop with buckled rails and the roads to have problems with melting tarmac as we head into the school holiday chaos at airports.
Traditionally the summer newsletter has more reflective items you can watch/read and ponder on without having to travel. The first is real shadenfreude and Mr Gates getting frustrated with a well-known OS.
A more interesting and serious video is the Historical Perspective. Well worth setting some time aside to watch
PhaedruS SystemS
Bill Gates Rant
There is an interesting YouTube reading of a memo from Bill Gates in 2013 when he tried to download Moviemaker to his PC. It is a serious reminder that developers should try to put themselves into the position of users.
I came across this whilst looking for MS Moviemaker for my grandson. Moviemaker was  a free download as part of Microsoft Essentials from 2000 to late 2017.  Unfortunately you can't even get the last version from any MS archive. NOTE a lot of places offer Moviemaker but a lot of them also contain malware so take care!.
 If anyone has a genuine copy of MS Moviemaker please let me know.     
Why Would Anyone Do This? (1)
Why would you connect the controls for a fish tank to the same network that accessed the database of details of your best customers?
According to cybersecurity company Darktrace, a US casino did just that and hackers downloaded data to Finland. The data has been said to be the personal details of high-rollers – the biggest gamblers.
Can't Count So Blame Programming Errors
The FBI claim that it has seized 7,000 phones that it cannot crack has been challenged by thee Washington Post (
That is one hell of a link and it  is a subscription site. However, the essence is at
The true number is less than 1,000 and the inflated figure was because "programming errors resulted in significant over-counting of mobile devices reported." Strangely the mistake re-enforced the FBI's fight to block encryption. At least this time they didn't use the word bug.
Historical Perspective and why software is such a mess
If you have an hour to spare – and summer is coming - this presentation has some really good insights. Some good stuff from about 46 mins that explains why we (programmers and software in general) are in the state we are today.
 As a considered retrospective from one of the industries legends it is worth an hour of anyone's time so it is worth watching from the start.
This will get you thinking should open up some discussions especially if you  have any views on Agile. So put on the headphones, steel down with a dink and watch.
Go To Considered Useful
Torvalds in his usual calm and considered way has defended the heavy use of GoTo in the Linux kernel. Look at      for his arguments.
 I think this ties in with the de-engineering of software that is discussed in the video above, and the supporters of Go to are determined that only their view is correct and anything that has come before is rubbish.    
Slide Rule Fever
We have spoken in the past about slide rules. Including for the Christmas Newsletter including a slide rule simulator.
We have now found a Facebook group – absolutely essential summer reading
BTW the slide rule group not Facebook per-se. .
Nightmare in Documentation
A colleague, who must stay anonymous was about to start a contract to update a critical system and he asked for any documentation that the client (an anonymous company) had.
The response was "Strangely I was talking to ********** about this on Monday, he checked with the other sites to see what was held there and I have done a search of the document and fleet management system and there is nothing."
No further comment needed. Other than I am sure that in 10-15 years time you will all be able to lay hands on all the documentation for your current projects....
Armed New Blog
We have been gradually increasing our bloggers at
Our latest contributor (Rob Roy ) has produced a really interesting discussion of the Cortex-M family from Arm (no that's not a typo Arm has just redone the corporate style and the name is no longer all CAPS.)
AESIN Automotive Security Conference 2018
For those of you still working NEXT WEEK in Coventry is the  AESIN Automotive Security Conference.
Automotive Electronics Security is a major focus as we create ever increasing levels of connectivity and vehicle system complexity and cross industry participation is now creating real solution to secure against cybercrime and hacking. Hosted by THALES, this Conference will provide insight into the latest thinking and experiences from leading cross-industry players, considering topics such as skills requirements, digital trust, secure architecture, cryptographic keys/authentication, robustness – resilient application interfaces and remote updates/access/firmware OTA (over-the-air).
 More information and tickets here (free for AESIN members)   
Well that is it for the summer. Unless anything "exciting" happens but it is unlikely as everyone is watching the football World Cup, Wimbledon, Tour De France or playing the latest version of PUBG.
Whilst we always say: TAKE A BREAK! Rest and recharge. We will of course be ignoring that and continuing to provide support and service, whenever you need it, across the summer. All be it, possibly, from the garden chilling a bit. Unlike our Italian supplier, who completely closes for August and a French supplier who completely closes for half of August.
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