Single Central Record update November 2018
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Single Central Record
Dear Colleague

The updated Single Central Record template dated November 2018 can now be downloaded from the safeguarding page of the Babcock website.

In making changes, it is intended that settings amend their current SCR to minimise any additional workload or the need to transfer information from our 2017 version. Where schools are not working to this version, clearly they should ensure that further changes are made in line with KCSiE Part 3 2018. 

There are two changes within the new SCR
  1. The first is removing the 'right to work in UK' columns within the volunteers tab as there is no requirement to check volunteers against this. ID is checked for DBS and should still be recorded. We advise that schools simply delete these columns from the volunteers tab on their existing format to ensure extra work is not created.

  2. The second change is to the column previously titled 'Disqualification by Association.' On the new template you will see that we have changed the name to Disqualification Under the Childcare Act 2006 (updated 2018) and the notes behind the cell. We advise that schools simply do this to their current SCR rather than adding an additional column, but this is at the settings discretion. 
Schools should be mindful where a blanket approach was adopted and consult their DPO regarding any declarations submitted prior to September 2018 and whether these should be retained on file or destroyed. The data recorded in the 'disqualification by association' column prior to the changes can remain but only for those staff members where the legislation still applies. 

An example being: a site manager who was asked to sign a self-declaration under Disqualification by Association, is now not required to do so under the new legislation, should the signed form be kept or destroyed?

The only instance when a school may need to ask a member of staff to complete a self-declaration form again is where that person changes to a role where they would be covered under the new legislation.

There is no requirement for the self-declaration process to be repeated periodically, but schools could consider using the DBS Update Service to supplement the employee self-declaration.

We also advise schools to ensure that governors are made aware of the changes adopted in the SCR. We also advise that from this point on, any conditional offer of employment includes a statement about self-disclaration under the 2018 Childcare Act being required if they are covered under the terms of their contract.  
For further guidance on Disqualification Under the Childcare Act please refer to our previous newsletter that can be found on our website, where you will also find the amended self-declaration form.
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