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Introduction and Contents
Dear Colleagues

This is our final newsletter of 2020. What a year it has been!

As ever, the contents are aimed to support you in both keeping up-to-date with current issues and also resources for your use in schools and settings. 

We have been delighted to work with many of you through our virtual training delivery platform CLICK. Our safeguarding forums are being delivered in this way throughout early December to again keep you in touch with changes and resources but also each other – there are some places still available via the shop if you've yet to book a place. Our conference, Out of Harm's Way is also being delivered virtually and again still has spaces should you wish to attend. There are also a wide range of resources available on our website to download including our very popular One Minute Guides. Please contact us if there are topics for OMGs that you would like us to produce.

Finally, we are very grateful for those of you who have already returned your s175 audit return. We've asked this year for these to be back by the end of term (18th December). If you've missed the link to complete this, its can be found here.

On behalf of the safeguarding team, we hope that the rest of term if as good as it can be in these exceptional times. As ever, we are here to support you as and when you need us.
Best wishes
Jon Galling
Senior Education Safeguarding Officer
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Local Safeguarding News
Staff Supervision

The education in in MASH team have noticed that since returning from the summer holidays there has been the expected rise in cases which are complex and difficult, with children suffering the post-lockdown effects of living in environments where there has been domestic abuse, poor adult mental health and also often financial difficulty (to name a few issues).  This is having the knock-on effect of DSLs and DDSLs dealing with these complex issues and supporting the children and their families as best they can. 
We have noticed that many of the Safeguarding staff we are talking to are feeling emotionally tired, the constant bombardment of dealing with children who are struggling (whether or not they are making disclosures about home), is obviously draining for those members of staff who are dealing with this constantly.  If you are one of these members of staff (or managing members of staff who are in this position), we would urge you to seek support and look after your emotional and physical wellbeing.
A positive aid to staff can be in the form of supervision with colleagues, or externally if you feel that there isn't the level of expertise in your team to give this supervision.  Whilst we appreciate the lack of time there is in the working day to fit in yet more commitments, this ability for staff dealing with complex and emotional cases to be able to touch base about how they are feeling, or to discuss some of the more difficult cases they are dealing with, is a positive step for all concerned.
If you feel that external supervision would be an asset to your team, the Babcock LDP safeguarding team do offer staff supervision, as do other agencies such as the NSPCC.
Reminder - if you have a complex scenario which you are unsure how to progress (i.e. you are querying whether you are at the point of making a MASH enquiry), the MASH consultation line is a useful service.  Telephone 0134 155 1071 and ask for a consultation with a MASH Social Worker.
S175 audits

Thank you to all  111 schools who have already completed and submitted their S175 audits. Please remember the deadline to complete the audit is 18th December 2020. We really hope that you have found the new S175 format easier to complete and that it is a helpful starting point to pull together your strategic safeguarding action plan for the year.
If you have any questions of feedback please email me
Reminder to colleagues that the Adolescent Safety Framework (ASF) is now in operation following its launch in December 2019

The ASF is a strength based multi-agency safeguarding approach to managing risk that is primarily found outside of the home, thereby supporting young people aged 11-18 years (up to 25 years for Care Leavers) and their families to increase safety. The approach is focused on our collective capacity as professionals and communities – not just the family – to keep young people safe from exploitation and harm. The framework provides a single and holistic approach to referral and assessment (via the Safer Me Assessment) of individual children, peer groups, neighbourhoods, locations or persons of concern.

For more information, please visit the Devon Children and Families Partnership website:
New Safeguarding Posters
As a team we have produced 4 new posters for you to share with your wider staff teams. Each poster looks at a different category of abuse and is designed to be a quick reminder of the definition of abuse along with a few possible indicators. In addition each poster has a QR code which will take you to further reading which again is relevant to the wider staff team.
Babcock Podcasts & Social Media
Remember to keep up to date with the latest news and information on our new blog page.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel here for the latest podcasts.
Babcock Safeguarding Facebook Page

As a maintained or subscribing school you have free access for up to 3 members of staff to our new Babcock Safeguarding Team Facebook Page. The Facebook page has been introduced as a way to try and make your life easier as a DSL. We will be regularly posting ideas for staff CPD, parent / carer updates and information for students as well as keeping you up to date with anything new. The new Facebook page is optional and is in addition to all the support we currently offer.

The information shared on the page will be a combination of information from the newsletter, information from our website, as well as information shared via 3rd party email subscriptions (DCFP, Early Help, NSPCC) so lots of you will already receive all of the information provided in the group, our hope is that with it all being on one place it will make life easier for you in schools.
If you haven't joined the group please follow the link:
Resources & Training
Operation Encompass

Have launched a new Teacher Helpline Number 0204 513 9990 (Mon to Friday 8am to 11am), more details can be found on their website

WEBINAR – 30th November 10am-11.30am

Impact of Domestic Abuse Bill & Role of the DA Commissioner
plus - Local impacts of the DA Bill and DVA Trauma within the Health setting
Keynote Address - DA Commissioner role and response to DA Bill with thoughts on local impact
Nicole Jacobs, Designate Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England & Wales
Devon approach to the DA Bill and Strategic Response
Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence: Preventable Health Conditions
This event is aimed at practitioners and policy makers working in the sexual abuse , domestic abuse and safeguarding fields and
who are geographically working in the Devon and Torbay areas.
Attendance is free.

All of us at AlterEgo Creative Solutions Ltd believe 100% that live theatre is the best medium for the delivery of the vital safeguarding and wellbeing messages that we produce.  However, due to the new lockdown, the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and the restrictions and risk management strategies that schools and other educational settings are having to put in place, we are very conscious that our live productions may simply not be allowable, practical or logistically possible for some time to come.

The sad fact of the matter is that the issues that we cover have not only not gone anywhere since Covid-19 first arrived on our shores, but in many cases they have become worse. To continue reading article click here.

Babcock Training Courses

Please visit our website for all safeguarding training courses, new dates for Spring 2021 will be added in the next couple of weeks.

You can also book a place at our Safeguarding Conference - Out of Harm's Way by visiting the link above.
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