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University of Leeds

Dear colleagues,

This year, as part of the University of Leeds' COVID-19 response, identity checks for all new students will now be conducted electronically and international students can now request arrival and self-isolation support. Other existing registration processes have also been updated to accommodate reduced capacity in the Great Hall.

We have put together a summary of what's changed and some guidance on how students will complete their registration: 

The process
Students will need to complete a Microsoft Form and upload a copy of their accepted form of identity. This will be checked by Programmes and the Assessment Team and Banner will be updated accordingly. The Microsoft Form will be made available to students on the For Student registration webpage once it is finalised. In order to complete registration by 26 October, students need to have registered online and submitted their identity check.

International Students
International students will not be able to complete the identity check until they are in the UK as their visa is required for their identity check. If international students are prevented from travelling to the UK before this date then they should be in contact with their parent school to agree a late arrival date. Their registration deadline will then be amended accordingly.

Arrival support for new and returning international students is signposted online at international orientation. International students should be encouraged to book arrival and self-isolation support in advance using the booking form on the arriving page. We need students to use this form to tell us their travel plans as soon as possible, which will help us manage the demand for services. 

Student Loans
For students who are in receipt of a Student Loan, uploading identity documentation and completing online registration fulfills the requirement that students have engaged with the University and their attendance will be confirmed to the Student Loans Company by Student Finance.

Student Cards
Student Cards for new students will be issued on campus and appointments to collect these from the Great Hall will be bookable via Eventbrite. The preferred option is for passport style photos to be uploaded using the MS form as part of the identity check, but we will confirm once IT have identified a solution. We will facilitate photo taking at the Student Card collection as a contingency.

Biometric Residence Permit collection: International Tier 4 students
International Tier 4 Visa students who need to collect a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from the University will be invited to book a combined appointment to collect the Student Card and BRP on campus from UG09, when their remote identity check has been completed and their BRP has arrived on campus. These appointments will be bookable via Eventbrite.

International Tier 4 Visa students who need to collect a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from another location (not the University) will need to have collected the BRP and submit this alongside their other identity check documents. These students will then be invited to book an appointment to collect their student card only.

Why are we doing it? 
In response to Covid-19, we will now be completing parts of the registration process remotely as well as trying to limit the interaction time required on campus to protect the safety of students and staff.

What do I need to do know? 

  1. Please signpost students to the registration page, which will be regularly updated as guidance is clarified. 
  2. Please signpost new and returning international students to complete the arrival form on the arriving page.  

What happens next? 
We will use the student records mailing list and update the SES teams channel when the identity check is ready.

How do I find out more?
Please visit the registration webpage or contact Rosie Dowen via MS Teams. 

Many thanks,

Rosie Dowen
Project Manager (Adapting the Curriculum)

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