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  Monday 9 September 2019


Autumn Headcount Task

The Autumn headcount task is now available to complete. Please ensure you submit your claim by the deadline date (18th September 2019). The Portal allows you to enter headcount details from now up to the 18th September 2019.  This means that you can resubmit it as many times up until the deadline date and it's the final submission you will be paid on.  We would recommend that you complete the majority of information well before the deadline date. The maximum hours that can be claimed in the autumn period is 225/450.

Change of circumstance

If you have a change of circumstance relating to your business, it may affect your access to the funding so it is important that you make the local authority aware as soon as possible. The types of things you need to let us know about are change of banking details/ownership etc. You can access the change of circumstance form online.

Funding periods/calendar

A polite reminder that Leicestershire has moved away from school terms to funding 'periods' as of Autumn 2018.  This is in recognition that the constantly changing term dates can make planning difficult.  This new way of working will provide consistency year after year, but also brings the funding in-line with eligibility deadline dates and birth-date criteria. The funding calendar can be downloaded here.

HMRC Codes for Extended Entitlement (30 hours)

The local authority cannot make any extended entitlement payments in the Autumn if a parent doesn't have a code pre-dating the 31 August 2019.  Please ensure you verify the code prior to completing the headcount task and inform parents if start date is not valid.

2-year-old funding codes
If parent/carers have an existing code from another Local Authority, we will require evidence of this before payment is issued for their 2-year-old. Please upload evidence via Any Comms+ prior to the submission of your headcount task.

Monitoring Attendance
Please ensure parent/carers are committed to the funded sessions they are requesting and not consistently dropping off late/collecting early. If attendance doesn't improve, please adjust on the amendment task. If claims are considered to be inconsistent with hours attended, money will be reclaimed from the provider.



Autumn 19 courses are now available to book on Eventbrite
EYFS 3i (Information, Inspiration, Interaction) events Introducing the new Ofsted Inspection Framework (September 2019)

This is a free event.

  • From September 2019 Ofsted will change the way they inspect early years settings with the introduction of the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) Come along to these free events to find out what is changing so that you are fully prepared for your next Ofsted inspection.
  • The event will enable you to
  • attend a presentation on the new Education Inspection Framework and ask those questions you might have
  • view a range of information stands including the following - SEND Support, 1001 critical days, LA training - what you need to know, The curriculum – intent, implementation and impact, 'Cultural Capital' and health for under fives
  • collect your free 'glossy' copy of Leicestershire's new Graduated Approach for children with SEND in the early years
  • be the first to see the new Leicestershire School Readiness electronic toolkit
Trainer: - Early Years Inclusion and Childcare Service
Now available to book:
Course CodeDayDateTimeVenueDirectBook link
8360Mon16.9.194.00pm - 6.00pmGreen Towers, Hinckley Book Now
8361Wed18.9.194.00pm - 6.00pmLeicester Race Course, OadbyBook Now
8364Thurs19.9.194.00pm - 6.00pmGlenfield Sports PavillionBook Now
Autumn Courses now available to book
Course CodeCourse TitleDayDateTimeVenueDirectBook link
8300Advanced Child Development & the EYFSWed18.9.199.30am -4.00pmSyston Town Council  Book Now
8303Developing Language in the Outdoor EnvironmentSat21.9.199.30am -4.30pmUlverscroft Activity Centre LE67 9PHBook Now
8307Essential Safeguarding Awareness: RefresherMon23.9.199.30am - 1.00pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8345English as an Additional LanguageWed - 3.30pmSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now
8308Essential Safeguarding AwarenessMon30.9.199.30am -4.30pmMarket Harborough Football ClubBook Now
8321Committee WorkshopTues1.10.197.00pm - 9.00pmBelton Preschool, LoughboroughBook Now
8351SEND Drop In EventTues1.10.191.00pm - 4.00pmCharnwood ArmsBook Now
8314Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding Lead RefresherWed2.10.199.30am - 1.00pmSyston Town Council Book Now
8352SEND Drop In EventThurs3.10.191.00pm - 4.00pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8353SEND Drop In EventMon7.10.191.00pm - 4.00pmHarborough Innovation CentreBook Now
8354SEND Drop In EventTues8.10.191.00pm - 4.00pmHinckley Golf ClubBook Now
8355SEND Drop In EventThurs10.10.191.00pm - 4.00pmSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now
8318Safeguarding Children: Childminder Designated Safeguarding LeadSat12.10.199.00am - 2.00pmThe King's Centre, WigstonBook Now
8309Essential Safeguarding AwarenessWed23.10.199.30am -4.30pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8346SEND training for EY SENCOSs and ManagersWed23.10.19 & - 12.30pm followed by 9.30am -4.30pmSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now
8310Essential Safeguarding AwarenessWed -4.30pmDBS Managed Offices, GlenfieldBook Now
8347Two Hour how to write SEND plansWed30.10.199.30am - 11.30amGreen Towers, HinckleyBook Now
8301Quality of Teaching & LearningThurs 
9.30am -4.30pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8359Conference: SEND in the Early years – communication and interactionSat2.11.199.30am -4.30pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeysBook Now
8311Essential Safeguarding AwarenessSAT2.11.199.30am -4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8356Championing Chatty ChildrenTues5.11.199.30am - 1.00pmLeicester Race Course, OadbyBook Now
8357Championing Chatty ChildrenWed6.11.199.30am - 1.00pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeyBook Now
8327Paediatric First Aid - One Day Blended Course with E-LearningWed6.11.199.30am -4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8371Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing of practitioners working within Early Years provisionMon6.11.199.30am 4.30pmSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now
8358Championing Chatty ChildrenThurs7.11.199.30am - 1.00pmCharnwood ArmsBook Now
8302Positive BehaviourSat9.11.199.30am -4.30pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8306Understanding Specific Areas of the EYFSWed13.11.191.30pm - 4.30pmThe King's Centre, WigstonBook Now
8316Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadThurs14.11.199.30am -4.30pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8329Signs and SymbolsThurs14.11.199.30am -4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8304Leadership & Management in the Early YearsWed20.11.199.30am -4.00pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeysBook Now
8317Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadSat -4.30pmMelton Carnegie MuseumBook Now
8312Essential Safeguarding AwarenessSAT23.11.199.30am -4.30pmDBS Castle DoningtonBook Now
8370Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing of practitioners working within Early Years provisionWed25.11.199.30am 4.30pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8305Understanding Child DevelopmentSat30.11.199.30am - 12.30pmCharnwood ArmsBook Now
8313Essential Safeguarding AwarenessWed4.12.199.30am -4.30pmMelton Carnegie MuseumBook Now


Changes to LCC online referral for Child Protection and Early Help

Multi Agency Referral Form ( MARF) is the name of the new form/system that must be used for all online referrals. The changes are nothing too major but can be confusing if you are not familiar with the terminology.

It states that ' If you work with children and their families professionally please use our Multi Agency Referral Form ( MARF) '

You should use the MARF if you are:
  • working with a child who you have assessed to have additional needs and there is permission from a parent to request Early Help services
  • working with a child who you have assessed to have complex needs which now requires a social work assessment to understand how these needs can be met and you have discussed this with the parent
To assist you in making the decision about what service the child may need they recommend you refer to the threshold document Review the LLR LSCB threshold document PDF. This is because the first question that is asked on the referral is 'Are you making an Early Help referral  or Social Care referral?' You need to be clear of the thresholds and what service you are requesting.

Before you complete the MARF they provide a checklist that you must go through. You will have up to 60 minutes to submit the MARF.

Designated Safeguarding Leads please familiarise yourselves and your staff with these changes so you are fully prepared when you need to make a referral.

Telephone First Response Children's Duty Team if you have urgent concerns about a child who needs a social worker or police officer today:

Call 0116 305 0005 (24 hour phone line)


AnchorLocal News

New School Readiness Toolkit for Early Years Providers and Schools

Early years providers, schools, families and 0-5 services all have a shared responsibility to ensure that each individual child is ready to continue their learning journey as they enter school and get off to a flying start.

Being ready for school is part of each child's life journey from pre-birth onwards, through every age and stage of development. It is about supporting transitions, gaining competencies and promoting family health and wellbeing to ensure that no child is at a disadvantage.

The new school readiness toolkit has a section for early years providers and a section for schools. The early years provider toolkit contains a wealth of information and resources (including weblinks, good practice examples and reflective questions) to support early years providers in continuing to develop best practice. It has been developed to further support the shared understanding of school readiness across Leicestershire and highlights the importance of partnership working and early identification of children who may need additional support.

The early years provider toolkit is easy to navigate using the 4 stages of the school readiness journey. It provides a framework to celebrate successful practice and consider areas for development. You might wish to focus on one stage at a time or 'dip in and out' of the 4 stages.

The school toolkit although developed with schools in mind contains many interesting articles and resources that early years providers may find useful, so have a look at this too.

Supporting Two year olds

'Being two is not easy. At times you feel big and strong. You declare your independence in all kinds of ways; you want to be respected and given space. Other times you feel small and vulnerable; the world looms large and scary. You want to be held and hugged and treated like the baby you used to be. Sometimes your special grown ups just don't get it, and then you fly apart!'
Community Playthings (2013) A good place to be Two.

As the new term starts many of you may have a younger cohort of children, this is a time for making new relationships and reflecting on provision to ensure it meets the needs of your current group.
What we offer should not just a 'place' for a two year old but an opportunity for some of the child's first significant relationships outside of the family home. It is within those relationships that children will flourish and learn, so how we offer that opportunity is crucial.

Tuning in to the uniqueness of each child and establishing positive relationships with the child and parents/carers is vital to ensure you understand the child's needs.

As practitioners we need to think about what it is like to be two. We need to go beyond our routines and expectations and consider how to tailor our provision to support children in this unique development stage.
Have a look at our website pages where you will find lots of helpful resources including some audits that will help you to assess your current provision and highlight where you can make improvements.

The  School readiness Early Years Provider Toolkit has lots of helpful information in the ' Moving Forward' section for two year olds.


Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) - accountability to Ofsted

Ofsted are responsible for deciding if EYPP funding has been spent well and with maximum impact. This is done at inspection through discussions with leaders/managers and often key persons. In group provision Ofsted inspectors will track at least one EYPP child if there are any present and evidence the impact of the EYPP on the child's development.

Good practice is that which makes a difference to children's learning and development and not just presenting something you think Ofsted want to see, but it is good to be prepared for these conversations with the inspector. Involving all staff in the decision-making process about spending EYPP will enable them to talk about this more easily and could lead to a better Ofsted outcome. Further support and questions the Ofsted inspector might ask can be found here under Evidencing Impact.

As a Local Authority we are involved in conversations with Ofsted around EYPP. We share information on settings claiming EYPP, so it is important that you let the Ofsted inspector know if you receive any EYPP funding when you are inspected.

School Admissions Application Deadlines

Please make parents aware that the deadline to apply for a primary school place is the 15th January 2020. Children will be eligible to start primary school in September 2020 if they were born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016. For more information and to apply, please click here.

AnchorSEND News

Top Tips to supporting children with SEND at the beginning of the new academic year:

September is here and a whole new academic year lies ahead of us! Now is one of the most exciting times of year, with new faces, routines, experiences……the list goes on! However, for children with SEND, the beginning of a new academic year can sometimes be one of the most challenging times for them.

Here are 3 top tips for your setting to support your children with SEND to begin with a flying start:

1. To support children to settle into the term, use visuals. Visual cards, objects of reference and Makaton signing are effective ways to support children to understand the routines and boundaries.

2. Ensure that a targeted plan is in place, with time set for reviewing targets (if set before) and setting new targets for the coming Autumn Term. Find examples of targeted plans on our website.

3. Set up a 'calm' area in your setting environment to support children who are overwhelmed and/or overstimulated. You may like to include comfy seating, emotion face cards, calm down tools e.g. puzzles/colouring/story/sensory bottles and/or lights.

For further advice contact our daily SEND Advice Line on 0116 305 7136.


AnchorNational News

Development Matters undergoing changes

The non-statutory Development Matters is being revised as part of wider changes to curriculum guidance for EYFS, with publication due in early 2020. The Department for Education has stated that the primary aim is to focus practitioners and teachers on the importance of rich daily activities to improve outcomes and to help reduce workload.


If you are a member of Pacey have a look at their new resources in the two year old area of the website
PACEY has launched the new 2-year-olds area of the website where practitioners can explore a collection of ideas, inspiration and tools to help them reflect on and extend their practice working with toddlers. From top tips and videos, to case studies and digital downloads there is something useful for all practitioners to help develop their 2-year-old provision.

Preparing for Brexit

Early years entitlements

Early years entitlements are expected to stay the same. Further information on access to early years entitlements will be communicated directly with early years local authority leads, with relevant updates for them and the sector.

Food supplies

Contact your food supplier or suppliers if you are coordinating provision on behalf of schools or other settings, to make sure they are planning for the potential impacts of a no-deal Brexit, including:

• ensuring that their secondary suppliers are prepared
• plans to adapt menus to allow for product substitution if necessary
• can continue to meet nutritional standards
• can continue to meet special dietary needs and manage allergies

Local authorities and schools must continue to provide meals to all registered pupils who request one. Where the pupil meets the criteria for free school meals, the meal must be provided, free of charge.
Schools have significant flexibilities within the school food standards, which they can refer to if certain items are in short supply.

Friendship Friday

Kidscape have teamed up with Andersen Press and Elmer the Elephant to encourage early years providers to take part in Friendship Friday and Anti-Bullying Week this November. A free resource pack is now available from the Kidscape website.
May Bank Holiday 2020  

We would like to remind you the May bank holiday in 2020, has been moved from the Monday to the Friday 8th May to coincide with VE celebrations. Please ensure you inform your parents accordingly.
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