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Dear Colleague

Welcome to the final Safeguarding Newsletter of the academic year.  We've had a little flurry of DfE activity over the past few weeks with the new KCSiE 2018, changes to the Disqualification by Association regulations and the new 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' guidance. We've been updating the model child protection and safeguarding policy to take account of these changes and you will find the new model policy below and on our website.
Having just completed the Annual Report on the s175/s157 audit (which will be in the September edition of this newsletter) it's rather strange to be putting the finishing touches on this year's audit which will be sent out to schools in September. We have tried to reduce the audit in length and will be continuing to use Smart Survey which I know many of you find easier than the other formats we've used in the past, although none of them are perfect.
For those of you who missed this year's Safeguarding Conference, you missed a really good one focussing on Child Sexual Exploitation, Far-Right radicalisation and online grooming. It served as a real reminder that we need to encourage our children and young people to speak up to protect their friends, as they are often the first ones to know if someone is being radicalised or groomed.
Finally, I'm just left to say 'thank you' for providing contact details for the MASH over the long summer break – it really does help us to safeguard children while school's out for summer.

Beverley Dubash
Safeguarding Lead for Education
  • New Model CP Policy
  • Devon & Cornwall Police - County Lines incident reporting
  • Early Help - Roadshows
  • Public Health England - Measles
  • Transfer of pupil safeguarding files
  • Autumn training and forum dates
  • Revised DfE guidance documents
  • Neglect of older children
  • Disqualification by association
  • NSPCC 'How safe are our children'
  • DCFP training dates
  • Update from Scomis
Model Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy - Sept 2018
The Model CP and Safeguarding Policy has been reviewed and updated to reflect the current draft version of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018. These changes come into effect on 3rd September 2018 as will this policy. A Word version of the policy can be found on our website, it has a 'draft' watermark across every page that should be removed once your setting has adapted the policy to reflect your own safeguarding procedures.
Local Safeguarding Updates
Devon and Cornwall Police - County Lines

Devon and Cornwall Police have put out a press release in order to make more people aware of County Lines and its presence in Devon, and to appeal to the public to report any suspicions. Please click here for more information and the intelligence submission form.
Early Help - Roadshows

The Early Help Roadshows are a way to enable knowledge sharing and best practice. Our aim is to develop knowledge and confidence to promote ways to work together to make a difference for children and families across Devon. Click here to book.
Measles – Campaign to target 16-25 year olds in Devon

Information has come from Public Health England about an increasing number of measles cases, with outbreaks occurring around the country and the south west. The following may be of use in schools:

Transfer of Pupil Safeguarding Files

For guidance on the transfer of pupil safeguarding files please refer to our One Minute Guide on file transfer which can be found on our website.
Babcock training courses and Forums from September 2018

We have added a couple of dates for Level 2 Child Protection Raising Awareness as follows:
3rd September 2-4pm at Petroc College, Barnstaple.
26th September 10-12am at St James School, Exeter.
£30 + VAT per delegate to book a place visit CPD online.

To book any of our courses or Forums please visit CPD online or if you wish to discuss your training needs please call Louisa Rockey on 01392 287223 or email 
National Safeguarding Updates
New Revised Guidance 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' 2018

Revised Working together to safeguard children - Statutory guidance on inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children has been published on 4th July 2018.  The full suite of documents alongside WT are available here -  

The DfE have also updated Information sharing advice for safeguarding practitioners - Guidance on information sharing for people who provide safeguarding services to children, young people, parents and carers. 

Neglected older children missed 

The neglect of older children sometimes goes 'unseen', and needs greater understanding and a more co-ordinated approach from local agencies, according to a new report published on 6 July.
Disqualification by Association
Removal of disqualification by association 
Extract from the Disqualification under the Child Care Act, July 2018(Annex A, page 40):
1. By amendment of regulation 9 of the Childcare (Disqualification) and Childcare (Early Years Provision Free of Charge) (Extended Entitlement) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 ("the 2018 Regulations"), we are removing disqualification by association for individuals working in childcare in non-domestic settings (e.g. schools and nurseries) 
This comes into force on 31 August 2018.


The NSPCC's annual report, 'How safe are our children' compiles and analyses the most robust and up-to-date child protection data that exists across the 4 nations in the UK.

Key points include: 
  • There have been increases in police-recorded child sexual offences across the UK, and increases in child cruelty and neglect offences in all UK nations except Scotland.
  • The last decade has also seen increased numbers of children on child protection plans and registers.
  •  Almost a quarter of young people were contacted online by an adult they did not know; and
  • Since the offence of communicating indecently with a child was introduced in England and Wales in April 2017, over 3,000 crimes have been recorded by the police
Links to resources and articles
Course information from the Devon Children and Families Partnership

Child Sexual Exploitation (Group 3) 
23rd July - Heathfield Community Centre, Newton Abbot

Responding to Domestic Abuse (Part 2 of 3) 
27th July - Sports Pavilion, Starcross

Also please look out on the booking site for the following exciting new training opportunities being offered from September 2018 

• Graded Care Profile 2 (Neglect)
• Serious Games: Rosie 2 (Neglect)
• Serious Games: Zac (Radicalisation)
• Serious Games: Lottie (Child Sexual Exploitation)

The courses will be interactive, half-days, in various locations across the county. There will be no charge for any organisation that works with children in Devon.

News from Scomis - Fortnite

Released in 2017, Fortnite is becoming very popular, with 2 different versions of the game: 
Fortnite: Save the World 
Fortnite: Battle Royale (launched 26th June 2018)
Recommended age 13+
'Played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Mac with Mobile version available. The game has a cartoonish style, and the violence, while persistent, isn't bloody or particularly gory. Its online nature could expose younger players to offensive language from random strangers in voice or on-screen text chat.'
Read Commonsense Media's full review: 

To read full Scomis news bulletin click here.
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