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The Nautical Institute
May - June 2020 
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Into the future: Issue 24 of The Navigator is out now 
The Navigator magazine
The 24th edition of The Navigator magazine is out now in digital and print. 

Rapid evolution of maritime technology and its impact on navigators and bridge teams around the world is the focus of this dynamic issue. Articles include a look into the future of maritime technology by David Patraiko FNI, Director of Projects at the NI, and advice on how to speak up in the face of technology that doesn't quite fit the bill from Master Mariner and expert in Human Centred Design, Margareta Holtensdotter Lützhöft.

Elsewhere in the issue, an accident report examines how incorrect ECDIS chart scale settings led to the grounding of a tanker, while the letters page contains several valuable insights from the readership community.

David Patraiko said: "The installation of new maritime technology has been rapid over the last few decades and will continue to accelerate. Not only will navigators need to learn how to use these new systems and understand their strengths and weaknesses, but also how to balance their use with existing tools. We hope that this issue of The Navigator will provide some useful viewpoints and advice in this key area of operations."

You can read the latest edition of The Navigator here
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Have you joined one of our weekly webinars yet? 
Webinar Image
In light of changing times, The Nautical Institute is now hosting regular webinars to discuss important issues raised by its members. 

The webinars outline how the NI is supporting members and working with the industry, as well as covering topics of interest such as mentoring at sea, blockchain and the opportunities for mariners to grow professionally during lockdown.  

Each webinar draws in views from a range of backgrounds with participants including NI President Captain Nick Nash FNI; the author of The Nautical Institute's book Mentoring at Sea – the 10 minute challenge Captain André LeGoubin FNI and maritime safety expert Dr Nippin Anand PhD FNI of Novellus Solutions. 

Recordings of these hour long webinars are available for free from our YouTube channel here
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Branches recognise the commitment of mariners 
Presentation of certificate on board
The Nautical Institute's branches are now issuing certificates of appreciation in recognition of the commitment of mariners during uncertainty. 

The initiative was started by Walter Vervloesem FNI
, Chairman of the NI Belgian branch, but has grown to involve the rest of the Nautical Institute's global branch network. 

Mr Vervloesem said: "It was clear from the early days of Covid-19 that seafarers were not receiving the recognition and appreciation they deserve, so I thought it would be a good idea to show them that their peers and members of the NI were supporting them in this difficult period."

"Being recognised by professionals who understand what you are going through and appreciate what you do is definitely a push to continue the good work!"

Discover more information about our global network of branches here.  
NI launches online courses for maritime professionals
CPD logo
The Nautical Institute has begun delivering its popular classroom courses online so that participants can continue their CPD from the safety and comfort of their homes. 

The courses being offered online include:
  • Navigation Assessor 
  • Onboard Assessment 
  • Reducing Risk Through the Human Element 
  • Blockchain for Maritime Professionals - The Fundamentals 
  • Rethinking Investigation and Audits 
  • Introduction to Shipping 
In response to The Nautical Institute's online Navigation Assessor course, Captain Bilal Gurpinar MNI Marine/Vetting Superintendent said: 

"The Navigation Assessor course is enlightening and a milestone to promote safe navigation. As all research regarding navigation incidents shows, the human element is the biggest challenge and this course helps us understand how behavioural competency and technical skill combine in an assessment."

Find out more about our short courses here
Book of the month: Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships 
Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships

The launch and recovery of boats from ships is a vast subject and one that has not previously been examined in detail. Launching, operating and recovering small boats are outside the expertise of most crew and can require considerable skill and seamanship.

For safety reasons, a practice drill is unlikely to provide a realistic simulation of an emergency situation. In this book we demonstrate good practice when carrying out these operations and explain the techniques and systems that can improve manoeuvres.

The book reviews the equipment available and assesses both its benefits and its potential drawbacks.

The Nautical Institute's Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships is priced at £24.50 (£35.00 for non-members) but is available at the discounted price of £21.00 until the end of June. 

To order the book please email

Familiarity blinds crew to fall hazard  
MARS 202037

Hidden dangers are the 'known unknowns' of life at sea. But just as dangerous are hazards that hide in plain sight. They are so much a part of our everyday working environment that we no longer recognise them for what they are. 

As a recent MARS report 202037 relates, sometimes even a risk assessment (RA) fails to identify the danger. 

A bulk carrier was underway in ballast, and a team began a second day of washing the cargo holds. Before the work started, an RA was carried out in line with the company's SMS, which was approved by the Master. The first day passed without incident. 

However, on day 2, while a crew member was climbing the vertical ladder from the hold to the main deck, he slipped and fell 12m on to the tank top. Although he was quickly attended to and lifted out on a stretcher, he died in the ship's infirmary about six hours later. 

With hindsight, it appears shocking that the RA failed to highlight, and mitigate, the 'obvious' risk of a fall from height when climbing a vertical ladder, slippery with seawater, on a moving ship, unprotected by a cage or any fall-arresting device. 

But it was such common practice to use the ladder this way that the crew failed to see the danger in front of them. 

Do share this report with colleagues and encourage them to contribute their own reports to the database, as we need these vital maritime safety messages to reach more people. 

Updates to dynamic positioning certification
Alexis Platform
The Nautical Institute continues to work hard to process dynamic positioning applications. It has recently made a few changes to its DP certification, which are listed below: 

Offshore New Scheme / Shuttle Tanker Scheme: Initial Training
The training time for initial certification for those on the New Offshore Scheme and Shuttle Tanker Scheme has increased from four to five years. This is for those who started the scheme after 1 January 2015 and hold a grey A5 offshore logbook or a burgundy/red A5 shuttle tanker logbook. These arrangements provide an enhanced opportunity for DPOs to complete their training when fewer opportunities for on-board experience are available. 
Offshore Old Scheme: Initial Training
The training time for initial certification for those on the Offshore Old Scheme has been increased from five to six years. This is for those who started the scheme before 1 January 2015 and hold a small blue logbook, or an A5 black logbook with a logbook number starting 121. If you are applying online, please contact us at to make your application eligible.
Revalidation applicants
DPOs whose certificates are due for revalidation from 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2020 are still able to apply for their new certificate in the normal way. Those due for revalidation are being processed online so applicants should ensure that their scanned documentation is clearly legible to avoid queries and delays. When a new certificate is issued, this will be issued for 5 years from the original expiry date.
 All applicants
The Nautical Institute is still accepting documents into the office and processing applications so if you are ready to apply, please complete your application online and send your documents into our office.  
Once your application has been processed online, a letter with your certificate details will be issued and a PDF 'logbook' document will be downloadable from your account so that you can continue to record any DP time whilst you are waiting for your logbook to be returned with your new DPO Certificate.

We thank you for your understanding at this time. 
Containers uncontained due to parametric roll
MARS 202033
Much has been written about the dangers of parametric rolling - the abnormally large roll behaviour that occurs when primary sea wavelength is similar to the ship's length and either the wave crest or the trough is amidships. Large container ships are particularly vulnerable to the phenomenon. 

One such vessel was underway in the open sea at night in deteriorating weather conditions. When rolling reached 15
°, the Master checked the ship's electronic motion monitoring and forecasting system and told the OOW to switch to hand-steering and alter course. After rolling reduced to less than 10°, autopilot was resumed. An hour later, the ship suddenly rolled 20°, first to starboard, then to port.

In daylight, inspection showed that the excessive force had caused three bays to collapse, with the loss of 137 containers overboard and 85 damaged. It transpired that the Master and crew did not appreciate the immediate risk of parametric roll because they had an imperfect understanding of the motion monitoring and forecasting device. 

More details can be found in the MARS report 202033.
It's part of a vital resource that's free to read online because of the support of our Nautical Affiliates. Please encourage your organisation to become a supporter of the MARS database. 
Events guide (discounts for NI members)
The Institute has a network of over 70 branches and development contacts worldwide and many organise local events, some of which may not be listed below. Check with your local Nautical Institute branch for details of their activities.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that due to the Coronavirus pandemic many events will not be going ahead. Check with the organiser to see whether a particular event has been cancelled, postponed or transferred online. 

22 September - 24 September -  BWMTech North America (NI members receive a 20% discount)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

23 - 24 September - Oil Spill India (NI members receive a 10% discount)

23 - 25 September - Arctic Shipping Forum (NI members receive a 20% discount)
Helsinki, Finland

24 - 25 September - The 9th Annual Event Green Shiptech China Congress 2020 
(NI members receive a 10% discount)
Shanghai, China

06 October - Solent Branch - Red Funnel Ferry trip - Pilotage and ECDIS
Red Funnel Terminal Dock Gate 7

08 October - Queensland Branch - Sustainable Shipping for a Sustainable Future
Norton Rose Fulbright, Brisbane

14 October - Singapore Branch- Navigating through the digital age and beyond

Suntec City Convention Centre, Singapore

14 - 15 October - Blockchain for Maritime Decisionmakers

Singapore Management University, Singapore

14 - 16 October - CMA Shipping (NI members receive a 15% discount)
Connecticut, North America

19 - 21 October - ANZ Smart Ports and Autonomous Shipping Forum 
(NI members receive a 10% discount)
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

27 - 28 October - Women in Shipping
(NI members receive a 20% discount)

27 - 29 October - Arctic Shipping Forum North America (NI members receive a 20% discount)

28 - 30 October - CrewConnect Europe (NI members receive a 20% discount)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

02 November - Western Australia Branch - World Maritime Day
Fremantle, Victoria Quay

04 - 05 November - Digitalised Smart Ports Conference 
(NI members receive a 15% discount)
London, UK

16 November - Biofouling Management and Prevention Seminar 
(NI members receive a 20% discount)
London, UK

21 November - Western Australia Branch - Christmas Sundowner
Navy Club, Fremantle

30 November - Western Australia Branch - Combined Annual Dinner Event
The Raffles Hotel, Applecross

02 December - Solent Branch - End of year social
Kuti's Brasserie, Royal Pier

17 - 25 April 2021 -  Singapore Maritime Technology Conference
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

22 April 2021 - London Branch - Fires on Containerships Conference
HQS Wellington, London
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