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University of Leeds

Dear colleagues,

As part of an integrated approach to student enquiry handling in 20/21, the continued provision of online information and email enquiry handling across schools and services will be supplemented by a Student Information (telephone) Helpline, Student Information Points (face to face) on campus and a Student Information mailbox.
The Student Information Service will use and continue to develop a shared Knowledge Base to improve consistency of enquiry handling. A new Argos report has been developed to support this service and reduce the need for Banner training/access for enquiry handlers. Referrals will be made by email from the Student Information Mailbox (

The Student information Points and Student Information Helpline will be primarily staffed by SES colleagues, enhanced by new student roles for welcome and triage.

Teams for each location will be drawn from across the SES, including colleagues familiar with the location and likely needs of students in that area. All locations will address enquiries from students and postgraduate researchers on any matter e.g:
  • General enquiries (using a shared knowledge base)
  • Information about teaching/locations
  • Welcome & Induction information (access to online W&I as well as any local face to face sessions)
  • Signposting/referrals to Services/Schools

Why are we doing it?
We understand that the majority of the usual front desk and incoming telephone support is either not available or at a significantly reduced capacity. This service will aim to fill that gap – handling general enquiries and signposting or referring complex queries where required.
However, we should always steer students towards web pages and online or remote sources of support (i.e. 'how to contact your school'), then the Student Information Helpline and lastly the Information Points.

What does it mean to me?
Keep an eye out for referrals from the Student Information Mailbox (UoL) ( coming to a mailbox near you!

The Student Information Service may need your support, either to handle referred queries or to support the service itself at an Information Point or remotely through the Helpline or mailbox.

If you wish to volunteer, and haven't already done so, please speak to your manager who should then contact Helen Billington (Helpline) or Rachel Cox (Student Information Points).

Are you, or your team, handling student enquiries? You can access the Knowledge Base too! It would be great if this excellent resource was used more widely – and we welcome additional content or suggestions to improve it. If you have suggestions for new or improved item in Student Information Service Knowledge Base you can complete a Knowledge Base Item request online.

What happens next?
We will continue to tweak and develop the Student Information Service – changes and updates will be reflected on the Asking for Help web page.

The Student Information helpline is now open! (9am-5pm Monday to Friday)
  • Email the Student Information Helpline on
  • Call +44 (0)113 343 7000 (from outside of the UK)
  • Call 0800 915 0402 (from inside the UK. This is free phone number, and you won't be charged for calling this from your mobile or landline).

Opening Monday 7th September:
Student Information Point: Southern Campus
Located at the SES reception on (Worsley Level 7, 7.09)

Opening Monday 14th September: 
Student Information Point: Western Campus
Located at the LUBS reception (Maurice Keyworth)

Student Information Point: Eastern Campus
Located at Chemistry West

Student Information Point: Central
Located at Marjorie and Arnold Ziff (Ziff Counter)

How do I find out more?
Any significant updates will be included in the Friday 'For Staff' roundup as well as the weekly Adapting The Curriculum update on SES TEAMs pages.

Many thanks,


Rosie Dowen
Project Manager
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