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Southern Sheild - Everyone Home Safe Every Day.
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 Southern Shield Weekly Safety Update
Southern Sheild - Everyone Home Safe Every Day.
6 October 2021 
Phones and driving – don't be tempted
It is currently illegal to hold a phone, make hand-held phone calls, send text messages use or programme a sat nav whilst driving, to avoid distraction. Our Lifesaving Rules go further than this and forbid the use of hand-held and hands-free phones or other mobile devices completely when driving. Our Lifesaving Rule also applies when driving hired vehicles.
Did you know that the law on mobile phones still applies even if you are?
  • stopped at traffic light
  • queuing in traffic
  • supervising a learner driver.
By following our Lifesaving Rule on phones and mobile devices, you will always be compliant with the law and stay safer during one of the most dangerous activities that many of us undertake. If you do notice any of your colleagues using a mobile phone whilst driving, please challenge them to make sure they get to their destination and home safely.

Remember...The Lifesaving Rules apply to everyone including Network Rail staff, the supply chain, agency staff,  contractors and their sub-contractors.
Risk Barometers
Did you know that…The Southern Shield Risk Barometers measure the actual incidents in the last year against the potential incidents through Close Calls in the last three Periods. This gives us a much better indication of our true risk profile.
The Risk Barometers cover five major areas of concern: working from height, people/plant interface, lifting, electricity, and excavations.

People and plant
In the last three periods there were 92 reported Close Calls that had the potential for someone to be injured. Exactly half of the events were individuals not adhering to exclusion/restricted zones by entering these areas without permission or agreement with the plant operator whilst the plant was in operation. More than 60% of these related to rail plant/trains. 

Remember... it's a no go zone until the thumb is shown.

You can read  latest Risk Barometers for Period 6 here.
Safe separation from live rail
The Osborne site team at Upper Halliford are using a fence system along the platform which allows operatives to work safely alongside the live railway.

The system called K Guard fence screws directly into the lifting eyes of the G tech copers, creating a solid fenced barrier from the live railway. This system allows operatives to work safely on the platform during the day under a fenced safe system of work, mitigating the need for line blocks and night working to undertake activities such as platform surfacing, back of platform fencing and other works surrounding the platform.

Well done to the team for safely segregating people from the live line.

Are you ready for strong autumn winds…
In the past, high gusting winds caused hoardings measuring 68 metres in length and over two metres high to be blown over at one of our sites.  Fortunately, no one was nearby at the time of the incident but there was a serious risk to site personnel and members of the public. 
  • Site hoardings are temporary works and must be designed accordingly and appropriate checks carried out.
  • Weather conditions must be considered when planning the works with suitable measures in place to react to predicted or actual conditions.
Weather conditions must be considered when planning the works with suitable measures in place to react to predicted or actual conditions.. More information can be found on this shared learning document that was produced at the time of the event.

Don't forget about autumn leaves...wet leaves are a common cause of slips, and falls.  Take extra care when moving around site and on track.
Giving back to the local community 
BAM Nuttall site teams have been donating and recycling pallets to the local community across Kent and Sussex. Some pallets are repurposed and carved into bird boxes which are then sold locally by a charity in Kent and some have been donated to local probation services.

A representative from the HM Prison and Probation service who was really pleased with the donation said "Just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of myself and my residents for the pallets that you have kindly donated. Our residents are all men who have recently been released from custody and are with us, not only for monitoring purposes, but also to begin the reintegration process of moving back into the community, many after lengthy sentences. We intend to use them as part of our woodworking group, which will not only give the residents new skills but also allow them to make items that will improve the environment they live in, providing them with a sense of worth. Without contributions like this, we simply could not afford to provide useful activities for the men.

If you are interested in donating pallets from site, you can find more information about community wood recycling on this leaflet. Well done to the teams for supporting our lineside neighbours and local community.
World Mental Health day - 10 October 2021
Did you know that… 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year and 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (like anxiety and depression) in any given week in England.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant we have had to work and live under unprecedented and challenging circumstances and this has had a major impact on people's mental health and those with pre-existing mental health conditions, have been particularly affected. Therefore it's more important than ever before to look after your mental health, look out for your teammates and reach out for additional support.

You can find more information and resources on the Mental Health organisation website, Mind website and health and wellbeing resources on the Southern Shield website.

Rail Wellbeing LIVE

Don't forget to sign up to Rail Wellbeing Live on 17 and 18 November 2021. The event will cover tips on how to boost your health and wellbeing with over 75 sessions for you to choose from. 

Register on the Rail Wellbeing website
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