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imagePhaedrus newsletters are usually every six weeks and we were looking to have a quiet summer.
So you may be surprised at getting a newsletter a mere week after the last one. Well we have discovered some important news that will affect many of you. See below.
However to balance it we also have two more thoughtful items of summer reading.......   One is on IoT security and it is with this in mind that Phaedsys newsletters can be read without downloading the images and all the links are shown in full plain text. .
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Lauterbach closes UK Office
imageWe have discovered that
the Lauterbach UK office  permanently closed
on Friday the 29th June
By the time you read this Barry Lock will have retired and driven off in to the sunset (in a new Z4 soft-top I am reliably told) Barbara, due to a pre booked holiday went the week before last. The phones and physical office are all gone.
All is not lost! Phaedrus Systems will still be here with ongoing parts and support!
We also have several consultants spread across the UK who are very experienced in using and supporting Lauterbach tools.   So if you need anything from hardware to configuration  help or scripting give us a call. in the UK
Driving fearlessly for the future
When I mentioned to Flora McDonald that the Lauterbach UK office had closed the response was "I know a lot about using Lauterbach tools!" and that a blog in that area was being prepared.
The Blog (with pictures!)  duly arrived just in time for this newsletter. If you do need any support of consultancy on Lauterbach (configuration scripts of any sort were suggested) then Flora is your man (!?).
To see her insights into automotive debugging with Lauterbach Read on.....
IoT – Internet of Things/Its only technology
imageWe have a new Blogger... Kilroy who has been around a bit.
We hear horror stories in the media on such a regular basis about security breaches that we have possibly become immune to them, unless like me you are in the industry. It never ceases to amaze me that large companies  an make such fundamental mistakes, but I guess that what keeps in me a job!
I am an independent Senior Security Consultant, grey hair, needs glasses to read the laptop screen, although happy to say not much spread around the middle, but enough! Who, has been in the security industry since before it became trendy.
The last newsletter prompted me to think back and ask myself why we keep making the same security faux pax...  Read on.....      
imageAs I said last week:  Well that is it for the summer. Unless anything "exciting" happens but it is unlikely...   
As we always say: TAKE A BREAK! Rest and recharge,  Have a good summer!  Though I am sure I did see a weather warning that mentioned Thunder storms..  It can't be Wimbledon already?
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