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Monday 6th January 2020

Congratulations to Watermead Nursery on retaining their
Outstanding grade at their latest Ofsted inspection

What's in this edition:
FEEE: Funding uplift coming in April

Training courses: 25% off in our Training Course January Sale!
Safeguarding: Button battery advice

Local News: Updates to Out of School Inclusion Funding

National News: Last call to have your say on EYFS reforms


Funding uplift

As of the 1st April 2020, the hourly rate will be increasing by £0.07. This means that 3 and 4 year olds will receive £4.10 per hour and 2 year olds will receive £5.00 per hour from the Summer period. Additionally, we have a small increase to inclusion funding which will support future applications.

The Spring headcount task will be open between Thursday 2nd January –  Wednesday 15th January 2020 and needs to be completed via the Provider Portal.  We have updated our headcount user guide which you can find in the 'about' section on the portal, which should provide all of the necessary information that you will need in order to complete it. Unless a child has carried forward any unused hours from the Autumn period, the maximum hours that can be claimed in the Spring period is 165 / 330. As ever, we urge providers to complete it sooner rather than later so that if any problems are encountered, you can contact us at or on 0116 305 5788 ASAP.
Spring 30 hour DERNS

In order to claim for the extended hours in the spring period, the eligibility from date must be before 1st January 2020.
Incomplete Headcount and Mid-term Adjustment tasks

We've had a lot of instances recently where providers have not completed the Autumn Headcount or Mid-term Adjustment tasks. As per our policy we do not backdate funding so if these are not completed you will not be paid for that period. We cannot stress the importance of this enough and as per the provider agreement that setting's sign, it is your responsibility to complete the necessary information within the given timeframes. Additionally if you have received initial payments for the subsequent period, and the Headcount/Mid-term adjustment tasks are then not completed, that initial payment will be recouped.
Initial payment budgeting

Please be aware that initial payments are to cover the costs for children in the following period. We have had instances of providers contacting us to say they have not been paid for a child after completing the headcount following their initial payment, not understanding that the initial payment was to cover the costs associated with looking after the child in the next period and have already spent all of the money paid to them. Do ensure that you budget initial payments appropriately, so this does not happen to you.
2020 funded weeks

As you will be able to see from the online FEEE calendar, the Spring period will have 11 funded weeks, and the Summer period will have 12. As the week commencing 30th March has 2 days falling in the Spring period and 3 days falling in Summer period, this full week will need to be claimed in the Summer period to make 12 weeks.



January Sale - 25% off ALL TRAINING!
By using the 'Promotional Code' shown on this Guide when making a course booking, you can bag a massive 25% OFF all our Spring Term courses!

The Promotional Code can be applied to all course bookings made between Tuesday 7th January to Tuesday 14th January 2020. You MUST APPLY the Promotional Code and check the amount is correct before you make a payment.
Please refer to the attached guide for the code and instructions.
Spring 2020 courses
These are now available to book on Eventbrite. You can find the full list of the courses on offer at the bottom of this eblast.


For all of the latest training from the safeguarding board please visit:
Button batteries

Button batteries, especially powerful lithium coin cell batteries, can badly injure or kill a child if swallowed. After Christmas you may have new objects with button batteries around, so please be mindful to keep spare and 'dead' button batteries and objects with easily accessible batteries out of children's reach. If you think a child may have swallowed a button battery, take them straight to A&E or dial 999. Take a look at more information from the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) here.
New Thresholds Document

In September 2019 Leicester City and Leicestershire and Rutland Local Safeguarding Children Boards became the Safeguarding Children Partnerships with new roles and responsibilities for safeguarding children and young people.

To coincide with these changes a new Thresholds Document has been introduced. It is designed to give clear guidance to those agencies and individuals who make referrals to Children's Social Care in Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland. The Thresholds Document is a statutory requirement under Working Together 2018.
There are four principles that underpin the document:

•             It's good to talk
•             Proportionate intervention
•             A coordinated approach – avoiding duplication
•             Working in partnership with the family
There are four levels of need that have been identified:
  • Tier 1 Requiring universal services
  • Tier 2 Requiring early intervention
  • Tier 3 Requiring targeted early help support
  • Tier 4 Requiring acute/statutory intervention
Please see here for the full document and information.

Local News
Information for out of school settings regarding inclusion funding

Please note that changes have recently been made to the Additional Adult Funding that is provided for the successful inclusion of children with SEND into an out of school setting.  The funding will now be known as Out of School Inclusion Funding.  All forms in relation to the funding have also been changed, not just regarding the change of name, but further information and updates have been incorporated also.
These include changes to the criteria, application form, appeal procedure and processes.  Settings are required to use the new updated forms from now.  New panel dates for 2020 have been planned and these, as well as links to all the above, are now available on our dedicated webpage which can be found here.
Careers in Childcare
We are holding a Careers in Childcare Recruitment and Information Event on 27th January 2020 at the NSPCC in Leicester to encourage more people to work in this sector. 

We still have some stands available – would you like to have a stand at this event to promote your setting? (Contact to take up this FREE opportunity)
Please share this information with anyone who might be interested in a Career in Childcare or be interested in holding a stand at the event.
The Early Years Sector is continuing to face a recruitment crisis – there are simply not enough people applying for jobs in the sector, many nurseries and pre-schools are struggling to fill their job vacancies.
For more information about the event please click here
– please share this link far and wide.
Men in Childcare

Take a look at what you can do to support Men in Childcare in your setting.
Early Years website

We are currently making some changes to our webpages, we are combining the Early Learning and Childcare pages and the Early Years SEND inclusion pages under one new heading of 'Early Years'.
As we make the changes it will affect how searches work on sites such as Google. For a short period of time searches will show the page you have looked for, but the link will take you to our Early Years landing page. If you need any support in navigating to the information you are looking for please contact the duty desk and we would be happy to help.
1001 Critical Days

As previously shared at the 3i events in September, the 1001 critical days leaflet is now available on the school readiness pages of our website.

The leaflet gives top tips and information to support children and families for the first 1001 days.
School Admissions

Please remind any parents of children starting school in September, the deadline for applications to school is 15th January 2020. Information can be found here.
Setting up Egress for parents
We are gaining parental email addresses, so we can share reports from the team with parents electronically. SEND Advisors are sharing the egress document with caseload parents. Please see the document for further information.
SEND drop in sessions
SEND drop in formats have changes from next term.
Please note, a wide range of professionals are only available at Charnwood, Hinckley and Wigston. At all other venues, only the Early Years SEND team and the Early Years Autism team will be in attendance.
This session will be invaluable, giving you practical strategies for you to try in your provision. Please bring with you any information that you feel will support the discussions e.g. support plans, observations, progress summaries/trackers.
Book drop in session

National News

EYFS reforms

There's still time to have your say on the EYFS reforms. The consultation closes on 31st January 2020.
The aim of this consultation is to seek views from interested parties on proposed changes to the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage.

This consultation seeks views on:
  • proposed revisions to the educational programmes
  • proposed revisions to the early learning goals
  • proposed changes to the assessment and moderation process for the early years foundation stage profile
  • a proposed change to the safeguarding and welfare requirements to promote good oral health
Ofsted information reminder

Please ensure you are aware of the disclosure and barring factsheet.
DBS checks

Please take a read of this Government guidance on criminal records checks.


Spring 2020 courses are now available to book on Eventbrite

Course CodeCourse TitleDayDateTimeVenueDirect Book Link
8500Observation Assessment & PlanningFri17.1.209.30am - 4.00pmGreen Towers, HinckleyBook Now
8501Championing Chatty ChildrenTues3.3.209.30am - 1.00pmSyston Town CouncilBook Now
8502Championing Chatty ChildrenThurs12.3.209.30am - 1.00pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8503Understanding the Prime Areas of the EYFSWed18.3.209.30am - 12.30pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8504Everyday Maths in the Early YearsWed11.3.209.30am -4.30pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeysBook Now
8505Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing of practitioners working within Early Years provisionSat8.2.209.30am -4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8506Essential Safeguarding Awareness: RefresherWed12.2.209.30am - 1.00pmJury's Inn Hinckley Island HotelBook Now
8507Essential Safeguarding AwarenessMon20.1.209.30am - 4.30pmMarket Harborough Football ClubBook Now
8508Essential Safeguarding AwarenessFri31.1.209.30am - 4.30pmDBS Managed Offices, GlenfieldBook Now
8509Essential Safeguarding AwarenessSat1.2.209.30am - 4.30pmDBS Castle DoningtonBook Now
8510Essential Safeguarding AwarenessTues25.2.209.30am - 4.30pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8511Essential Safeguarding AwarenessSat29.2.209.30am - 4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8512Essential Safeguarding AwarenessSat7.3.209.30am - 4.30pmMelton Carnegie MuseumBook Now
8513Safeguarding Children - Management ResponsibilitiesTues14.1.209.30am - 4.00pmThe Kings Centre, WigstonBook Now
8514Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding Lead RefresherTues4.2.209.30am - 1.00pmHoliday Inn Express Leicester CityBook Now
8515Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadWed26.2.209.30am - 4.30pmMelton Carnegie MuseumBook Now
8516Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadSat14.3.209.30am - 4.30pmThe Kings Centre, WigstonBook Now
8517Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadFri27.3.209.30am - 4.30pmGreen Towers, Hinckley Book Now
8518Safeguarding Children: Childminder Designated Safeguarding LeadSat7.3.209.00am - 2.00pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8519Childcare Induction Workshops PVITues28.1.202.00pm - 4.00pmCounty HallBook Now
8520Childcare Induction Workshops SCHOOLTues11.2.2010.00am -12.00pmCounty HallBook Now
8521Committee WorkshopWed11.3.209.30am - 12.30pmDBS Managed Offices, GlenfieldBook Now
8526Paediatric First Aid in Childcare - 12 HourWed26.2.20 & - 4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8527Paediatric First Aid - One Day Blended Course with E-LearningWed11.3.209.30am - 4.30pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8539EYFS Senco NetworksMon16.3.204.00pm - 6.00pmQuorn Grange HotelBook Now
8540EYFS Senco NetworksTues17.3.204.00pm - 6.00pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8541EYFS Senco NetworksThurs19.3.204.00pm - 6.00pmGreen Towers, Hinckley Book Now
8542EYFS Senco NetworksMon23.3.204.00pm - 6.00pmMelton Baptist ChurchBook Now
8543EYFS Senco NetworksTues - 6.00pmMarket Harborough Football ClubBook Now
8544EYFS Senco NetworksThurs26.3.204.00pm - 6.00pmBlaby Westfield House HotelBook Now
8545EYFS Senco NetworksTues - 6.00pmSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now
8546EYFS Senco Networks (CM's ONLY)Wed25.3.206.45pm - 8.45pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeysBook Now
8547Autism Education Trust (AET) Early Years (EY) Tier 1 – Making Sense of AutismTues25.2.206.30pm- 8.30pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8548 Autism Education Trust (AET) Early Years (EY) Tier 1 – Making Sense of AutismThurs5.3.206.30pm- 8.30pmSyston Town CouncilBook Now
8549Autism Education Trust (AET) Early Years (EY) Tier 2 –  Good Autism PracticeSat7.3.209.30am - 4.00pmSyston Town CouncilBook Now
8550Autism Education Trust (AET) Early Years (EY) Tier 2 –  Good Autism PracticeWed11.3.209.30am - 4.00pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8551Listen and LearnTues11.2.201.30pm - 3.30pmCounty Scout Headquarters, BlabyBook Now
8552SEND training for EY SENCOs and ManagersMon13.1.20 & - 12.30pm followed by 9.30am -4.30pmSyston Town CouncilBook Now
8553Two Hour How to Write SEND plansWed29.1.209.30am - 11.30amSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now
8554SEND Training for ChildmindersSat14.3.209.30am - 12.00amHoliday Inn Express Leicester CityBook Now
8555SEND Drop In EventTues4.2.201.00pm - 4.00pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8556SEND Drop In EventThurs6.2.201.00pm - 4.00pmHarborough Innovation CentreBook Now
8557SEND Drop In EventTues11.2.201.00pm - 4.00pmHinckley Golf ClubBook Now
8558SEND Drop In EventWed12.2.201.00pm - 4.00pmSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now
8559SEND Drop In EventThurs13.2.201.00pm - 4.00pmCharnwood ArmsBook Now
8573SEND Drop In EventMon10.2.202.00pm - 4.00pmMelton Baptist ChurchBook Now
8560The Big ConferenceFri6.3.209.30am - 4.30pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeysBook Now
8565Including Children with Down SyndromeMon2.3.209.30am - 3.30pmDBS Managed Offices, GlenfieldBook Now
8566Including Children with Social Communication DifficultiesWed18.3.209.30am - 12.30pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8567Promoting Positive Behaviour within an Early Years SettingMon30.3.209.30am - 3.30pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeysBook Now

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