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   Tuesday 7 May 2019

In this Issue:

FEEE: Provider agreement

Training Courses: Summer courses available to book

Safeguarding: County Lines

Local News: Transition guidance and Early Help

National News: National Children's Day UK

Congratulations to...

Sophie Murphy in North West district who received an Outstanding Ofsted grade.

The Childcare Sufficiency, workforce and Business Support Team.

The Childcare Sufficiency, workforce and Business Support Team, led by manager Jo Fisher consists of Childcare Improvement Sufficiency Officers, Business Development Advisor, Free Early Education Entitlement Co-ordinator and sufficiency officer, Workforce Improvement Advisor, Workforce Assistant and Play Leisure and Inclusion Officer.

The Childcare Improvement Sufficiency Officers (CISO), support proposed childcare providers through the Ofsted registration process. They also work with existing childcare providers caring for children over 5 years old.

The Business Development Advisor supports new and existing childcare providers look at their financial sustainability. They also support committee run provision understand the requirement placed on them by Ofsted.

The Play Leisure and Inclusion Officer supports parents who have children with SEND to access local provision and play opportunities. Working alongside the CISO supporting children to integrate into mainstream provision.

Workforce Improvement Advisor supports the sector with training and development opportunities. Working together with local schools and colleges to inform young people around the choices in childcare as a profession.

The Workforce Assistant looks at the commissioning of training and ensures that the training offered is being delivered meeting the needs of Leicestershire's providers.

The Free Early Education Entitlement Co-ordinator and sufficiency officer supports providers and parents with the FEEE processes. They work closely with the finance team to ensure that payments are made in time. They monitor the uptake of FEEE throughout Leicestershire and identify where there is low uptake, supporting the local authority's sufficiency duty.

To access the Childcare Sufficiency, workforce and Business Support Team please call the Provider Helpline on 0116 305 7136 or email

Early Years Improvement Advisor and Early Years SEND and inclusion Advisor visits. 

During the summer term, Improvement Advisors will be joining the SEND advisors for some of their visits to pre-schools and nurseries. This is the first step in a new way of working for our service.

From September, alongside their current role, the Improvement Advisors will also be fulfilling the role of the Area SENCo. The team have a wealth of expertise and over the last year have undertaken training to enable them to support providers in this way. The Improvement Advisors will be able to offer initial advice and support on the graduated approach. If further support and advice is required for specific children, more specialist advice and support may be necessary from the Early Years SEND and Inclusion Team. More information around our offer will be coming out over the course of the summer term.

Summer period final payment
The final payment will be paid by Friday 31st May.
Provider Agreements
Thank you to all providers who have returned their completed provider agreements.  If you have not yet returned your agreement, please do so by Tuesday 14th May.  If you fail to return it by this date, you will not receive your final payment and any funding paid for the summer period may be reclaimed.
Adjustment Task
The summer adjustment task will be available for completion via the Provider Portal from Monday 3rd June. The deadline for completion is Wednesday 12th June 2019
School leavers – end dates
For children leaving to go to school, providers should put an end date of no later than 30th August.  Please be aware that if you add an end date to a child you will not receive an initial payment for the autumn period for those children.
2 Year Olds funding applications
If a parent applies outside of Leicestershire for 2-year-old funding can all providers please send evidence of eligibility through AnyComms.
Autumn period 2019 –
In the autumn period 2019 term-time only providers will claim on their headcount from Monday 2nd September up to Friday 21st December. Excluding the half term week, this will be for 15 weeks x 15/30 hours = 225/450 hours.

Summer 19 Courses now available to book

Course CodeCourse TitleDayDateTimeVenueDirectBook link
8255SEND Drop In EventTues7.5.199.30am - 12.30pmCharnwood ArmsBook Now
8214Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadWed8.5.199.30am - 4.30pmMarket Harborough Football ClubBook Now
8001Positive BehaviourWed8.5.199.30am - 4.30pmThe Kings CentreBook Now
8234Transition to School EventWed8.5.191.00pm - 4.00pmMelton Baptist ChurchBook Now
8235Transition to School EventThurs9.5.191.00pm - 4.00pmCharnwood ArmsBook Now
8206Essential Safeguarding Awareness: RefresherFri10.5.199.30am - 1.00pmSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now
8224Paediatric First Aid - One Day Blended Course with E-LearningSat11.5.199.30am - 4.30pmSyston Town Council  Book Now
8236Transition to School EventMon13.5.191.00pm - 4.00pmLeicester Race Course, OadbyBook Now
8237Transition to School EventTues14.5.199.30am - 12.30pmLutterworth Golf ClubBook Now
8213Safeguarding Children - Management ResponsibilitiesWed15.5.199.30am - 4.30pmCounty Scout Headquarters, BlabyBook Now
8238Transition to School EventThurs16.5.199.30am - 12.30pmGreen Towers, HinkleyBook Now
8208Essential Safeguarding AwarenessSat18.5.199.30am - 4.30pmDBS Managed Offices, GlenfieldBook Now
8259Inclusion of Children with SEND in Your Playscheme: Best PracticeSat18.5.199.30am - 3.45pmThe Cube at Leicester Race Course, Oadby.Book Now
8239Transition to School EventMon20.5.191.00pm - 4.00pmQuorn Grange HotelBook Now
8256SEND Drop In EventThurs23.5.199.30am - 12.30pmHarborough Innovation CentreBook Now
8204Understanding Specific Areas of the EYFSMon3.6.191.30pm - 4.30pmDBS Managed Offices, GlenfieldBook Now
8241Autism Education Trust (AET) Early Years (EY) Tier 1 – Making Sense of AutismThurs6.6.199.30am - 11.30amCharnwood ArmsBook Now
8215Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadThurs6.6.199.30am - 4.30pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8217Safeguarding Children: Childminder Designated Safeguarding LeadSat8.6.199.00am - 2.00pmThe Samworth Centre, MeltonBook Now
8209Essential Safeguarding AwarenessSat8.6.199.30am - 4.30pmSyston Town Council Book Now
8244SEND training for EY SENCOSs and ManagersMon10.6.19 & - 12.30pm followed by 9.30am -4.30pmSyston Town Council Book Now
8210Essential Safeguarding AwarenessTues11.6.199.30am - 4.30pmThe King's Centre, WigstonBook Now
8257SEND Drop In EventTues11.6.199.30am - 12.30pmHinckley Golf ClubBook Now
8258SEND Drop In EventWed12.6.199.30am - 12.30pmSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now
8242Autism Education Trust (AET) Early Years (EY) Tier 2 –Thurs13.6.199.30am - 4.00pmDBS Managed Offices, GlenfieldBook Now
8225Paediatric First Aid in Childcare - 12 HourWed19.6.19 & - 4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8221Committee WorkshopSat22.6.199.30am - 12.30pmDBS Managed Offices, GlenfieldBook Now
8211Essential Safeguarding AwarenessWed26.6.199.30am - 4.30pmDBS Castle DoningtonBook Now
8216Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadSat29.6.199.30am - 4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8200Observation Assessment & PlanningSat29.6.199.30am - 4.00pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8212Essential Safeguarding AwarenessMon1.7.199.30am - 4.30pmMelton Carnegie MuseumBook Now
8253SEND training for ChildmindersSat6.7.199.30am - 11.30amThe Belmont HotelBook Now


County Lines
The term County Lines describes gangs and organized criminal networks involved in exporting illegal drugs into other areas of the country, often small towns, using dedicated mobile phone lines or another form of 'deal line' which can be a person. They are likely to exploit children or vulnerable adults to move and store the drugs and money and will often use coercion, intimidation, violence (including sexual violence) and weapons.

Often there is an exchange between the child or vulnerable adult and gang member who receives something they need or want for carrying out a task. This may be cash, drugs, clothes or even protection, status, affection or perceived friendship. They may also carry out a task out of fear of violence or retribution. (Leicestershire Police)

For further information regarding the following:
  • What are the signs to look out for?
  • Who is at risk?
  • Who is more vulnerable?
  • Help and support
Please access: and

Local News

Preparing children for transition
As we all know, 'change is the only constant in life'!  Put simply, transition means a change which may have an impact on a child.  This might be a big shift in their life – like going to pre-school for the first time, or maybe a small daily change – like moving from a childminder to a playgroup.  Transition can be a stressful time for children and can have a far-reaching impact on their emotional wellbeing and academic achievements.  The ability to manage transition effectively is a crucial life skill.

So how can we better support children to successfully manage transitions?  On our website, you will find lots of ideas to support children and families in our Mind the Gap materials - why not take a look at the 'top tips' and see which aspects could work for your setting?  If you have any children in care (CIC) within your setting, did you know there is a booklet dedicated to supporting CIC during transitions?
Ideally, we should try to minimise the amount of changes a child and their family experience during transitions. By taking account of children's previous experiences, experiences can be adapted to minimise changes and discontinuities.  In finding out/sharing the seemingly small but very important details, we can be better informed to plan transition which reduces the discontinuities which might arise.

Transition is a big responsibility for practitioners, families and carers and should be made a priority.  Starting school is one of the biggest transitions young children will experience.  There is a new school readiness section on our website.   Have you seen our school readiness booklet – a shared understanding across Leicestershire?  Why not take a look and see how the ethos of your setting reflects the ready school statements?

A key recommendation from the Ofsted survey Unknown children – destined for disadvantage (July 2016) was that schools, settings and childminders should
  • Ensure that key information, including early assessments, is shared promptly at points of transition so that the needs of the most disadvantaged children are known quickly
Some early years providers will be using Leicestershire's Progress from the Start to track children's progress and therefore the Transition to School Progress Summary will be the key document that is used to share assessment information and transition advice as children transfer to school. If you are using a different system how will you ensure that key information, including early assessments are shared with receiving schools?

Examples and guidance has been put together to support providers when writing Transition to School Progress Summaries for children claiming EYPP. These can be found on our website in the Tracking Progress section.

Consider if there is an opportunity for the key person from the setting who really knows the child (claiming EYPP) to have a transition conversation with the receiving teacher and share the Transition Progress Summary. EYPP funding could be used to support this.

Remember to ensure that all permissions, policies and procedures are in place around sharing information.

Early Help
Early Help offers a range of universal and targeted support to help tackle problems for children, young people and their families as soon as possible.
Help may be offered at any point in a child or young person's life. This includes both:
  • help early in life (including pre-natal interventions), and
  • help early in the development of a problem.
All referrals into Early Help are first taken by social workers in our First Response Children's Duty team. This is to check that children are safe and don't need a social worker. 
Sometimes, calls are made to parents and professionals involved such as teachers or nurses to get more information before they are passed onto the most appropriate service area

Use our Request for Services online form to request some help.  Requests for help can be made by a young person themselves, their family, friends or by professionals supporting them. Referrals need the consent and engagement of families.

Look on the website for more information

National News

National Children's Day UK (NCDUK) is all about the importance of a healthy childhood and how we need to protect the rights and freedoms of children in order to ensure that they can grow into happy, healthy adults. This year National Children's Day UK is taking place on Sunday 12th May and people can run any kind of big or small event that they want for the week up to and including the day. From small family outings, to whole school and community events, local authority initiatives, talks, seminars and city-wide celebrations, it's an opportunity for everyone to raise awareness about the things they care about or projects they are running.

To find out more please visit
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