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In this issue:
  • Re-think Reading!
  • Devon Music Education Hub - funding available
  • Devon Enhanced Language Programme
  • Dartmoor Centres for secondary schools
  • Safeguarding Audit
  • Recruiting Devon Moderators
  • Down Syndrome Support Group
  • Conferences and Masterclasses
  • Governor Clerk Programme
  • SEMH - Passive Intervention and Prevention Strategies (PIPS)
  • Autism
  • Early Years
  • English (secondary)
  • English (primary)
  • Mathematics
  • Assessment and Moderation
  • Science
  • LEGO Therapy
  • Emotional Logic
  • British Sign Language
  • Educational Visits Co-ordinators
  • Christmas Gift Box Appeal
Re-think Reading! is a collection of ideas for lessons that can be used and adapted for guided or whole class reading with each primary school year group.

Try out some free samples and find out more >>>

18 October: Re-think Reading course considers the teaching of reading at both KS1 and KS2 with a focus on developing comprehension and inference.
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A sustainable solution enabling inclusive music education across your school community
Devon Music Education Hub

The benefits of regular music-making in schools has been highlighted in study after study.

There is funding available to support each and every child's entitlement to music education, and to empower every school to play their part in delivering the National Plan for Music Education.

This new subscription is a straightforward way to access resources, instruments and high quality training that will up-skill your staff and empower them to deliver high quality music education both in the classroom and across the wider community.

Find out more >>>
DELP is Coming !

The Devon Enhanced Language Programme (DELP) will be delivered to Devon Primary school during the Spring term 2019.

Funded by DCC, and delivered in partnership between Babcock LDP Communication & Interaction Team with Speech and Language therapists from Virgin Care and Torbay.

A 4 day programme, in 4 localities for 200 primary schools - supporting 2 staff per setting through the programme (Strategic lead and a Lead practitioner).

Find out more here >>>
Make the most of Dartmoor on your doorstep for:
  • Ten Tors and Duke of Edinburgh training events
  • Creative Writing
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Art & Design
  • Drama
  • PSHE
  • Physical Education
  • Mindfullness and Wellbeing
Find out more here>>>

Please contact us for availability:www.dartmoorcentres.co.uk
ldp-dartmoorcentres@babcockinternational.com | 01364 631500
Safeguarding - Audit of statutory duties and associated responsibilities of schools
This year's s175/157 audit of statutory duties and associated responsibilities of schools is ready for completion. The link is below and was also shared with DSLs in the September edition of the Babcock LDP Safeguarding Newsletter.
DSLs should receive an e-mail asking them to complete the audit and return it by the deadline of 30th November 2018. This year the audit is shorter, less repetitive and doesn't ask you for information that we don't already have or can easily access elsewhere. If you encounter any problems completing the audit please contact Louisa.Rockey@babcockinternational.com.

Child Protection Refresher Training Group 3: Find out more >>>
We are recruiting for Devon LA KS1 Moderators 2018-19
Babcock LDP is seeking to appoint additional KS1 moderators to complete statutory KS1 external moderation visits in June 2019. The role of a LA moderator is open to qualified and serving Year 2 practitioners, both Headteachers and teachers, who meet the requirements.

See attached document for full details >>>
Down Syndrome Support Group
Do you support a child or young person with Complex Needs or Down
Syndrome in school? If so, please join us at our (free!) Support Group meetings
to meet colleagues and share ideas, advice and experiences.

Find out more >>>
Conferences and Masterclasses for 2018/19

You'll see detailed below our conference and masterclass programme for the Autumn term - great opportunities for CPD!

Don't forget to take advantage of the Early Bird offers still available!

Visit our website to find out more about the events below and to book your places >>>

NQT Primary and Secondary Masterclass: Creating Pupil Relationship

Finance Masterclass: The Education Landscape and Planning for its Future

Introduction to Maximising the Practice of Teaching Assistants

Behaviour Conference: Building Bridges, Building Relationships

Mental Health of Boys Masterclass with Natasha Devon MBE and Martin Daubney

Challenging the Data – Assessment Fit for Learning
Professional Clerk Programme
If you're a clerk with several months' experience or more, we'll help you develop the specialist skills and knowledge to carry out your role confidently and effectively.

Find out more >>>
Social, Emotional and Mental Health - Passive Intervention and Prevention Strategies (PIPS)
PIPS training supports staff in developing a consistent, effective and acceptable team approach to managing behaviour, while, crucially, maintaining positive relationships and minimising risk for all.

Read more here and book your place on our next session in Exeter 15 October.
Good Autism Practice and Early Years Autism Training
Good Autism Practice

The Communication and Interaction team at Babcock LDP in partnership with the Autism Education Trust are delivering an exceptional training package designed for all school staff working and supporting children and young people with autism.

The course will run over 5 weeks starting on 17 October 2018, Exeter will cover the following topics:
  • Week 1: The individual
  • Week 2: Building Relationships
  • Week 3: Learning and Development
  • Week 4: Enabling Participation
  • Week 5: Resources and Action Plans

The modules are interactive and focused on positive outcomes for young people. There are also plenty of opportunities for professional networking and sharing good practice.
For more information and details about how to book your place on this fantastic course click here>>>

Options remain for in-house modular delivery through INSET and/or twilight sessions.

Please contact: Paul.Lamanna@babcockinternational.com  if you would like to discuss further options.
Autism Training (Early Years Programme) - Tier 2 for Practitioners 

This is a two day course to support all practitioners working directly with children on the autism spectrum.

The new SEND Code of Practice specifies that all professionals working in early years education settings should be prepared to support young people on the autism spectrum and all staff should have a basic awareness of autism and the needs of individuals.

Delivered by the highly experienced Babcock LDP Early Years and Autism teams, the AET early years programme offers face-to-face training for professionals working with children under the age of 5. 

Find out more here [keyword search 'autism] >>>
Early Years Courses
Early Years Briefings: Find out more >>>

Early Years TA Briefings: Find out more >>>

An Audience with Julie Fisher
Following on from our successful Early Years Conference last year Julie is returning to Devon to explore some of the key themes she shared in more depth.

Read more here and book your place >>>
Mathematics Courses
Primary Mathematics:
English Courses and Leadership Development (secondary)
Subject specific training for non-specialist English teachers
Finding good classroom teachers in English who are also suited to your children and your school's context has never been more challenging.  We are running subject specific English training for secondary teachers.

Find out more >>> 
Secondary English - Nipping 'The Gap' in the bud

In your current Year 7 cohort there will be a group of vulnerable pupils, most likely disadvantaged, who were achieving well in Year 6.

Experience and data suggests that the attainment gap between these Year 7 pupils and the rest will now begin to grow.

So, what exactly was it about the learning environment of primary school which enabled these pupils to flourish?

How can we replicate this supportive environment in Year 7 to support transition and ensure continued progress?

Find out more >>>
Secondary English -Integrated and Engaging Grammar

Secondary English Teams are well aware of the increased challenge and expected standards for grammar at KS2 and we are working hard to improve the teaching of SPG at KS3.

However does our current pedagogy support the integration of grammar into our everyday learning sequences?

And are our pupils really engaged in their grammar learning?

This practical course will provide Heads of English, Key Stage Coordinators, English Teachers and Non specialist English teachers with example materials and will model approaches to take back into classrooms.

Find out more >>>
Secondary - Teaching Vocabulary

There is a great deal of excitement about the growing body of research into the power of teaching vocabulary throughout Secondary education in order to alleviate the widening gap between word-rich and word-poor children.

But how can we translate the research findings into manageable practice?

This practical course is suitable for secondary teachers from across the range of subjects and focuses on practical strategies that can be used in the classroom every day.

Find out more >>>
Secondary English - What's New about Literature?

How many English teachers and departments treat the study of Literature as a new subject?

How many of us have realised that Literature is in many respects a new discipline for our Year 7 pupils?

This practical course will support English Subject Leaders and English teachers in enabling a successful transition between Key Stages 2 and 3 in English Literature in order to enable pupils – in particular disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils – to make more rapid progress at KS3 in a subject which will be largely new to them.

Find out more >>>
English Courses and Leadership Development (primary)
  • Supporting CPD in Literacy - summary of the latest training development opportunities available from the Primary English Team
  • Primary Subject Leaders Briefings - Find out more >>>
  • Closing the Word Gap - This course responds to the heightened emphasis on vocabulary in the KS1 and KS2 English programmes of study. Find out more >>>
  • Writing at Greater Depth - This course considers the skills and experiences needed for children to write at greater depth across KS1 and KS2. Find out more >>>
  • Phonics and Early Reading in Foundation Stage and Year 1 - Find out more >>>
  • Primary English Subject Leadership Development Programme - This four-session course is designed to stimulate leadership thinking and develop capacity to support and challenge, in order to secure school improvement in English and develop personal career potential. Find out more >>> 
Assessment Courses
KS1 and KS2 Statutory Assessment and Moderation in Y2 and Y6

These one day courses will provide KS1 Year 2 and KS2 Year 6 teachers with the key information and knowledge required to ensure an informed and robust approach to
statutory assessment at end of Summer Term 2019.

The content will include: Statutory test administration

Statutory teacher assessment including:
  • Understanding the changes to the statutory assessment frameworks 2019, including the new pre key stage standards.
  • Exploring exemplification materials (new for KS1)
  • Statutory moderation expectations and process
Find out more >>>
KS1 and KS2 Statutory Assessment in Cornwall: Find out more >>>
Getting the most out of FFT for secondary schools: Find out more >>>
Challenging the Data – Assessment Fit for Learning Conference: Find out more >>>
LEGO Therapy - new date announced!
This 2 hour training is aimed at Teachers and Teaching Assistants across KS 1–4.

LEGO-Based Therapy is a collaborative play therapy in which children work together to build LEGO models. Children work in pairs or teams rather than individually.

LEGO Therapy was developed to improve social competence in children with autism, however it may also be helpful for children with other social communication difficulties and anxiety conditions, depression or adjustment difficulties.

Find out more and book here >>>
Emotional Logic Facilitator Award
Do you:
  • want to improve mental health in your school?
  • think that learning about emotions should be part of the curriculum?
  • know how to help young people when they get stuck with their emotions?
  • need some practical resources to be able to teach young people to understand and utilise their emotions to adjust to change?
Find out more >>>
British Sign Language
Christmas Gift Box Appeal
Dear all,
We are very excited to be involved in the Christmas Gift Box Appeal for the children in Lesvos!
We are encouraging Devon Schools to get involved with OHOB (Open Hearts, Open Borders), a humanitarian charity which is supporting Syrian refugees in Lesvos, Greece. The attached poster will provide you with further details of the Christmas Gift Box Appeal being run by the charity.
Please drop off the boxes to OHOB's drop off points-List of the collection points is attached.  OHOB can also arrange a pick up from your school if there is a large quantity of boxes! Please email: faraday@ohob.org.uk to arrange.

Many thanks for your support, every gift makes a difference!
Read more here >>>

Kind regards
Katarina Tasinkiewicz | EMTAS Advisory Teacher
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