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Monday 3rd February 2020

Congratulations to the Old Barn Day Nursery for achieving an Outstanding at their latest Ofsted inspection!
What's in this edition:
  • FEEE: Mid-term adjustment dates
  • Training courses: Take a look at our February and March courses
  • Safeguarding: Have your say on MARF and Safeguarding procedures in an online survey
  • Local News: Sustainability support tool
  • National News: Read up on changes to Ofsted's registration website

Mid-term adjustment

Thank you to all providers who completed the headcount. Final payment is scheduled for Friday 21st February. If you have missed the headcount, or you have any changes i.e. new starters or changes to hours, then these will need to be added to the mid-term adjustment task open from the 24th to 28th February 2020. Please be aware that if both tasks are missed, we do not backdate funding, so please ensure it is completed.
Summer period 30-hour codes

If you have children eligible to claim for 30 hours from the Summer period, please ensure that the code start date is prior to the 1st April 2020, or else they will not be eligible for the extended entitlement in the Summer period. Please do make parents aware so they can apply in good time.
2020 funded weeks

We've had a lot of providers claim for 12 weeks for this period. As you will be able to see from the online FEEE calendar, the Spring period has 11 funded weeks, and the Summer period will have 12, so we are busy amending incorrect claims. Please do refer to the FEEE calendar during headcount time, just to make sure you are putting in for the correct amount of weeks.
Submitting headcounts/mid-term adjustments

Please can we ask that you do not click submit more than once a day as it can upset the system. Sometimes we can see that providers submit a few times within the space of a few minutes, perhaps just for reassurance that they haven't forgotten! If we could avoid this, it would be much appreciated, thank you.
Change of circumstances

Should there be any change of circumstances relating to your business, you will need to notify us by completing a change of circumstances form and submitting it through Anycomms.
Funding uplift

Just a reminder that as of the 1st April 2020, the hourly rate will be increasing by £0.07. This means that 3 and 4 year olds will receive £4.10 per hour and 2 year olds will receive £5.00 per hour from the Summer period. Additionally, we have a small increase to inclusion funding which will support future applications.


The Big Conference - inspiring children's aspirations; how you can help all children to achieve
Friday 6th March 2020, 9am to 3.30pm
NSPCC National Training Centre
Only £5 for Early Years providers - lunch Included
Ofsted will look to see how you support the most disadvantaged children in your setting and give them the best possible start to their early education. The Big Conference will support practitioners in helping all children to achieve.
Book your place now.

Loughborough College information evening
11 March 2020, 5 to 7pm

Loughborough College are hosting an information evening on Wednesday 11th March from 5pm until 7pm for early years practitioners/staff and volunteers to find out about:
  • Foundation Degree in Children's and Young People's Services
This course is suitable for anyone; working or volunteering in early years for a minimum of 16 hours/week, holding a relevant Level 3 (or equivalent) qualification and has at least 1 years' experience working within the sector (the placement element of some relevant Level 3 qualifications does qualify).  This course is ideal for practitioners wanting to study a Higher Education course whilst actively working in the industry.  The foundation degree enables the learner to constantly embed learning into practice which supports the development of a knowledgeable, competent, confident and reflective practitioner.  Practitioners who have completed the foundation degree are able to confidently articulate to parents and colleagues their pedagogy and practice. 
  • BA (HONS) Education Studies (Top Up)
This course is a suitable and natural progression route for early years practitioners who hold a relevant Level 5 such as HND Advanced Practice or a Foundation Degree. 
Please open the leaflet for more details about the information event.  Both of the above courses can be fully funded through Student Finance and you will not repay any of the student finance loan until you earn above £25,000/year, click HERE and scroll down to page 3 for information on student finance and a typical repayment plan; if you earn £27,000/year you will only repay around £15/month.

Spring 2020 courses

These are now available to book on Eventbrite.  You can find the full list of the courses on offer at the bottom of this eblast.

Call to take part in survey

The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Safeguarding Children's Partnership are conducting a survey on the Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF), LLR Thresholds document and Safeguarding Procedures. The findings of the survey will inform us of how well the LLR Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF), Thresholds and Safeguarding Procedures are being used, and help identify any further action required to encourage use across the partnership.

The survey is for practitioners across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and available online:

The survey is currently live and closes on Friday 7th February 2020.

Please send this information to staff within your agency/service for them to complete.

If you have any queries, please contact Pratima Patel on 0116 454 6524 or Gary Watts on 0116 305 7130.
Safeguarding training

For all of the latest training from the safeguarding board please visit:

Local News

Sustainability support
In preparation for the National Living Wage going up, have you looked at your cash flow forecasts and how you will be able to sustain the increase in the wages?  The National Living Wage goes up in April, the new rates will be as follows:
National Living Wage Rates

Year25 and over21 to 2418 to 20Under 18Apprentice
April 2019 (current rate)£8.21£7.70£6.15£4.35£3.90
April 2020£8.72£8.20£6.45£4.55£4.15
This is also the time to check your sustainability. Please email Praksha Bathia, Business Development Adviser at and ask her to send you a sustainability toolkit. You can then complete and return it to Praksha, who can then support you if the outcome of the assessment is below 70%.

Healthy self-esteem positively impacts both mental and physical health and is crucial for life-long learning skills including independence, perseverance, resilience and motivation.  This infographic outlines the key influences on self-esteem and gives strategies for enhancing children's self-esteem.

Self-esteem cannot be taught discretely – it should saturate all experiences, underpinning the ethos of an inclusive setting. Children need an interesting and relevant curriculum which meets individual needs, set within an enabling environment offering mutually agreed clear limits and consistently reinforced boundaries.

Self-esteem is a crucial element of supporting an effective transition: within children's daily lives and between rooms as well as going to school. Children need to feel empowered - how do you encourage independence?

Children need attuned interactions based on warmth and consistency with adults who can be relied on.  Demonstrating professional love means:
  • Unconditional acceptance
  • Valuing all children (e.g. schematic play – recognise, respect, facilitate)
  • A non-judgemental approach (separate undesirable behaviour from child to avoid impacting self-esteem)
  • Showing mutual respect
  • Holding children in positive regard
Key strategies to consider:
  • Model positive self-talk
  • Enable success – use scaffolding to bridge the gap to learning new concepts by co-construction and sustained, shared thinking
  • Provide appropriate challenge and encourage risk taking
  • Promote decision making
  • Enable children to feel comfortable making and learning from mistakes without fear of rejection – frame mistakes constructively, develop a positive attitude to making errors, model making mistakes
  • Provide informed, considerate feedback and celebrate small steps
Early Years Communication and Interaction Team - exciting new changes within our Early Years SEND Team
We are very excited to announce that our Early Years Autism Team have undergone a few changes. They are now known as the Early Years Communication and Interaction Team. The team will continue to offer high quality support to our children with a diagnosis but will also now offer support to children 'pre-diagnosis'; those with communication and interaction difficulties. The referral route remains the same, but we want to maximise the expertise of the team to support children earlier.
Provider self update

All providers now have access to the Self Update section of the Provider Portal. If your nominated individuals haven't received their login details, please email with your setting details (name and Ofsted URN) so this can be resolved.

The self update functionality allows you to keep the details relating to your setting up to date. This covers your contact details (email, telephone numbers, etc.), opening days/times, costs, places, vacancies etc. and providers are encouraged to check and update their details on a regular basis.

You should be aware that Self Update is not a bespoke system for Leicestershire and therefore contains a lot of information that we don't collect (for example, Travel information, School Pickups) so we would encourage you to read through the Self Update Guidance that can be found in the 'About' section at the bottom of any Provider Portal page. This detailed guide will show you which sections should be updated and any specific ways that your information needs to be entered. Please be aware that any submission of information that isn't held in our core systems or that doesn't meet the formatting specified will not be processed.

National News

Changes to Ofsted's registration website

Currently, people who wish to become childminders or nannies, open new nurseries and provide some other kinds of childcare or children's social care need to register with Ofsted using Ofsted Online, the system for Ofsted registration forms. Registered providers also use the site to tell them about changes or incidents, and that remains the case.

Now their online system is changing. Ofsted Online is old, and new browsers, platforms and standards for websites mean that it's difficult to use.  

People using the service will notice some changes, but the overall registration requirements are NOT changing. They aren't changing guidance to providers either – just making the processes of applying and telling them about changes more straightforward.

Childcare providers and applicants will see changes first. Children's homes and other social care registration processes will be changing over to the new system later in the spring – and you will be kept updated.

Here are some useful videos to help you see what the new site can do:
Case studies needed

NCFE is a national educational charity and awarding organisation which is currently campaigning to the government to help change the GCSE funding legislation to create a level playing field for English and maths qualifications for learners aged 16 -18.  Currently the condition of funding for English and maths dictates that any young person who achieves a grade 3 (grade D in the old system) in their GCSE English or maths exam has to re-sit the GCSE until they pass, whereas learners who achieve a grade 1 or grade 2 are offered alternative routes to achieve these qualifications through programmes such as Functional Skills.  For more information and to get behind this campaign, please see here for more information.

A list of all the Spring training courses available to book through Eventbrite

Course CodeCourse TitleDayDateTimeVenueDirect book link
8556SEND Drop In EventThurs6.2.201.00pm - 4.00pmHarborough Innovation CentreBook Now
8505Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing of practitioners working within Early Years provisionSat8.2.209.30am -4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8551Listen and LearnTues11.2.201.30pm - 3.30pmCounty Scout Headquarters, BlabyBook Now
8520Childcare Induction Workshops SCHOOLTues11.2.2010.00am -12.00pmCounty HallBook Now
8506Essential Safeguarding Awareness: RefresherWed12.2.209.30am - 1.00pmJury's Inn Hinckley Island HotelBook Now
8557SEND Drop In EventTues11.2.201.00pm - 4.00pmHinckley Golf ClubBook Now
8558SEND Drop In EventWed12.2.201.00pm - 4.00pmSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now
8559SEND Drop In EventThurs13.2.201.00pm - 4.00pmCharnwood ArmsBook Now
8510Essential Safeguarding AwarenessTues25.2.209.30am - 4.30pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8515Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadWed26.2.209.30am - 4.30pmMelton Carnegie MuseumBook Now
8526Paediatric First Aid in Childcare - 12 HourWed26.2.20 & - 4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8511Essential Safeguarding AwarenessSat29.2.209.30am - 4.30pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8565Including Children with Down SyndromeMon2.3.209.30am - 3.30pmDBS Managed Offices, GlenfieldBook Now
8501Championing Chatty ChildrenTues3.3.209.30am - 1.00pmSyston Town CouncilBook Now
8548 Autism Education Trust (AET) Early Years (EY) Tier 1 – Making Sense of AutismThurs5.3.206.30pm- 8.30pmSyston Town CouncilBook Now
8560The Big ConferenceFri6.3.209.30am - 4.30pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeysBook Now
8512Essential Safeguarding AwarenessSat7.3.209.30am - 4.30pmMelton Carnegie MuseumBook Now
8518Safeguarding Children: Childminder Designated Safeguarding LeadSat7.3.209.00am - 2.00pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8549Autism Education Trust (AET) Early Years (EY) Tier 2 –  Good Autism PracticeSat7.3.209.30am - 4.00pmSyston Town CouncilBook Now
8550Autism Education Trust (AET) Early Years (EY) Tier 2 –  Good Autism PracticeWed11.3.209.30am - 4.00pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8504Everyday Maths in the Early YearsWed11.3.209.30am -4.30pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeysBook Now
8521Committee WorkshopWed11.3.209.30am - 12.30pmDBS Managed Offices, GlenfieldBook Now
8527Paediatric First Aid - One Day Blended Course with E-LearningWed11.3.209.30am - 4.30pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8502Championing Chatty ChildrenThurs12.3.209.30am - 1.00pmGeorge Ward Centre, BarwellBook Now
8516Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadSat14.3.209.30am - 4.30pmThe Kings Centre, WigstonBook Now
8554SEND training for ChildmindersSat14.3.209.30am - 12.00amHoliday Inn Express Leicester CityBook Now
8539EYFS Senco NetworksMon16.3.204.00pm - 6.00pmQuorn Grange HotelBook Now
8566Including Children with Social Communication DifficultiesWed18.3.209.30am - 12.30pmGorse Covert, LoughboroughBook Now
8540EYFS Senco NetworksTues17.3.204.00pm - 6.00pmMarlene Reid Centre, CoalvilleBook Now
8541EYFS Senco NetworksThurs19.3.204.00pm - 6.00pmGreen Towers, Hinckley Book Now
8542EYFS Senco NetworksMon23.3.204.00pm - 6.00pmMelton Baptist ChurchBook Now
8543EYFS Senco NetworksTues - 6.00pmMarket Harborough Football ClubBook Now
8546EYFS Senco Networks (CM's ONLY)Wed25.3.206.45pm - 8.45pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeysBook Now
8544EYFS Senco NetworksThurs26.3.204.00pm - 6.00pmBlaby Westfield House HotelBook Now
8517Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding LeadFri27.3.209.30am - 4.30pmGreen Towers, Hinckley Book Now
8567Promoting Positive behaviour within an Early Years SettingMon30.3.209.30am - 3.30pmNSPCC Centre, Beaumont LeysBook Now
8545EYFS Senco NetworksTues - 6.00pmSalvation Army, WigstonBook Now

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