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Newsletter December 2019


2020 will be a year of celebrating CERIC success: in the last 15 years we have grown from a small group to a diverse team of 34 core staff, 9 postdocs, 20 doctoral students and nearly 30 associates!

We now stand as the UK's largest group of academics researching the changing dynamics and future of work, employment relations and labour markets.

CERIC academics count hundreds of books and peer reviewed journal articles among them, as well as  contributions to the national and international conferences.
Many of our research projects, as well as being academically rigorous, are high impact, focus on external engagement and are funded by a range of research councils, funding bodies and regulators.

Annually we host up to 10 research seminars by the leading international scholars and organise a variety of impactful events with contributions by world renowned speakers.

CERIC researchers frequently contribute to the media. Over the last few months, CERIC members have contributed to broadcasts on BBC Radio, reports for Parliament, and have appeared in leading HR practitioner publications. 

Watch out for the imminent publication of our Anniversary Brochure, where you can read about the history of CERIC and its milestones, our people and projects we are involved in.
Congratulations to Dr Danat Valizade and Dr Hugh Cook
who have been promoted to Associate Professors! 

Danat's research interests coalesce
around the changing nature of work,
labour market polarisation, disparities in the quality of work and their effect on performance and wellbeing.
His research fosters a better understanding of causal mechanisms underpinning contemporary tendencies in work and employment.

Hugh's research focuses on the implementation of strategic HRM systems. He is also interested in trade union bargaining practices, the contribution of trade unions to skills provision in the UK economy, and union modernisation and renewal. Hugh is part of an ongoing project researching job satisfaction and job quality across multiple professions.

Another great announcement

Will Collins, who has been part of CERIC since 2010 as an administrative support, has taken on a new role as Media Officer for CERIC. He will be responsible for all all social media communications as well as website updates.
It is with great pleasure we announce a few new doctors in the house! Well done to
Dr Marina Boulos, Dr Kosisochukwu (Faith) Itodo and Dr Meenakshi Sarkar! Meenakshi has since been appointed Director of Internationalisation in the Work and Employment Relations Division in LUBS.
Dr Jana Javornik
has been appointed to the role Director General of the Directorate of Higher Education in the Slovenian government, thus she has taken a leave of absence.
Dr Louise Schreuders
joined CERIC as a research fellow for one year to help complete our project on care homes. Louise was previously in the School of Healthcare, and in addition to being a skilled epidemiologist is a registered nurse. 

Visiting researchers to CERIC 
Since September we have
had pleasure to host:

Maria Keil (Germany)
Hongyu Ma (China)
and Valeria Piro (Italy)

Our new PhD students
Rebecca Lamont-Jiggens
Mattia Dessi
Almagul Imangliyeva
Bianca-Ioanida Mirea
Roopa Nandi
Alexandra Seehaus
Xiaorui Xing
At CERIC we organise and host various activities throughout the year: seminars, workshops, conferences, book launches, big ideas sessions and discussion groups.

Past events

In Semester 1 we enjoyed a number of outstanding presentations as part of our Seminar Series:
  • 2 October 2019 - Maria Keil (Free University Berlin) Exclusive and precarious: Academic careers in German Higher Education.

  • 6 November 2019 - Gregory Schwartz (Bristol) Labour mobility in the production–social reproduction nexus: Between crisis resolution and (re)constitution of uneven and combined Europe.

  • 20 November 2019Valeria Piro (University di Padova, Italy) Subcontracting and labour force racialization. The case of Italian meat processing plants.

  • 5 December 2019 - Ian Kirkpatrick (York) Professionalism: a decaying or a vibrant and evolving institution?
Dr Vera Trappmann opens CERIC seminar by our visiting researcher Maria Keil
Dr Gregory Schwartz presents the interconnected mobilities of labour between Poland, Ukraine and the UK
Professor Ian Kirkpatrick
delivers a seminar on professionalism
Dr Gabriella Alberti and Valeria Piro at the start of CERIC Seminar 
Other CERIC-led events include:
Workshop on Platform Economy was held on 11 of July 2019. The debate focused on how to best protect workers' interest in a world of work where technology seems to have changed the rules of the game of how work is organised and how the employment relation is structured. 
Pictured from left to right:
Vera Trappmann, Clemens Melzer, Marco Marrone, Greg Howard, Dennis Bartholomew
1 November 2019 - Towards a Red Feminist Horizon. In collaboration with the Sociological Review Foundation and Leeds Social Sciences Institute, this symposium was facilitated by Dr Kate Hardy and Dr Camille Barbagallo. The event orientated towards developing ideas that would contribute to the emerging international women's strike movement, linking ideas developed both within and between the academy and the street. It brought feminist theorists, activists and artists into dialogue to analyse the conditions and politics of women's waged and unwaged reproductive work.
9 December 2019 - Equal Pay @50: making equal and fair pay a reality. This event was organised by Professor Jane Holgate in partnership with The Equality Trust and sponsored by DLA Piper, and addressed issues relevant to making equal and fair pay a reality. Speakers and contributors from academia, law, business, unions and equality organisations provided insight into the context of unequal pay, strategies that had been successful and strategies that had failed.

Forthcoming events

On 16 and 17 of January 2020 CERIC will be hosting a large international "Disrupting Technology" Conference with Janine Berg (INWORK, Switzerland) and Enda Brophy (Simon Fraser University, Canada) as keynote speakers. Register for this event here.

23 January 2020: we are delighted to welcome John Seddon, a British occupational psychologist and author, who will be coming to the University of Leeds with his new book "Beyond Command and Control". Please get your ticket to see him present the book and get a signed copy!

Journal Articles

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Mrozowicki A, Trappmann V, Seehaus A, Kajta J. 2019. Who is a right-wing supporter? On the biographical experiences of young right-wing voters in Poland and Germany. Qualitative Sociology Review. 15(4), pp. 212-235 image. image.

Umney C. 2019. Creative placemaking and the cultural projectariat: artistic work in the wake of Hull City of Culture 2017. Capital and Class. image.

Books and chapters in edited books

Yerkes MA; Javornik J; Kurowska A (eds.) 2019. Social Policy and the Capability Approach: Concepts, Measurements and Application. Policy Press

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Javornik J, Oliver L. 2019. Converting shared parental leave into shared parenting: the role of employers and use of litigation by employees in the UK. In: Yerkes MA; Javornik J; Kurowska A (eds.) Social Policy and the Capability Approach: Concepts, Measurements and Application. Bristol, UK: Policy Press, pp. 61-82 image.

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Kurowska A, Javornik J. 2019. Comparative social policy analysis of parental leave policies through the lenses of capability approach. In: Yerkes MA; Javornik J; Kurowska A (eds.) Social Policy and the Capability Approach: Concepts, Measurements and Application. Bristol, UK: Policy Press, pp. 83-106 image.

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Internet Publications

Carson, K. 2019. The Living Wage in Scotland: Employers Leading the Way. 

Hardy K, Trappmann V. 2019. Income as a universal right.

Javornik J, Ingold J, Tomlinson J, Oliver E, Hurst C. 2019. Moving from diversity initiatives to a culture of inclusion. Leeds University Business School - Research & Innovation

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Trappmann V. 2019. The voice, loyalty and exit of precarious workers in Germany. Leeds University Business School - Research & Innovation Blog

Trappmann V, Cutter J. 2019. How tackling climate change can affect work and industrial change. Leeds University Business School - Research & Innovation Blog

Umney C. 2019. Raising an interest in culture is one thing, but how sustainable is it to make a living in the arts? Leeds University Business School - Research & Innovation Blog

Umney C. 2019. The limits of the "platform economy": why haven't platforms taken over live music? Leeds University Business School - Research & Innovation Blog

Research grants awarded

Dr Vera Trappmann and Dr Jo Cutter have received £21,778 from Leeds University Business School Small Research Grant to set up The Network on Work, Labour and Climate Change across the University of Leeds. This network gathers expertise, stimulates debate and is committed to delivering ideas for society, labour and businesses on how to produce and live in a zero-carbon environment and a more ecological sustainable way more generally.

Dr Charles Umney, Dr Vera Trappmann, Dr Simon Joyce were awarded £19,550 from the LUBS Challenge Fund for the Platform Work Contestation project. The projects intends to assemble a comprehensive database of platform labour unrest across the world (Leeds Index of Platform Labour Protest) by September 2020.

Since May 2019 Dr Gabriella Alberti has been involved in Migration and the City: Imagining and Making Urban Lives project. Thi is a collaborative research with Touchstone and Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network, which aims to address the following questions. What are the communicative and material resources that migrants can and do access in order to participate in urban life? How effectively do local government and grassroots organisations work independently and together to facilitate the inclusion of new arrivals and ethnic minorities in the urban fabric? What can a city like Leeds learn from international experiences in other diverse urban contexts?

€69,000 was awarded to Dr Vera Trappmann by the German Polish Science Foundation to investigate Right-wing Populism Among Young Germans and Poles. The project explores the relationship between precarious work, economic descent and the rise of right-wing populism in Poland and Germany.


20 NOVEMBER 2019

Dr Greenwood talks to BBC Radio Wales about the UK steel industry

Ian Greenwood commented on news that TATA Steel is cutting 3,000 jobs in Europe on BBC Radio Wales.


22 AUGUST 2019

Professor Stuart in People Management

Mark Stuart, Montague Burton Professor of Human Resource Management and Employer Relations, was quoted in People Management discussing pay in the HR industry.



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