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imageWinter is on the way and end of year project deadlines loom closer along with Christmas and Brexit. The only thing that does seem certain at the moment is Christmas (the other is changing as I type). 

All we can do is our own work as best we can. However the items below suggest the IoT World (which is anyone connected to any network these days) needs a complete overhaul and be engineered more like a safety/security system than an IT system. In fact rather than putting IT on to embedded systems it is IT that needs to change.  
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Free Offer: Press here to Kill everyone (for Christmas)
Click here to kill everyoneFor reasons I won't bore you with I have a spare copy of Bruce Schneiers new Book "Click Here to Kill Everyone".

An essential read if you design, make or use any computer system or embedded device that is connected to a network (directly or indirectly) or has an access port. Which is 99.99% of you these days. 

 I am giving this copy away as Christmas Reading to someone randomly drawn from the people who email me on Here to Kill Everyone for Christmas, assuming the security services don't intercept the emails!
Lauterbach in the UK
imageJust to remind you that we can handle Lauterbach support renewals and sales of new kit.  

For those of you wondering where Richard is, he is off until the New Year but should be back sometime in January.
Old Windows for New!
Windows No! It's not double glazing! I am getting more requests for old and obsolete tools. In the embedded world, especially for certified systems, things have a life in the field that is now measured in decades. For example the venerable Boeing 747 is over 30 years old. However old tools often require old PC's and old versions of Windows if anyone can remember what happened to the installation disks…. 

I came across a site that has an archive of all versions of Windows from Win 1.0 to 98 and NT. So nothing current but it might get you out of a jam if you can't find your original install disks or they are corrupted (some early CD's has a short lifespan). It also has versions of Dos
Stereotypes: The librarian, the engineer and the supermodel
imageA fascinating article in ee Journal entitled "the-librarian-the-engineer-and-the-supermodel" is well worth reading.

Not least because buried within it, is a link to the Ultra Librarian, a large library of CAD models for schematics, PCB, 3D modelling for many popular packages. this will speed up development time quite a bit as you will not need to draw from scratch not hunt around for models

There are roughly 15 million parts in the database and all of them free. 
Tales of the unexpected.. 
IET.TVEvery now and again, something that suggests one thing unexpectedly turns into something else. I got an invitation to watch the IET's Presidents Address 2018 with a somewhat dry title of: A story of unseen engineering: digital TV compression. Except it is a fascinating history lesson on how we got to where we are with Television. 

Yes it does mention compression (but the math's are - err.. compressed) Choices were made on the hardware and transmission systems available at the time. This coloured (literally) the progress in future years. 

Worth watching (or putting aside for Christmas)
FreeRTOS from Amazon & Training from Jacob
 imageAs I am sure most of you know Amazon Web Services (AWS) now own FreeRTOS. AWS are adding things to the FreeRTOS like libraries and getting together a family of tools around FreeRTOS. For those of you using or about to use Amazon FreeRTOS here is an interesting introduction
Microsoft loses the maths code
Another aside (From Gansel's Embedded Muse 261

Maths EditorMicrosoft has removed the equation editor from Office as they've lost the source code! Apparently, a security bug forced them to do a binary patch to it, but then eight vulnerabilities were found, so they decided to eliminate the feature. I sure miss it. And, in this day and age, losing source code is pretty much a mortal sin. 

Early software was not designed with security in mind.  Read Press here to kill everyone. Security MUST be designed in at the start. To design it in at the start, you must have both requirements and design. This means that "working software over documentation" is a false ideal because no one will have thought through the design. If you need an iterative process, use the Spiral model. 

Version control is as important as design documents. Without a full set of requirements (even if you implement in planed stages) and formally inspected designs you are leaving yourself open to ending up in court if you were the gateway for a hacker. Not just in traditional safety critical or security systems but all systems.
Bob the Builder game
craneThere is a new computer game in town for wannabe Bob the Builders. In the latest CryptoGram from Bruce Schneier He talks of a flaw in the security of the tower cranes on building sites this makes it possible for some one to take control of one of these cranes. They are of course widely used in construction site in city's. 

One was commandeered (manually) in a James Bond film decades ago and other films since so people have already thought about miss using these cranes. Now they can do it from a remote device without getting their shoes dirty. If it connected (directly or indirectly to something else it is a target. 

At an absolute minimum as a denial of service (cranes cost a lot per day to hire) through to being an active part of a crime. Does your insurance cover this? Who is responsible?
IoT Security Foundation Conference
imageIf the items above have given you any cause for thought, and if they haven't they should have, perhaps it is time to look at the upcoming conference on IoT and Security.

Unless nothing you makes is connected to anything else or has an access port? The IoT Security Foundation Conference will give you a lot to think about. At the very least you should look at the IoT SF documents on improving security.
imageWe have had a busy Autumn at Embedded Live, AESIN, HIS, and IoT Security conferences as well as MISRA-  meetings . Where you get to learn many things over coffee that never make it into Newsletters let alone the Internet at large. SO get to at least one conference every 6 months. Remember not everything is on the internet.... except your account details!

As always we can do a gift wrapped Worst Case Timing Analyser for your loved ones. Though that may be asking for trouble….
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