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Well the year is underway and the UK is, as I write, still in the same position that we have been in for the last 2 years: complete economic and political uncertainty. 

At least there should be some answers in the next 8 weeks. The problem for us is most of us will be at embedded world in 2 weeks' time needing to make decisions for the next 12 months. 

Interesting times indeed!
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Change is the only constant
imageThis click bate caught my eye: "17-gadgets-from-the-last-50-years-that-are-already-obsolete". 

I am old enough to remember when most were new and "ground breaking", not, I must emphasise, the typewriter that was invented before I was born and lasted longed than anything else in the list.! 

These gadgets did change the world for a year or five but died just as quickly! They did at the time look like they would live for ever. Some even made it in to futuristic Si-Fi films. Along with hair styles and flared trousers…. 

Anyway have a look and reminisce. Also bear it in mind for some of the things you are designing. Something that is novel today might be obsolete next year. No, I  am not going to mention core memory.  

Not everything has a 5 year life
imageFollowing on from the item above we should note that with the 50th anniversary of the 747 Jumbo Jet whilst many things come and go in 1-5 years many embedded systems have a service life of 1-5 DECADES. 

Often you will have to supply support and maintenance, usually due to validation and certification this has to be exactly the same dev tools as were used on the original. In this respect Phaedsys can help as we know, or have contacts who know, where to get old and obsolete tools, from ICE to compilers.

The 286 PC, running Dos or Win3.1 with the Centronics parallel port is your problem (though the last newsletter mentioned a source for old versions ot MS Windows.   Storing old hardware costs less than getting replacements a decade or two later. See our paper on Obsolescence.
Invest in 101010101110
imageThere is no one backing any crypto currencies so they are not real in the same sense as coins and paper money. That is the problem as shown in the link below . The password for the computer that can access the bitcoin vault has been lost. Therefore the bitcoins are lost. The owners have no recourse to retrieve their $190 Million. It has gone. A fascinating situation (with a hint of conspiracy). Some things can be too secure…. 

AbsInt, who produce some of the world's best code checking tools are in Hall 4 at booth 535 This year our CTO will be presenting a paper on implementing MSRA-C. This is the first time there is an Official MISRA stream at the ew conference.
Embedded world tickets
 imageembedded world in Nuremberg is one of two weeks (the other being Christmas) when everyone in the embedded systems world disappears from their offices. Though for many of us, unlike Christmas, embedded world is hard work with long days, followed with meetings into the evenings. 

If you are going to ew , AbsInt, have made available the free ticket voucher code B402053. You can use here:
Percepio Tracealyzer archive
imagePercepio, who are also at embedded world (Hall 4, booth #305), and (Hall 3A, booth #536, where UltraSoC have the toolkit UltraDevelop 2 with Tracealyzer integration) have reminded me that they have an archive of useful articles on for profiling and tracing applications 

Tracing TCP/IP Sockets in Amazon FreeRTOS describes how to allow Tracealyzer to trace third-party libraries without touching the library source code.

Visualizing OpenVX to Optimize Vision Applications, co-written with Synopsys, explains how you can use Tracealyzer to visualize parallel code execution in Synopsys' embedded vision processors.

Tuning Your Custom Trace Streaming: practical tips for maximizing throughput, when you are streaming trace data through for e.g. a debug probe.

Trace Streaming Over TCP/IP on Xilinx Zynq getting Tz up and running with a Xilinx Zynq FPGA kit, but in the process some irregularities were noticed within the TCP/IP library. So we went hunting for the cause……

There is the standard Getting Started  and RTOS Debug Portal and the RTOS-101 White Paper
Internet Domains vanishing on the 29th March!
imageThere are 300,000 UK companies using the .eu domain, one of them is an electronics company we work with. They explained to us that if the owner /company is not resident in the EU, and UK residents/companies won't be, then the .eu domain cannot be registered OR RENEWED. 

So if you have a .eu domain and are resident in the UK time to act before you discover you have only a couple of weeks left on your domain and email addresses. .
Women in computing aren't new.
imageA fascinating article in the October 2018 edition of Computer by Marie Hicks, Illinois Institute of Technology explains that there used to be a lot more women in computing. In fact at one time it was mostly female operators and programmers (and mathematicians come to that) See this article. 
A few newsletters back we had a video from Uncle Bob who talked about his start in computing and that there were as many women as men. (See from about 40 mins in ) Clearly it was no secret, so how come the industry is so unbalanced now and "programming" is seen as a male career? 
Incidentally back then software was a lot more reliable. 
AbsInt and Infineon offer a new timing tool chain for AURIX
imageTimeWeaver is a tool that estimates the worst-case execution time (WCET) of tasks or code snippets. Thanks to the cooperation between AbsInt and Infineon, the tool now offers direct support for the Infineon AURIX family of CPUs via the Device Access Server (DAS) tool infrastructure. 

TimeWeaver combines static path analysis with timing measurements to estimate the WCET of tasks based on the execution time of trace segments obtained from real-time instruction-level tracing. The computed time bounds are valuable for optimizing the worst-case performance of real-time systems. TimeWeaver is non-intrusive: see… and
2019 Survey of Embedded Systems Designers
image Mike Barr runs an annual survey of the embedded space. It is anonymous and by taking part you can help make it more accurate. Besides it is useful for all of us to see where things are going.
Password Security (again)
imageTalking of surveys SplashData has been aggregating password lists since 2012 and has been using more than 5 million passwords that have been leaked through various data breaches and such.

Sadly the same passwords are appearing in the top 25 year after year. Not only are people using common passwords but they are not changing them. No, changing them monthly does not help! People tend to cycle though a small set or find other ways of making it easy. (like writing the password on a post it) See the top 25 here
Well the next newsletter will mention any interesting developments from ew. Although all of the Press releases and product announcements are posted daily onto the show internet page, it's the stuff that is not online that is important. 

So much is still achieved face to face and with personal contact so going to trade shows and conferences is essential. In fact the information gleaned in the coffee breaks at SCSC SSS last week was priceless. But some of you weren't there to hear it.
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